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  1. David Strand

    Have you heard what Monster Cable is doing?

    So I went to the stopthemonster website and it is only a letter from the Snow Monsters president saying that they have apparently kissed and made up with Monster Cable. After reading this whole thread I have a significantly reduced opinion of Monster Cable as a company, and most likely this...
  2. David Strand

    OTA HDTV lip sync and qam decoding questions

    I tried to watch the lord of the rings broadcast the other night and the lip sync problem was so bad I couldn't watch it. I think it is this box because when it is happening it seems to be the same on all channels. I'm not sure if it does this when using it in 5.1 mode, I only have it hooked up...
  3. David Strand

    OTA HDTV lip sync and qam decoding questions

    I used to have an early sony DVD player that had this problem until they eventually fixed the firmware so I was leaning toward it being a hardware problem. Does anyone here have the t351 that can vouch for it either having this audio lip sync problem or not?
  4. David Strand

    McDonald's Monopoly Best Chance 2.0 game -- with Best Buy Bucks!

    Any chance they extended this? I just found this thread today!
  5. David Strand

    OTA HDTV lip sync and qam decoding questions

    1 issue, 1 question. Issue: I recently purchased a samsung SIR-T351 OTA HD receiver and a terk indoor powered antenna. I am able to get stunning video on all the local channels, but I am having problems with the lip sync being off. Often the audio is not in sync with the video so when people...
  6. David Strand

    Set front speakers to small even though they're large?

    I have an older onkyo TX-DS676 receiver and it does not have any options regarding subwoofer crossover. I assume there is one but I'm not sure what the freq is. If I set my sub to not use it's own internal crossover, or set it at the highest setting, it sounds horrible...
  7. David Strand

    Interlaced Component Cable box?

    I had a motorola HD box with my old cable company and you could set it to output any of the following: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i. I would guess that most allow outputting a 480i signal on the component outputs, since the majority of channels are non HD. You should be able to call your cable...
  8. David Strand

    Help! My Receiver Is Possessed!

    I'm going to vote Poltergeist since that would be way cooler than a busted electrical component!
  9. David Strand

    Bass traps and/or other forms of acoustic treatments

    Thanks for your help Ethan. The problem I have with experimentation is step number 1 "get a bunch of bass traps". I will definately not be able to treat the room as much as I would like due to the wife factor, so I am hoping that the few places I can treat will be the most effective and I don't...
  10. David Strand

    Bass traps and/or other forms of acoustic treatments

    Here is a scale drawing of my living room setup. You can see the openings to other rooms on the left (thinner lines), and the bridge that you see in the above linked pics as the dashed lines. The corners I am thinking about trying to treat are circled in red. I think those will make the most...
  11. David Strand

    Pixelation in Movies

    Might want to also check the disks for scratches and/or smudges, dirt and fingerprints. My Panasonic RP-82 does that on occasion and it has always turned out to be the disk at fault (rentals).
  12. David Strand

    Bass traps and/or other forms of acoustic treatments

    Thanks for the help guys. I am working on a scale drawing of my living room so I can show you how I've positioned things. The spot where I have the sub now (you can barely see it in the front pic on the right hand side in the entryway) definately sounds better than any other spot I've found...
  13. David Strand

    Bass traps and/or other forms of acoustic treatments

    Thanks for the help Ethan and Wayne. I have been thinking about getting a BFD, but I'm afraid it won't be able to do much for the nulls at my listening position. Here are some links to my living room, a picture towards the front of the room, and one towards the back of the room...
  14. David Strand

    Bass traps and/or other forms of acoustic treatments

    I am having a problem with very poor bass response at my main listening position in my living room / HT. The room is very odd shaped, I will try to post a diagram of it soon. Behind the main seating is a dining room and I believe this is the root of the problem. I have been trying to talk my...
  15. David Strand

    Radio Shack SPL meter corrections?

