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  1. RobertW

    Freaks and Geeks Yearbook Edition

    Is this worth getting instead of the regular box set? I mean, besides the unique packaging, are the extras enough to make it a must-have?
  2. RobertW

    help connecting two VCRs

    cross-posted from the "basics" forum. i'm not completely new to stereo and wiring stuff up, but i've only had my multi-channel receiver a few years, and have yet to take full advantage of it, since i only have a single pair of speakers. but yesterday, I decided i'd at least connect my...
  3. RobertW

    help with connections

    i'm not completely new to stereo and wiring stuff up, but i've only had my multi-channel receiver a few years, and have yet to take full advantage of it, since i only have a single pair of speakers. but yesterday, I decided i'd at least connect my two VCRs to it properly. until know, I've...
  4. RobertW

    Crime Story worth picking up?

    Deep Discount DVD has this included as part of their "buy one set, get another free" deal. i've read a couple of past threads dealing ith the music replacement, picture quality, etc. is there anything about this set worth replacing my taped episodes for?
  5. RobertW

    Horatio Hornblower Collector's Edition

    This series keeps being repackaged as new episodes have been released, first in two-packs, then in a complete four episode box, and then a six episode box. now comes the Collector's Edition, with all eight episodes together in one box set, at a pretty attractive price. maybe too good. does...
  6. RobertW

    Wire alumni

    i've been noticing a lot of actors who appeared on the Wire popping up on network tv over the past few weeks. guess the fine work in that series caught the eye of a few casting directors in town. from what i recall(character names to make things easier) omar and vondas on alias ziggy...
  7. RobertW

    inexpensive DVD player for parents

    my folks expressed an interest in getting a dvd player a while back, but they have no desire in spending more than $100, and the lesser the better. but i don't want them to pick up a piece of crap from wal-mart for $30, so i did a little looking online. of these three, which would most of...
  8. RobertW

    The Wire season two.

    my order just arrived from Amazon today, and with it i got a pleasant surprise. included with my copy was a promotional disc featuring the first episode of Deadwood. anyone else get this included with their copy? or is this maybe something only with Amazon?
  9. RobertW

    anyone have or seen Last Place on Earth?

    the adaption of Roland Huntford's book dramatizing the race to the South Pole between Robert Scott and Roald Amundson? I saw it originally on PBS, and have a snowy VHS copy of the series, but just looking for any info on the DVD set. I know as far as content, it's worth a pickup.
  10. RobertW

    where's the love for The Wire?

    the first season comes out today, and i haven't seen anyone discussing it. who's picking this one up?
  11. RobertW

    was Can't Buy Me Love that good a movie

    that it had to be remade as Love Don't Cost a Thing? i mean, besides having amanda peterson in it and all.
  12. RobertW

    what's the deal with this rolling stones' four flicks at best buy?

    is this only going to be available at best buy, or are they just getting it ahead of everyone else? and is it a limited edition type release, or will it be available for some time?
  13. RobertW

    Boomtown 3/9

    this one really strayed from the concept. it was laid out pretty much just like any other cop series. and it now appears they are going to include multi-episode storylines. It was Band of Brothers reunion night on Boomtown last night. In addition to writer/producer Graham Yost, and stars...
  14. RobertW

    *** Official "DARK BLUE" Discussion Thread

    saw the trailer for kurt russell's newest film and it got me thinking. for the longest time after he first became known as a child actor in bad disney films, he was basically out of the public eye, doing a few tv movies or low budget pictures. Escape From New York was a pretty big career jump...
  15. RobertW

    hbo set to re-broadcast The Wire

    i was checking out the hbo website tonight, and saw that hbo is planning to run the first season of this again, starting sunday, march 2 at 9:00pm. i hope everyone makes an attempt to see it, cause i think it was the best thing i saw on tv in 2002, and one of the best things on tv ever, up there...
  16. RobertW

    question about my older cd player

    i have a denon dcd 1420 cd player that i bought back in 1990. at the time, as far as i know, it was only one or two models down from their top of the line player, and originally cost somewhere in the $600-$700 dollar area. i'm not sure of the actual cost, as i bought mine as b-stock at a greatly...
  17. RobertW

    question about lovan stands

    since i've added the parasound amp to my system, i'm running out of real estate, so i've been looking at getting a rack. first looking for something fairly cheap, but either the shelf spacing won't work, or it's ugly, or just won't work with what i'm planning. so it looks like i'll have to...
  18. RobertW

    got my parasound!!

    i posted earlier that i was torn between rotel,and parasound for a separate amp for my system. well, i bought the parasound hca-1500a, and it sounds absolutely beautiful. i'd gone to my local dealer to see if he could order me one, but his sales rep said that this model was being discontinued...
  19. RobertW

    rotel 1095 vs. parasound 2205

    i just visited the parasound website, and see they've lowered their prices substantially on their products. i've auditioned the rotel with paradigm studio 100's, and a lower line parasound, the 855 with studio 60's, and while they have different sonic characteristics, i love the sound of each...