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  1. josh4040

    Voltron Collection Vol. 1

    Did anyone else buy Voltron Collection Vol. 1? I picked it up last night it is great. It has a cool metal case and, the surround sound is fantastic!
  2. josh4040

    Advice on upgrading to mp3 in my 98 civic.

    I am looking to upgrade my car stereo to an mp3 player, I am only planing on keeping my car another two to three years max so I don't want to spend too much money, but I would like to have mp3 or if possible even wma. I was at best buy today and saw two that were in my price range, the Pioneer...
  3. josh4040

    Anyone have a 2001: A Space Odyssey in dts?

    I just recieved a copy of 2001 a space odessy from amazon auctions and it has a dts logo across the top of the disc and it says all ntsc on the back. and it has a circle with dvd 9 dual layer on the upper right side. My reciever recognizes the disc as dts and lets it play. It also has a dd 5.1...
  4. josh4040

    When is Soprano's season four coming???

    I did a search and didn't see anything about a release date for the 4th season. Season 3 came out last august so I figure we should be due for the 4th season! :)
  5. josh4040

    NYPD Blue 5/14

    Was that a baldwin I saw in this episode as the corrupt detetive?
  6. josh4040

    Sopranos season 3 date announced!!!

    According to comingsoon.net the newest season on dvd is coming on August 27th! man I can't wait.
  7. josh4040

    Amoeba Music in Hollywood

    If you live in the LA area you might want to check this place out, huge selection of used dvds, vhs, laser disc and cds. I got a decent deal on glory special edition. They have an amazing collection. Check them out on Caughenga and Sunset.
  8. josh4040

    Does anyone even know George Lopez is on?

    I can not believe no one has seen this show! It is hilarious I know it is a tough time slot but that is what having a dual tuner or multiple tvs is all about! Hang on tough time slot???? 60 minutes ed and the 80's show come on ppl give him a try!
  9. josh4040

    Rocky 25th anniversary DVD

    I can't remember If it was on the Bull Durham dvd or the Usual Suspects dvd but one of them had a trailer for a new (?) rocky dvd with great footage. Is this a new dvd or what? If so when did it come out?
  10. josh4040

    Anyone buy Sexy Beast

    I want some convincing to pick it up. It got good reviews from the dvd review sites but how bout the average joe? thanks
  11. josh4040

    Did anyone see the kevin smith short film on leno tonight?

    The return of dante and randal from clerks was phenomenal Kevin Smith is a brilliant writer and this short film was great. I would love to see another feature film with randal that guy has always made me laugh :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
  12. josh4040

    oz 2/24

    Was this the season finale? I hope not it kinda left me feeling blah how can you end the season with agustus supposedly dying, cyril oreily and chris keller on death row, luke perry's characther mia and to top it off there was no "next season on oz" someone please tell me the show has another...