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  1. Ken Cline

    Peaceful Warrior: Universal Giving Away $15 Million In Tickets!

    Universal is going to give away $15 million in tickets for Peaceful Warrior starting 3/18/07 - 4/1/07 exclusively through bestbuy.com (no purchase necessary) ABC News - Free Tickets LOS ANGELES Mar 14, 2007 (AP)— Universal Pictures has come up with an unusual plan to try to fill theaters...
  2. Ken Cline

    Any Other Collectable DVD Aficionado's Out There?

    I've been collecting DVDs since their inception back in 1997. I have over a 1,000 standard issue DVDs and probably 50 or so what I call true collectables; academy/emmy screeners, promos and autographed DVDs. In addition to several OOP Criterions and others(Little Shop of Horrors, Devil's...
  3. Ken Cline

    Finished Gain Clone Amps

    It's been a while since I've frequented this forum. I just finished 2 mono block Gain Clone amps and wanted to share them with all of you. These are easy and fun to build, although the case took longer than the electronics. They sound quite wonderful for what they cost. It would be easy to...
  4. Ken Cline

    TB 871s Mini-Rays

    Just finished 2 of the 3 mini line arrays. These will be mainly for HT use. I know 4 drivers don't really consitute a "line array", but space is a concern and I didn't want to fork out more $$$ for more drivers (although I got these for $8.50 each when Nuera was having a sale). I also realize...
  5. Ken Cline

    Pixar to Disney: Sea you later

    I know this has been around for awhile - Pixar not happy with Disney. But it looks like the relationship is over 2005 (after 2 more films). I always thought Disney did a pretty good job on Pixar DVD's. I know there are many anti-Disney people on the forum, but I wonder how this will affect...
  6. Ken Cline

    TB871s Speakers Finished

    Just thought I'd post some pics of my finished TangBand 871s speakers. All the hype about these little gems is true. Nice sounding 3" speakers. Great for computer speakers or small HT (with subwoofer of course). TangBand 871s
  7. Ken Cline

    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz 5.1 Soundcard - $40 after rebate

    Found this deal in last Sunday's(6/29) Circuit City ad. Buy the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz soundcard for $79.99 and get a $40 rebate from Circuit City. The deal ends 7/5/03 I picked this card up because of the 5.1 digital out. I have a small Panasonic digital receiver that I'm going to use in...
  8. Ken Cline

    Catch Me If You Can @ Costco, $18.69 - $5.00 rebate = $13.69!

    Got this deal yesterday. $18.69 - $5.00 rebate = $13.69 (plus tax of course). This is a limited time offer. The sign said 5/5 - 5/11. The rebate is a Costco one, meaning you don't have to cut off anything from the insert/cover. You get a printed rebate form on the receipt. Just fill it out and...