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  1. J

    Re: *** Official CASINO ROYALE Review Thread

    I disagree. Baccarat is an outdated game that would have been horrible for the movie. Maybe 5% of the viewers would understand what was going on. Texas Hold 'em is all the rage right now and the average person knows the rules and whatnot. Baccarat may be more elegant for the movie, but I...
  2. J

    Problem with NewsRadio season 3 disc...

    On disc 3, whenever I try to play episode 23 "Mistake", it plays episode 22 "The Real Deal." I have tried the disc out on 3 DVD players only to get the same problem. Is anyone else getting this problem? I was just curious if it was a bad press run of the discs or just a defect in mine...
  3. J

    Lawrence of Arabia restored 70mm question.

    Please, someone tell me that I can catch this in theaters somewhere in the US? I missed out on it a few years and I an dying to see my favorite film for the first time on the bigscreen. I have plenty of FF miles to kill and I would fly into any state for the day just to see this.
  4. J

    Deadwood season 2?

    Is this still on track for March? I have not heard much about it other than the season 1 DVDs coming out in a month. Has anyone heard if March is indeed the release of season 2? I thought it would be debuting after the season finale of Carnivale.
  5. J

    Dawn of The Dead (2004) Menu shots

    R rated Unrated
  6. J

    Mystic River Delux version shortage?

    Is anyone else having a problem finding this set? I went to 2 Best Buy stores and a Circuit City before I finally found it at Target. Other message boards have users reporting that they cannot find the set.
  7. J

    Deadwood DVD?

    I know the show has its season finale on Sunday. How long does it usually take HBO to announce a DVD after the airing? I just hope this does not take over a year to come out on DVD.
  8. J

    HDTV recommendations?

    I have been saving money towards and HDTV for several years and I have always lightly researched them. But, today, I went to Best Buy and they had "Jaws" on a 51 inch widescreen TV. Needless tosay, I was so impressed that I am seriously starting to push towards finally picking one up...
  9. J

    Curb Your Enthusiasm helps man beat murder charges.

    Curb Good read.
  10. J

    Local affiliates not showing Widescreen programming?

    I encountered this several times over the past few years. I live in Austin, TX, but I am originally from Houston. Whenever I go back to Houston to visit my family and friends, I notice that the NBC affiliate there "zooms" the widescreen presentation of ER on NBC to be fullscreen. It is to the...
  11. J

    Seinfeld dvd episodes edited?

    Does anyone know if the episodes on the DVDs will be the original airings or the edited ones that run in syndication. I am tired of watching these episodes with 5 secs here and there cut out for no real reason.
  12. J

    HBO going all out for "Rome"

    EDIT:Merged thread. Check below for latest info. Link ^^it is mentioned in article. Has anyone heard about this? I love Ancient Roman history and have wanted HBO to make a miniseries on it for a long time now. I was just curious if anyone else has heard about this or knows of a...
  13. J

    Deadwood: "Bullock Returns to The Camp"

    Another great episode. This show has been so solid. The scene with with Jane and the other guy(his name slips me now) at Bill's grave was heartbreaking.
  14. J

    Cashier at Best Buy stuck it to me today...

    I went to Best Buy today to pick up Master and Commander CE and Wild Things Unrated (I live with 3 other roommates and they all chipped in to see the Unrated version.) I had the girl at the register in Best Buy stick it to me about buying Wild Things Unrated. She kept trying to push the...
  15. J

    Deadwood Episode 4: "Here was a man"

    Slow episode, but a good one. I had a few friends watch this one as their first episode and they were hooked. I have never been so upset with a characters death as I was for Wild Bill. For some reason, I just did not want to see him go. I was hoping he would last longer than 4 episodes.
  16. J

    Deadwood: Episode 3 "Reconnoitering The Rim"

    Great episode. I am really hooked on this show now. It is much better than I ever expected it to be. Hickock sleeping out in the hallway cracked me up. Next weeks episode looks like it will be leading up to the end of Wild Bill.
  17. J

    TNT's "Caesar" DVD??

    Has anyone heard a thing about this coming out?? I heard it was really good and I missed it on its first run last summer. I cannot find anything about a DVD for it, which shocks me, since TNT already released that crappy shark movie "Red Water" on DVD, why not "Caesar"?
  18. J

    King of The hill season 3

    Has there been any new news on this? I know the insert with season 2 said it was coming in the spring, and the spring is almost here and I have heard nothing at all.
  19. J

    For those who got Kids in the Hall this week...

    I ordered mine 3 weeks ago and all I have heard from them is a thank you for the purchase and a survey emailed to me. Did you guys get any emails confirming shipping or a receipt? I am not sure if my order went through if there was a problem with it. Does anyone know where I could go to...
  20. J

    HDTV newbie...some qustions

    A friend of mine is looking to buy an HDTV for about $800-$1,000. What does he need to look for in these televisions. I know that some of these tvs need an additional tuner and what not, so can he buy one all in one package that is ready to use with an HDTV broadcast (some football games)and...
  21. J

    sopranos season 4 reviews?

    Has anyone seen any? I have been looking but cannot find any so far anywhere. Are anyone of the reviewers here going to review this one?
  22. J

    For those with LD, could you help me out?

    I have had a Laserdisc player for about a year now. I bought it used off of Ebay and it works just great. Recently, I picked up a few LDs and today when I went to watch one, I noticed the the picture had these small flecks running across the screen. It looked kinda like a VHS tape at times with...
  23. J

    Any news on Sopranos season 4?

    I would assume the show is coming out in Sept or Aug on DVD and I was just curious if anyone knows if the season specs have been announced yet?