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  1. AllanRW

    Theater seating sale at London Drugs $699.99 CND

    Yes a sweet deal I went and had a look in the back room of our local store today, as they are not being put on the floor till tomorrow. $699.99 CND 3 seater 1/2 leather 1/2 PVC 4 cup holders all 3 recliners http://www.londondrugs.com/msib20/Fl...page14_15.html For those wanting to...
  2. AllanRW

    NW DIY event time again!

    It is that time again in the year. This year hope to have it at a larger place than my home. This will mean a few things more room to move around as well as more area to have speakers out for those to see. Anyone interested please contact me direct along with a list of speakers or any...
  3. AllanRW

    Another sub done

    XLS driver with twin 10" PRS 360 watt plate amp with remote. 1.5cft Cherry veneer BH5 Not that bad for a 15.5" cube. Al
  4. AllanRW

    New AV1 front firing surround

    Cherry finish wall mounts with 2 45dgr joints flush to the wall.
  5. AllanRW

    GR 5.1 with Criterion,Diluceos!

    Just wanted to post a pic as I know this is the first 5.1 system using the Criterion,Diluceo and the new Diluceo center from GR. Cabinets are now gone to the new home and as soon as I get pics of them fully assembled i will post them as well. Yes a lot of ribbon for sure, as well the stands...
  6. AllanRW

    New Tb Drivers

    Just got them from Nuera. http://www.nuera-acoustic.ca/products/W23-973s-3.jpg I will get MLSSA going today and see how the 926 goes against the 871. Will post the findings in a few days. I posted this yesterday on PE and of coarse # 1 sin for me not to talk about non PE product on there...
  7. AllanRW

    RPTV help ????

    Ok i had a Pioneer 50 RPTV and after 5 years Sears can not warrenty to fix it and I may be getting a new one!!I will find out in the next few days I hope. Ok the issue. I just finished my HT room and the TV was built in the wall. Opening 42.75 Width 53.5 Height depth lots I am looking...
  8. AllanRW

    NW DIY this Saturday 11/22/03

    See you all then. ALNW DIY INFO
  9. AllanRW

    North West DIY Event

    Maybe we can get a local to bring over his 2 finished subs as well.HINT HINT Craig!!! That would be a AV 15" and the Tumult with twin 18" Stryke PRs. You never know who will show up Email if you are attending and if have speakers to bring along. Al NW DIY EVENT
  10. AllanRW

    North West DIY event

    http://quicksitebuilder.cnet.com/wrn...eakerbuilding/ Maybe we can get a local to bring over his 2 finished subs as well.HINT HINT Craig!!! That would be a AV 15" and the Tumult with twin 18" Stryke PRs. You never know who will show up Email if you are attending and if have speakers to...
  11. AllanRW

    Off to VSCA

    http://members.shaw.ca/awooley/pictures/SEteak.JPG http://members.shaw.ca/awooley/pictures/tempsub0314.JPG http://members.shaw.ca/awooley/pictures/tempsub0315.JPG Finished the Temp 214ltr and these yesterday now last post and off to VSCA. Danny will finally get to listen to the Spires and...
  12. AllanRW

    VSAC coming

    And will have Danny from GR as well nice to meet him. And take a few things for us to do after hrs. Just have to have a mile long list for customs. Al Spires, new center design in the works as you can see.
  13. AllanRW

    SUPER ELF tidbit

    For those interested. W3-871S in the high end in its own encloser, and the W3-319S1 in the low end. This is un smoothed just a taste. Al
  14. AllanRW

    TB shoot out.long

    http://members.shaw.ca/awooley/pictures/MCM.606.JPG http://members.shaw.ca/awooley/pictures/TB.319s.jpg http://members.shaw.ca/awooley/pictures/TB.881S.JPG http://members.shaw.ca/awooley/pictures/TB.879S.JPG http://members.shaw.ca/awooley/pictures/TB.8713s.JPG Ok I finally got some...
  15. AllanRW

    Friday night movies

    http://members.shaw.ca/awooley/pictures/drivein3.JPG http://members.shaw.ca/awooley/pictures/drivein2.JPG Dancing the jig!!
  16. AllanRW

    Time for a break.

    http://members.shaw.ca/awooley/pictures/Spiresshop.JPG http://members.shaw.ca/awooley/pictures/SELFpile.JPG http://members.shaw.ca/awooley/pictures/ELF1.0pile.JPG Yes just running a 1single stage collector with a 1 micron bag. And 6" pipe around the shop with 2 4" going to the router...
  17. AllanRW

    SUPER ELF Home Theater System Large pics

    http://members.shaw.ca/awooley/pictu...RELFHTRear.JPG http://members.shaw.ca/awooley/pictures/SuperELFHT.JPG I said large. Using a EZY SUB SHIVA in a 14" cube
  18. AllanRW

    TUMULT arrives.

    Check out they way these are boxed. http://www.boomspeed.com/wrnch22/Tumpics.4592 http://www.boomspeed.com/wrnch22/Tumpics.4593 http://www.boomspeed.com/wrnch22/Tumpics.4594 http://www.boomspeed.com/wrnch22/Tumpics.4595 http://www.boomspeed.com/wrnch22/Tumpics.4596 Al
  19. AllanRW

    Northwest DIY

    http://www.boomspeed.com/wrnch22/9.JPG http://www.boomspeed.com/wrnch22/95.JPG Swap meet and just a few I have ready for the AM. Not including the HT room. See you there. Al
  20. AllanRW

    Yamaha 793 lost 1/2 power out of 1 side

    Checked the cables swapped side to side and still the same. Then I used a differnet set of cabinets and still the same. Pointers of what went in the reciever? Thanks Al
  21. AllanRW

    TB/W8 shoot out

    http://www.boomspeed.com/wrnch22/55-2421Imp.JPG http://www.boomspeed.com/wrnch22/55-2421near.JPG http://www.boomspeed.com/wrnch22/55-2421PR.JPG http://www.boomspeed.com/wrnch22/W8-740CIMP.JPG http://www.boomspeed.com/wrnch22/W8-740Cnear.JPG...
  22. AllanRW

    MCM copy of the W8 from TB.Lots of Pics

    http://www.boomspeed.com/wrnch22/Image-346301.JPG http://www.boomspeed.com/wrnch22/Image-346401.JPG http://www.boomspeed.com/wrnch22/Image-346501.JPG http://www.boomspeed.com/wrnch22/Image-346601.JPG http://www.boomspeed.com/wrnch22/Image-346701.JPG...
  23. AllanRW

    8" sub Now shipping on Friday.

    http://www.tb-speaker.com/tbn.htm For all of those who ordered the Nuera Acoustic W8-740C . I have them in Customs now and will have them in stock by Friday and shipping out orders then. Sorry for the post over here , just getting our new site finished along with a new forum, that we hope...
  24. AllanRW

    Cube IT!!

    Click me! A little poder coat and away we go. Al Admin note - changed the image to a link because that image is HUGE!