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  1. Kris Coffin

    Kung Fu Chaos - Too frikken cool, must buy

    Just picked up OXM a couple days back, and tried Kung Fu Chaos with a couple buddies tonight. And I must say this is just a blast to play. Beautiful environments, super fun gameplay. And even a hell of a lot of single player challenges. Going out tomorrow morning and picking it up. Any...
  2. Kris Coffin

    Xbox Live - Ghost Recon Question

    Quick question, can you play with 4 people on a single Xbox console, then connect to Xbox Live and play as a team of 4? KC
  3. Kris Coffin

    Screwed again, Xbox Live Major gripe. 'Rant'

    So today I go out an pick up my long awaited Xbox Live starter kit happy as can be. Get it home, crack open the package and look at the handy connection guide, get ready to hook things up and then find the grief inducing note 'Major Credit Card Required". How can this be I think, I just...
  4. Kris Coffin

    Toshiba 57H82 price quote too much????

    So I have finally come to a decision on which HDTV we want to go with, the Toshiba 57H82. So I headed down to the local B&M and they had it on the floor marked at $3424.00 Asked what the total price would be, taxes, extended warranty and delivery included, and he came back with $4500!!! He...
  5. Kris Coffin

    Tosh 50HDX82 vs Sony KP51WS500

    Hi all, time for much needed advice once again, this time in the TV arena. Been hitting the local B&M's and have narrowed my search down to 2 contenders. The Sony KP51WS500 and The Toshiba 50HDX82 From what me eyes tell me they are almost both identical, I have seen the stretch modes on...
  6. Kris Coffin

    PS2 .hack, anyone try this out yet? Impressions?

    Been looking at some reviews of .hack, and not too sure what to think. The tie in with the Anime movie is kinda cool. Anyone actually sat down and givin it a play yet? KC
  7. Kris Coffin

    Buying a SVS CS+ 16-46 in Feb/Mar, need advice

    Well I have finally broke down, and almost got the cash together for the sub, but I have been poking around SVS's site and would like to know what you guys think of the Subsonic Filter and the EQ that SVS offers in conjunction with a SVS CS+16-46? Will the EQ help me flatten out the hump in...
  8. Kris Coffin

    Kingdom Hearts special ending thoughts (warmning SPOILERS inside)

    Just finished Kingdom hearts yesterday, and did so completely so I got the Special Movie at the end, all those who have seen this, what are your thoughts??? My wife and I have a few ideas. 1. it mentions something about this being another universe or something like that. Could this be a...
  9. Kris Coffin

    DefTech BP2000TL 15" built in subs vs SVS 16-46

    Hey all, Looking for a little help, since I have been with this forum, I can't help but read all the positive chat about SVS, and have pretty much decided that we need a pair of CS+ or PC+ 16-46. The tough part come in convincing the wife that they will sound better then our less than 6 month...
  10. Kris Coffin

    Help settle an arguement plz - Energy in Space??

    Hi all, This has been going on for about a month now after seeing a recent episode of Andromeda. There was a huge explosion in space, (believe a worm hole being blown up) The force from the explosion rocked the Andromeda as they tried to escape the impending blast wave so to speak. My...
  11. Kris Coffin

    SVS Question CS+ vc PC+

    Hi All, After all the reading I have done, and current watching of LOTR, I have decided I need a better sub setup. 2 Def Tech BP2000tl's with power 15" just don't cut it:frowning: But my question is this, which SVS should I go with, I have definatly decided it will be a 16-46, possibly 2, but...
  12. Kris Coffin

    Lord of the Rings / Def Tech Sub issue.

    Hi all, Got a question/ issue I just ran into last night. I popped in LOTR for a group showing last night, expecting some earth shattering sound from my system, but ended up with a problem I have not had yet with any other movie. My surround and rear speakers are Def Tech BPVX/P. They all...
  13. Kris Coffin

    Wattage Concern? Please clarify

    I have done a bit of reading on this, and have a couple questions. The system I am setting up will have the 2 front channels running at 380 watts (Rotel RB-1090) and the center, rears and surrounds at 200 watts (Rotel RBM-1095) Will there be a sonic difference that is noticable between the...
  14. Kris Coffin

    Wiring speakers for 4ohm's How???

    Hello all This is my first post here, so please bear with me. I have scoured the net, and not yet found a plausible answer to my question. My system consists of Deftech BP 2000 tri wireable fronts, Deftech CLR3000 tri wire center, and 4 BPVX/P's for rears and surrounds. My question is...