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  1. Steebrad

    FS HD DVD, Blu Ray, X-Box 360 games.

    Got all my movies in perfect condition. Thanks Chris, they even smelled good too!!
  2. Steebrad

    FS: HD-DVD's and Blu-ray

  3. Steebrad

    FS HD DVD, Blu Ray, X-Box 360 games.

    Just got my 6 movies. Great packaging! Great condition! Great seller!!!
  4. Steebrad

    Least favorite Songs

    Anything Kenny G... God I hate all that smooth jazz (elevator music) crap. Give me Miles any day.
  5. Steebrad

    My Completed Home Theater Project... (pic's)

    Hey King sweet looking room... Props!!! Also in regard to your post talking about renting HD movies, check out Netflix I know they've already started renting out Blu Ray movies but I am not sure if they've started yet on the HD DVD's. I do know its supposed to be soon though. PROPS!!!!!
  6. Steebrad

    Barris Home Theater Construction

    Wow looking great bro! I bet you're feeling itchy and anxious!! olo Props
  7. Steebrad

    College Dorm Room Sub

    Yeah but I dont even know when I'll graduate, since im also playing for a professional soccer team in Italy. Plus I better expound on my "dorm room"... Its not like a normal small college room its actually comparable to an apartment. It has 1 bathroom a living room, kitchen, 1 bedrooms, and like...
  8. Steebrad

    College Dorm Room Sub

    Well Shane I really want a sub and i've got some money to spare so I am gonna get one now. Yeah perfect Thomas...My budget is right around the 200 dollar mark. So if I decide to get the 12 inch sub, what would be the best way to connect it to my receiver? I noticed on the picture of the back...
  9. Steebrad

    College Dorm Room Sub

    Whats going on people... I am a college student in Italy, however I am in the States for a couple more weeks. I am looking into getting a sub for my home theater. Heres the guidelines: 1. Of course I am just a poor college kid so it needs to be fairly inexpensive. 2.I have a 7.1 receiver...
  10. Steebrad

    Projector Debate

    Thanks for the reply's. I was kinda leaning towards the Panasonic but wasn't sure with it being used and everything. Looks like I'll be getting it tomorrow!!
  11. Steebrad

    Projector Debate

    Hello all, Ive recently been getting into this home theatre stuff and have been looking into getting a projector. Luckily a good friend of mine has two projectors... and he is willing to sell 1 to me for an even price. Please help me decide which projector is the better value for my home...