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  1. Donald Shrum

    Mirage OM-5

    Well, its time to sell my speakers. I have moved to a smaller apartment that these speakers are just plain WAY to big for. They still sound absolutely amazing and i do not want to get rid of them. But, i need a smaller speaker to be able to enjoy my music. The only flaw in these is a cup mark on...
  2. Donald Shrum

    DSS into HTPC

    Is there a way to tivo Direct tv into my HTPC?
  3. Donald Shrum

    Acoustic Energy LCR

    I have a pair of Acoustic Energy AElite 2 bookshelfs and a AElite center with stands. I bought these 2 months ago and have NO complains on them. Excelent for music and movies. I am asking $800 for all 3 with stands. Here is on info on them. Email me if interested in pics. I am selling the...
  4. Donald Shrum

    Marantz SR-7400

    This is a brand new in box reciever. An amazing sounding unit packed with features. Asking $650+ shipping Donald
  5. Donald Shrum

    Marantz Mono Blocks with cables

    I have a pair of MA500 Marantz mono block amps. in the deal i will throw in a set of 8 foot Kimber Cable 8TC and a pair of Audio Quest RCA's. This setup has good power and sounds Great. $425 shipped
  6. Donald Shrum

    Pioneer DV-09 DVD player

    This unit is in GREAT shape and works and performs flawlessly. I have upgraded to a better unit and must let this piece go. It retailed for $2200 when new. I have the Remote and unit only. But will box it up perfectly. The unit weighs about 45 lbs so its not a lightweight. Here is some more info...
  7. Donald Shrum

    Marantz SR-7300 OSE

    This unit is new in box. Awesome Reciever. Here are some specs.... SR7300ose SUPERCHARGED VERSION OF THE SR7300 FEATURED MULTICHANNEL/SURROUND Software Upgradable (RS-232) THX DTS ES 6.1 Discrete/5.1/Neo:6 + DTS 96/24 Dolby Digital EX® Dolby Pro Logic II Yes Circle Surround...
  8. Donald Shrum

    Jamo Sat/Sub system

    This system works and plays great. Few scratches on sub. Asking $300 obo plus shipping.
  9. Donald Shrum

    McIntosh MC2002 power amp

    McIntosh MC202 Power Amp. Beautiful! Excellent cosmetic condition. Great sounding. 2 Channels. 200 Watts per channel. Autoformers. XLR and RCA inputs. Output Power Meters!! Suggested List is $3300. SELL FOR $1300, plus shipping.
  10. Donald Shrum

    Aragon Paladium Amps

    This is a used pair of the Aragon Paladium silver faced amps. These have the balanced imputs and are the first series. These things sound AMAZING. Asking $2000 plus shipping. Will post pics tommorow.
  11. Donald Shrum

    Canton AS 22 Sub

    This unit was a demo unit for a friends shop. It has some slight scractches oin it. I will take some pics and post up tommorow. Asking $350obo plus shipping. This unit sounds GREAT. Active subwoofer for universal operation in home cinema and HiFi systems. Aloows adjustable crossover...
  12. Donald Shrum

    Sharp Vision XV-H30U

    This unit has les than 10 hours on it. Was sitting in the back shelf for years. I have the unit and remote only. Picture is good. Asking $750obo plus shipping.
  13. Donald Shrum

    Toshiba Satalite Pro 6100

    Need to sell this laptop ASAP. It has a 14" screen, 40gb hard drive, 512 ram, DVD / CDR and in perfect condition. Asking $975 shipped. email me for pictures. [email protected]
  14. Donald Shrum

    Nikon 950 camera

    I have a Nikon 950 camera with 8mb card and camera bag. Asking $175 plus shipping or best offer.
  15. Donald Shrum

    Velodyne HGS-10 series II

    Perfect working cond. Need to pay bills. $900 or best offer
  16. Donald Shrum

    WTB Requiem for a dream

    I am looking into buying this movie. Anyone want to part with it?
  17. Donald Shrum

    Arcam AVR-200

    OK, I unforunately had to sell my seperates due to some bills and have downgraded to a reciever. I bought a Marantz SR6200 and played with it. Then I got my hands on a Sony ES DA3ES. Well, I am running MArtin Logans for my front and Energy Acoustic for center and rears. The martin logans are a...
  18. Donald Shrum

    HGS10 or REL strata III

    OK, Next to me I have a Velodyne HGS10 series II and a REL Strata III. I get to pick one and sell one. I have listened to both subs and I am having a VERY hard time deciding. The REL for music is superb but the HGS is not far off. The HGS for movies is Amazing, the REL is not far off. I am...
  19. Donald Shrum

    REL Strata III sub

    Perfect condition in the Redwood type color. Have manual. PERFECT condition. http://www.rel.net/products/StrataIII.shtml Asking $750 plus shipping Please email me if interested [email protected]
  20. Donald Shrum

    Nikkon 950 digital camera

    Asking $150 + shipping. PLEASE email me if interested. [email protected]
  21. Donald Shrum

    Aragon 8008X3

    Aragon 8008X3 Amp. Asking $1800 plus shipping. Perfect condition. Email me at [email protected] if interested.
  22. Donald Shrum

    Martin Logan Aries-i

    Admin note: Sorry Donald, no Ebay links are allowed in this for sale area. It's only for HT items which have an asking price by the seller - in order to not waste our members' time dealing with auctions. If you have other questions, please check out the Posting guidelines for this for sale area.
  23. Donald Shrum

    512mb PC133 memory

    I have 3 512mb each PC133 SDRAM. asking $105ea shipped or $280 for all 3
  24. Donald Shrum

    WTB: Bose Acoustimas sub or set

    Looking to get the sub only but depending on the price, I might take the set.
  25. Donald Shrum

    Infinity Modulus Speakers

    I hae a new pair of modulus speakers. Asking $400shipped. I have been checking oline and have seen different modulus speakers. But not this pair. Here is a picture.
  26. Donald Shrum

    Sony Digital Vidio Camera

    Sony DCR-PC7 NTSC digital video camera. Comes with Battery and charger. Takes Still images and great video. 120X zoom. Asking $800plus shipping. www.tmrmzine.com
  27. Donald Shrum

    12" or 18" sub for music

    OK, here is my dilema. I have martin logans and really am into music. From Snoop, Diana Krall, Limp Bizkit, Miles and many more. I really listen to all sorts of stuff. At the moment, I have the money to buy a new sub. I am really torn between the Vellodyne HGS-12 and the HGS18. You see, I can...
  28. Donald Shrum

    Anyone here into Martin Logans???

    Just curious if any here likes or own a set of Martin Logans.
  29. Donald Shrum

    Mirage Speakers set

    2 pairs of Mirage OM-6 in excelent cond. 1 Mirage OM-C2 center channel speaker. Asking $3800 plus shipping for all 5 speakers. Mirage BPS-400 sub asking $1000 shipped or $900 for pickup. Will sell with complete set for $4600 www.miragespeakers.com
  30. Donald Shrum

    Pics of my system

    Just click on the link in my profile. System is: EAD Signature processor EAD CD transport Pioneer Elite DV-09 DVD player Aragon 8008X3 Adcom 2 channel amp RCA DSS receiver Martin Logan sequel II front speakers and Arias-i rear speakers Mirage BPS-400 Sub Mitsubishi 60" TV...