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  1. JohnBrianW.

    how do I hook up two passive subwoofers?

    I have a dedicated 2 channel integrated amp (no amp out). I want to hook up 2 passive subwoofers, one for each speaker but am unsure of the best way to wire them. As I see it, I have 2 choices: a) run a shotgun configuration straight off the amp with 1 cable going to the speakers and 1 to...
  2. JohnBrianW.

    Resiliant Channel

    I know its been beat to death already but just some clarification. Is resiliant channel used for acoustics or sound proofing? Because if its not improving the acoustics in my room, I won't bother with it, even though i bought about 60ft or so at a hardware store close out for about $20. I...
  3. JohnBrianW.

    FS Marantz SR-6200 AV receiver

    Description For sale is a Marantz AV Receiver 6200. This receiver is in imaculate condition, with no visible marks on it. It produces a warm lush sound, that sounds fantastic with movies. The receiver comes with the orginal remote, packaging and box. Asking price is $500 obo...
  4. JohnBrianW.

    FS Totem Dreamcatcher's (Cherry)

    Description I've decided to consolidate my 2 channel stereo and my HT and some speakers need to go. Totem has really outdione themselves with these speakers and they really do live up to every glowing review you could read on the net. I had the oportunity to meet Vince Bruzzese...
  5. JohnBrianW.

    Can you connect a turntable to a Marantz 6200?

    I'd like to get into records and before I go out and invest some $$$ on a 2 channel integrated, I'd like to get a turntable and run it through my 6200, is it possible?
  6. JohnBrianW.

    QED Silver Anniversary or Ecosse 4.2

    I'm upgrading my 3 front speaker cables and am torn between QED Silver Anniversary bi-wire, and Ecosse C4.2 Anyone have any experience with these? My system is a Marantz 6200 and totem Dreamcatchers. I'm also upgrading my digital coaxial to RhinoCables Premium...woohoo!
  7. JohnBrianW.

    plugging a power cord into a receiver

    What if any are the pros/cons of plugging in a DVD/CD power cord into the jacks at the back of a receiver? I have a Marantz 6200 and have never used them and was considereing it.
  8. JohnBrianW.

    0degree and 180degree switch on sub??

    What does it do to the sound? I've switched it back and forth and with my untrained ears can't hear a difference.
  9. JohnBrianW.

    Hooking up a Marantz 6200

    I was wondering if someone could help me with the hook up of the marantz 6200. The problem lies in where to hook up the 2 s-video cables I have with the TV/DVD/RECEIVER. The TV has 1 s-video out and the DVD has 2 (Sony 715), and the receiver has more s-video connections than I know what to do...
  10. JohnBrianW.

    Is the RP82 the best budget DVD out there?

    I'm looking for a new DVD player to replace a Sony S360. I would like DVD-A capability as well. Is the RP82 the number one choice for under $300 CDN?
  11. JohnBrianW.

    Marantz 6200 or the 5300?

    Both are priced at $800 canadian. What would you buy? Some of the specs don't mean a lot to me or should I say..I'm not sure what they all mean. I would like to make the purchase quickly, as the 6200's will be gone soon.
  12. JohnBrianW.

    specs for the new Marantz 300 series

    I'm not sure if anyone has seen them yet, but here they are: FeaturesSR5300$799 ·192kHz/24bit x6 Crystalâ D/A Converters ·Circle Surround 6.1 Version 2 Dolby Pro-logic IIMusic & Movie ·6.1 Channel Stereo ·6.1-channel pre-out/6.1 direct-in ·HT-EQ ·90w x6 discrete power ·5 S-video...
  13. JohnBrianW.

    What M&K set up?

    A local dealer who is just getting into HT to compliment his car audio business would like to set up a M&K 5.1 system for me to audition with a Sherwood Newcastle receiver. My question is this, what speakers would be used from M&K's lineup to fit into $1800-$2200 canadian? I find M&K's site...
  14. JohnBrianW.

    Totem Dreamcatcher vs. Energy Encore vs. Pardigm System 3 vs. Axiom Master System

    I've just finished listening to the Encore and Totem packages. I thought both did very well, maybe an edge to the Energy Encore for HT and to the Totem Dreamcatchers for music. Both are beautiful speakers, the Encore with a high gloss black cabinet and Totem with a beautiful real veneer finish...