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  1. Ken Woodrow

    WTB - Sony TA-P9000ES - Will pay top dollar.

    I'm looking for a new or used Sony TA-P9000ES analog preamp. Will pay top dollar, as these things are getting hard to find. Contact me at [email protected] Thanks.
  2. Ken Woodrow

    WinXP Reinstall - Reformat or Not?

    Due to system instabilities caused by the installation of some unstable hardware and accompanying driver software (and undoubtedly exacerbated by user error), I have decided to "start over" with a fresh install of WinXP Home. My question is whether I should simply install it on top of my current...
  3. Ken Woodrow

    5-Channel amp that plays well at low volumes?

    I'm looking for a good 5-channel amp that can musically drive my speakers at relatively low volume levels. I have a small room, 9x17 with 7.5 foot ceilings, and my speakers are relatively easy to drive (ACI Sapphire IIIs for the mains and Aria 5 kits from SpeakerCity for everything else). My...
  4. Ken Woodrow

    Llano Trinity 200x3 Tube/Solid State Hybrid Amp

    Phenomenal solid state/tube hybrid HT amplifier with power to drive any speakers. Sound can be fine-tuned by replacing the tubes on the input stage. Been using it for less than one year in my HT system, but have decided to move to a more compact 5-channel amplifier. Purchased directly from Randy...
  5. Ken Woodrow

    S-VHS VCR recommendations?

    Don't laugh! My standard hi-fi VCR recently croaked, and I thought about taking the opportunity to upgrade to a S-VHS player. Not only will I get better PQ from my video tapes, but I'll get to run the S-Video output through my Holo3D-equipped HTPC. That way I can use my pre/pro for video...
  6. Ken Woodrow

    Bass EQ - alternatives to BFD?

    I realize many here are apologists of the Behringer Feedback Destroyer, but I'm looking for an alternative that's easier to set up and configure. I only need one or two filters (ideally parametric with adjustable Q) that I can set and forget. I have the ETF software and a microphone, so I...
  7. Ken Woodrow

    Interference b/n WiFi and 2.4GHz phones?

    I apologize for asking what may be a stupid question, but is there any reason why a 802.11b wireless network would interfere with a 2.4GHz cordless phone system? Thanks. . ..
  8. Ken Woodrow

    UPS Recommendations?

    I am considering installing UPS and surge protection for my two computers (a home server and a HTPC). Can anyone make any recommendations as to brands, features, and on-line sources? I'm not looking for long battery life, just enough to get to the computer and shut it down properly if the...
  9. Ken Woodrow

    Remote power for non trigger amplifiers? (IR or RS232 Remote control of 6 strip?)

    I'm looking for a remote way to cut power to my amps and other components using a remote or from my HTPC. Because I don't have a receiver or preamp with triggers, that option is not available to me. Is anyone aware of a powerstrip, or power conditioner product, that has IR remote control or...
  10. Ken Woodrow

    Any suggestions for Multi-Zone Audio Setup?

    Multi-Zone Audio I am in the hunt for a cost-effective multi-zone audio solution. My principal source is a HTPC (ripped CDs stored as wav files played through Winamp or other software player). I run the analog outputs from the HTPC (a M-Audio Delta 410 card) to a Sony TA-P9000ES preamp...
  11. Ken Woodrow

    Source/features for touchscreen monitor

    I am considering building a PC (from unused parts lying around) for the purpose of controlling my HTPC, theater A/V components, and whole-house audio system. Basically, I'm trying to mimic a Crestron system for cheap $$$. Building the PC is the easy part. As for software, the PC will run...
  12. Ken Woodrow

    How do I disable MS Webserver in WinXP?

    Something has grabbed Port 80 (or 8080) and is preventing me from running MediaJukebox's WebRemote program. I suspect that it is Microsoft's Webserver program, but I have no idea how to determine whether it is running and, if so, how to disable it or set it to another port. Remember, I only...
  13. Ken Woodrow

    Two web design questions -- for a neophyte

    With some experimentation and a copy of MS Frontpage, I was able to design the home theater website linked in my signature. But I have been searching for easy ways to do two things with the website, hopefully without having to learn much about html coding: 1. To develop an on-line photo...
  14. Ken Woodrow

    Recommendations for webhosting sites?

    Do you guys/gals have any recommendations for webhosting services? I have domain names registered and just need a place to host less than 50 MBs of non-commercial personal content. I'm looking for something with reasonable fees, no pop-up adds, and the ability to handle MS Frontpage...
  15. Ken Woodrow

    Recommendation for hard drive -- 100gb or more

    I'm in search of another hard drive to add to my music/video server PC (running WinXP). I'm thinking of adding one in the 100 to 160 gb range -- where is the point of diminishing returns in terms of price/storage ratios? And, because I'm using it principally for *.wav storage and playback...
  16. Ken Woodrow

    Multiple instances of Winamp? How?