    I found the spreadsheets out there that has built in corrections for 1/3 octave or 1/6 octave measurements... But does anyone have a corrections list for ALL frequencies between about 15 and 100? I have the radio shack analog spl meter. I tried searching this forum and the search tool didn't...
  16. David Strand

    GAH!!! I just found out something about the Polk LSI speakers....

    I bought some at the $199 price less than a month ago... are you saying that I can go back to Fry's with my receipt and get some MORE money back!?!
  17. David Strand

    MKII - what does it mean

    I was wondering the same thing with regards to the Monster Power centers. Anyone know why those are MKII?
  18. David Strand

    Axiom Or Polk

    I picked up some of the LSI7's when Fry's had the $199 deal. When I first brought them home I A/B compared them (as best I could in my living room) with my JBL HLS-810's and they sounded good, a little better but I wasn't blown away with their sound. I had been reading about people saying...
  19. David Strand

    Receiver bass management?

    I have a general question that leads to a more specific question: 1. How do you know how any particular receiver manages the LFE output with regards to x-over freq, and bass redirection based on large/small speaker settings? Does it usually tell you in the owner's manual? 2. I am currently...
  20. David Strand

    Component Video Inputs (3)

    I wish there were some with more... HD cable, DVD, ps2, gamecube, xbox. Well I don't have an xbox actually, but I'm sure there are people out there with all 3 systems. I hate having to use an external switcher. Anyways, to answer your question, I think the Denon 2805 has 3 component...
  21. David Strand

    All speakers sound a little different, especially the center

    This kind of makes me wonder, maybe this would be suited for it's own post, but I'll ask here for now I suppose since it is somewhat relevant. If you have tower sized mains that would/could be used on the Large setting on the receiver, but a typical center which would/should probably be set...
  22. David Strand

    Video Switching

    I don't know how that particular receiver works, but there may be a switch on the back of the receiver that switches the output between composite, s-video, component. My Onkyo has a switch like that. Check the switch and then unplug all your wires and check the following simple connection once...
  23. David Strand

    Polk audio lsi7 deal at Fry's... so I got em

    I realize they are a bit of a load to drive. They do actually perform quite well with just my Onkyo that I have at the moment. I plan to get a nice 5 or 7 channel amp in the not too distant future, but probably a month or two after I complete the speaker set. I also got the cherry wood ones...
  24. David Strand

    Polk audio lsi7 deal at Fry's... so I got em

    I've been hearing about the $199 deal for a pair of (refurbished) Polk LSI7 speakers at Fry's. I've been debating upgrading my setup with the LSI series all the way around, so I ended up buying a pair (their last pair besides display models). My first impression of them out of the box is very...
  25. David Strand

    Reference Level?

    I was just thinking about this. I rechecked the levels of my setup this weekend and then proceeded to watch LOTR3 and kept the spl meter out and on the arm of my chair out of curiosity. We watched it at a level that was a little higher than we watch most movies (with the rare occasion we watch...
  26. David Strand

    Onkyo receivers - DC motors?

    The only thing I could imagine they would be talking about could possibly be a DC motor used to turn the volume knob when using a remote. While this was common on older receivers, they hardley ever do this any more since there really is no need for it. If that isn't what they are talking...
  27. David Strand

    The Mother Of All DVD Soundtracks??!!!!!!!

    My collection also grew by one thanks to the sweet Target deal!
  28. David Strand

    HT seating, lazyboy or berkline?

    I agree, you have a really nice HT Richard. If you don't mind me asking, what did the 3 chair Berkline 090 set cost you? I wanted to get a quote from AV outlet but they are not taking orders until mid/late June due to their move :frowning: One other question, can you give me a rough width for...
  29. David Strand

    HT seating, lazyboy or berkline?

    I'll have to check out the J.C. Penneys in the nearby mall. I went to Levitz today, and they have Palliser HT seating which is pretty comfy and certainly better priced (quoted $1203 for 2 reclining chairs with a wedge between them), but the style is not as nice as the lazboy ones. They look...