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  1. Bob Sheen

    2 Subs ?

    Hello everyone, What would be the advantages and pros/cons of running 2 identical subs ? Can this be done safely by using a "y" splitter off of the 1 LFE ? Thanks for your help, Bob
  2. Bob Sheen

    How do you change speaker terminals ?

    Hello everyone, My rear centre channel speaker is built with spring clip speaker terminals. I'm using 12 gauge wire and it is difficult to insert it in there effectively. I'm worried that the connection seems loose and not solid. I would like to change the spring clip to a banana plug...
  3. Bob Sheen

    Might have achieved speaker placement nirvana !

    Hello everyone, I've been tweaking my speaker placments for the last couple of weeks. Changing an angle here and there, moving things around, raising the rears off the floor a little, etc... you know the drill. My wife thinks that i'm nuts but i think that i've just achieved SPEAKER PLACEMENT...
  4. Bob Sheen

    For Sale: SoundDynamics RTS -RS1 Surround Speakers

    Hello everyone, I've got a pair of Sound Dynamics RTS-RS1 Surround speakers for sale. This is what SD has to say about them: "Sealed 2-way Surround/Effects Speaker. Wall-mounted, these unique speakers deliver extraordinary depth to your home theater experience." Sound Dynamics web site...
  5. Bob Sheen

    2 bookshelfs for Centre Channel ?

    Hello everyone, I have Sound Dynamics ( http://www.sound-dynamics.com ) speakers all around for my HT system. Sound Dynamics are apparently the same people that make Energy speakers. My current configuration: RTSC1 for front centre RTS9 for front mains RTS5 for rear surrounds Pradigm Sub...