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  1. brettecantwell

    sub gain knob

    Im just curious on what your guys sub volume knobs are set around. I know it doesnt matter as each setup is different but my living room where my setup is around 14ft wide an it opens up into the dining area and kitchen and a hallway... so its not a real enclosed room at all. Still yet the sub...
  2. brettecantwell

    SPL calibration confusion!

    I recently got a hold of an old radio shack meter (realistic 42-3019) its an analog meter. I turned on my test tone in the AVR and the AVR manual says to set to 75db, So i am assuming the signal is -30dbfs That seems to work alright, but when i go and stick in my disney WOW disc and run the...
  3. brettecantwell

    How much bass usually goes to center and surrounds??

    OK here is my situation. I just set up my new setup and i'm getting a null in my bass response at my seat at around 70hz, its very noticable by ear. My fronts have two 6.5 woofers each and they can play 70hz and sound pretty good. I tried lowering the bass crossover in the receiver to 60 hz and...
  4. brettecantwell

    subwoofer placement remains the same when changing subs??

    I am not entirely sure on this so i figured i would ask. I plan to upgrade my sub which now is a 10" downfire to a larger 12" front firing. Am i just going to plop the sub in the same place i found my current sub sounds best or does each sub have its own sweet spot.. or it just the room itself??
  5. brettecantwell

    chopped up aspect ratio on movies on tv???

    I know some movies are natively show in 16:9 but alot of them are wide screen 2.4ish:1. I notice over alot of broadcast channels alot are showing movies and they seem to be zooming in the picture to fill the tv top to bottom and then i guess are losing content on the ends??? If this is a correct...
  6. brettecantwell

    Dish box signal and picture quality?

    Hey i have dish network and i am wondering if improving my satellite signal will help improve the picture quality of my channels or it just a on/off sort of deal?? Im showing about 65-68 signal strength in the dish menu.
  7. brettecantwell

    combo blurays

    This may sound like a dumb question.... Are all the combo discs with multiple movies on them going to be the same quality as just buying the disc with one movie on it? I'm not sure how big most movies are but I've seen discs with 2 and even 3 movies on them. There's one with master and commander...
  8. brettecantwell

    Toshiba Cinema Mode and "Clear Frame" adjustments?

    I have a toshiba 46l5200u display, its a fairly recent slim LED display. Its a great set and i did some basic test pattern calibrating and i am happy with the picture. I got bored and was messing around with the "clearframe" 120hz settings. first off all my equipment runs through my AVR and into...
  9. brettecantwell

    AVR power rating confusion??

    I have been reading and comparing and had a question. My AVRs book has the power output listed as 90watt/ch with one channel driven. I see alot of receiver specs listing with "2 channels diven" so would my receiever actually show a power output of 45watts/ch if it was tested with two channels...
  10. brettecantwell

    HTIB speaker upgrade... and a few newb questions..

    Heya i have an Insignia labeled HTIB i got from best buy about 6 months ago. For me its been a nice system, sounds really good to me as i have never really been into home theater until just recently. Anyways, the sytsem has an actual receiver ( not a proprietary wire connection deal) I can...
  11. brettecantwell

    sub crossover with satellite speakers

    My HTIB has some smaller satellite speakers. my center speaker has two 3.25 cones with a 1" tweeter and my fronts have just one 4" cone and 1" tweeters in each. my surrounds are full range with 3.25 cones. according to the manual the fronts go down to 60hz, the center goes to 65 hz and the...
  12. brettecantwell

    speaker calibration with test tone???

    Ive been tinkering with my setup and my receiver has a test tone to set the speakers to be equal. I dont really know how accurate this would be...but i tried using a sound meter smartphone app. I can get the fronts, center and surrounds within 1-2 db easily. The problem is when i go to set the...