    I've tried opening multiple instances of Winamp in Windows XP (my goal is to route different music to different outputs of my Delta 410 card), but I can't seem to get more than one open at a time. It just defaults to the instance that already is open. Is there a special plugin for this, or a...
  17. Ken Woodrow

    ACI Talismans

    Has anyone heard or bought these speakers yet? I have a pair of Sapphire IIIs in my stereo system that I love. Putting aside the debate of powered towers vs. a sub/sat system, I'm curious as to any opinions on these speakers. Thanks, Ken
  18. Ken Woodrow

    Quality of surround sound decoding in software?

    Several software DVD players, esp. PowerDVD XP 4.0, are capable of decoding DPL, DD5.1, DTS, and DPL2. I'm wondering whether the sound quality of software decoding is comparable to that done in a good receiver or pre/pro by dedicated DSP chips? Is there anything inherently bad about using...
  19. Ken Woodrow

    Pre/pros with good bass management?

    The more I analyze my upgrade options, the more I realize that my needs for a pre/pro center around (1) sound qualityand (2) available bass management options. My current configuration can be found in my sig, but basically consists of a HTPC (used as a DVD player), DSS with digital out, a...
  20. Ken Woodrow

    Multichannel cables

    Where can one find multichannel interconnects -- i.e. ones that combine 6 or 8 interconnects into a single cable bundle? I've found one from Ixos here, but I am not satisfied with its quality. My goal is to clean up the rats nest of cables behind my rack! Someone must be doing this! If not...
  21. Ken Woodrow

    Unique needs -- ditch or upgrade the receiver?

    I currently have a Sony DB930 receiver with a LLano 3-channel amp powering my front speakers and the receiver powering the rear channels and the outdoor speakers. But I'm disappointed in this setup for a variety of reasons, including (1) grainy, harsh, bright quality of the DACs in the receiver...
  22. Ken Woodrow

    Reducing volume in Windows Mixer = dimunition in SQ?

    Does changing the volume of the soundcard's output in the Windows Mixer have any effect on the sound quality? Because it presumably involves digital attenuation, does it "bit shave" and reduce the amount of digital information going to an outboard processor through the S/PDIF output? Or is my...
  23. Ken Woodrow

    Another stupid BFD question

    I can't believe I'm asking this question, but here goes: I cannot seem to get an input signal on my Behringer Feedback Destroyer (model 1100). I believe (?) I have everything hooked up correctly: Receiver sub out to Channel 1 In (using 1/4" RCA-to-male phono plug adaptor) and Channel 1 Out to...
  24. Ken Woodrow

    Adding amps to a LLano 3-channel setup -- suggestions?

    My current configuration (details in my sig) is a Sony DB930 receiver powering my surrounds and two outdoor speakers with the Llano Trinity 3-channel (200 w/ch) driving my FR, FL, and C. I plan to upgrade by ditching the receiver and going to the following setup: Source 1 = Home theater PC w/...
  25. Ken Woodrow

    Delta 410 Soundcard -- Cable options?

    I'm looking to replace the supplied breakout cable (25 pin d-sub to 8 analog female RCA jacks) with a cable that has MALE RCA jacks, so I can route it directly to my pre-amp without having to use an extra interconnect. I've found examples of TASCAM and FOSTEX ADAT cables that have 8 stereo male...
  26. Ken Woodrow

    How hot is too hot?

    I did a quick search on this, but couldn't find anything definitive. I'm concerned about the potential for heat buildup in my A/V closet. It houses a DirecTiVo, a home theater PC, a Sony DB930 receiver, and -- watch out -- a LLano Trinity 200 watt/channel 3-channel amp. The closet is...
  27. Ken Woodrow

    Using ETF5 -- Some fundamental Qs

    I recently purchased the ETF5 analysis software for use in calibrating my system. I've just started exploring its capabilities, but have some fundamental questions about how to best use it in my HT system. The tricky part is that I have a HTPC as a source and I have been trying to use its...
  28. Ken Woodrow

    To SCSI or not to SCSI?

    My current HTPC configuration uses an Ultra160 Wide SCSI-3 setup with a Seagate Cheetah drive as the boot drive holding my OS and apps. Details of my configuration are here. I'm about to make some hardware and software changes this weekend to streamline and stabilize the machine. It had...
  29. Ken Woodrow

    Correct order for new install of video card and sound card?

    I'm upgrading my video card (from a GeForce to a Radeon) and sound card (from a DeltaDio 24/96 to a Delta 410) in my HTPC. I'm also considering doing a fresh install of Windows 2000 and all of my HTPC software. My question concerns the correct order for installing the hardware and software...
  30. Ken Woodrow

    No room for SVS -- Other suggestions?

    After much angst, I've come to depressing realization that a SVS sub is simply too large for my room (10x17) and will not pass SAF muster. So I'm now in the market for a sub with a smaller footprint that is roughly comparable in quality for both music and HT. I don't really need incredible...