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  1. Aslam Imran

    Capacitor Capacitance and Voltage relation

    What's the relationship between capacitance and voltage in a capacitor. I have seen amps that are rated higher but with lower total capacitance (but higher voltage on their capacitors) compared to amps with higher total capacitance(but lower voltage) rated lower. Does anyone know why would that be?
  2. Aslam Imran

    If reference level is 85 db (?) then I am not even using a watt of power

    If reference level is 85 db(?) and my speakers are 90 db efficient then I am not even using a watt of power to listen at reference levels. Does that sound right?
  3. Aslam Imran

    To all the amp experts out there

    This weekend I hooked up my new Proceed HPA2 to my 3801 for the front L/R speakers and after connecting everything I power the system up. The 3801 was at minimum vol (-60db) and there was no sound. I slowly turned up the volume and still no sound. kept turning and turning slowly with...
  4. Aslam Imran

    Call me crazy but I did it.....

    Well I had been looking to enhance my two channel experience for quite a while now. I had been debating a two channel amp addition to my 3801. I first started looking at budget B&K, Rotel, Parasound gear but I knew at the back of my mind that I wasn't going to stop there and would need to...
  5. Aslam Imran

    Proceed HPA2 or the Rotel 1090

    Proceed used and Rotel New. Whats a better choice and why? Thanks.
  6. Aslam Imran

    What does extended high frequency response mean?

    This term is frequently used in amplifier and preamp reviews that the test product had a very extended upper end. What exactly does that mean and how does it sound. Does it sound shrill/bright? I am really not sure. Any experiences/comments would be highly appreciated.
  7. Aslam Imran

    AV mall legit?

    Anybody know if AV mall is an authorized B&K dealer. They are not listed in the B&K site but do have some incredible deals on their amps. Just curious if anyone have any experience with them. Thanks all.
  8. Aslam Imran

    What if...

    ..I used an external 5 ch amp to run my speakers and use the receivers speaker-level outputs for the L/R surround speakers to drive additional surrounds. I have a Denon 3801 and this way I'll have four surrounds (2L and 2R) and two rear surrounds making a total of 6 surround speakers. Do you...
  9. Aslam Imran

    B&K 307 Review- Does this sound familiar?

    Here is an excerpt from a review of the 307 published in the 'secrets of HT and high fidelity':
  10. Aslam Imran

    What would yield the greatest 2 channel improvement?

    I want to upgrade the two channel sound of my modest system consisting of Infinity speakers, Velodyne CT120 sub and a Denon 3801. I am only looking for an improvement in two channel sound as music is my main interest. I am thinking of going two ways. 1) Buy a used B&K ST 140 (I like the smooth...
  11. Aslam Imran

    FP projectors for around 2K

    Are there any decent FP projectors for around 2K? I would like it to be HDTV compatible and be able to display progressive scan images and also have good contrast (and brightness). Is this too much to ask in a 2K projector? Please help.
  12. Aslam Imran

    b&k's new line

    Heard a rumor that B&K is coming out with a new line of amps and preamps this summer. Any body else hear about this? their site is pretty lame in terms of updating anything and they dont seem to check their contact e-mails at all.
  13. Aslam Imran

    DVD Player capable of DVD-A and SACD

    Is there a DVD player under $500 that can play both DVD-A and SACD and also have progressive output? If not whats the minimum I have to shell out in order to get one?
  14. Aslam Imran

    General Warranty Question

    I was contemplating buying a Parasound amp from audiogon. The seller has the blank warranty card. Now my question is if I fill out the card and send it to Parasound will I be eligible for warranty since the sales receipt would show a different name? Just thought I should verify with the...
  15. Aslam Imran

    Tweeter dropping the B&K line

    I read somewhere in this forum that Tweeter was going to drop the B&K line. Is that true? and if so does anybody know why?
  16. Aslam Imran

    DVD player not playing a DVD

    Last night I popped in a new DVD into my DVD (Panasonic A120) and got a message 'NO PLAY' on the DVD display and a message 'this disc cannot be played' on my TV. This morning my 3yr old son pressed the open/close button on the DVD remote and when I pushed the button again and sent the DVD back...
  17. Aslam Imran

    How does Infinity compare to other speakers

    I would like to get some opinions on how Infinity speakers stack up to the other speakers in terms of sound quality: overall and in terms of timbre. I dont hear a lot of discussions about them on this forum. I have a set of Infinity RS4's (now the Entra line) for my fronts hooked up to a Denon...
  18. Aslam Imran

    Denon 5800 sale at tweeter for $2700

    Was browsing through tweeter at lunch time and came upon the 5800 sale for 2700 with full warranty. I dont know how long it has been going on but tweeter is getting rid of the 5800 to make space for the new 5803. If you are quick enough you might find a new sealed piece for that price. I think...