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  1. R. Kay

    Any More Wiseguy TV DVD Box Sets Coming?

    All quiet on this front since the last batch. Any good news? Oops ... please move this to the Tv Forum ...
  2. R. Kay

    Here Comes Randy Mantooth?! Emergency in August ?!?!

    Our buddies at TvshowsonDVD state that Emergency! may be coming on 8/23 ... This was one of my favorite 1 hour dramas as a kid. Stay tuned!
  3. R. Kay

    What's With Hawkeye's Hand On The Cover of MASH Season 8 ?

    That's quite a dangling particable ... MASH DVDs has some of the worst covers ever put on paper ... My 8 year old niece can do a better job than FOX.
  4. R. Kay

    Where are 'The Bowery Boys'.

    I loved these films growing up, but have heard nothing about any imminent release. Any news?
  5. R. Kay

    More Mr. Larry Coming - Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 3

    Larry's housekeeper calls him 'Mr. Larry' ... there's more excitement coming on 1/18/05. Here's the link to the great 'TvShowsOnDVD' web site for more info. http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=2254
  6. R. Kay

    Any More Barney Miller Coming?

    Season 1 came out a long while back. Any word on Season 2 and beyond? Great show. Terrific Writing. Great ensemble cast.
  7. R. Kay

    TV on DVD Bargains & Rip-Offs

    I just noticed the MSRP on Quantum Leap for 8 Episodes of Season 1 was 60 Bucks ($40 Discounted). Ridiculous! Season 1 of Northern Exposure : 8 Episodes for $60.00 ($40.00 discounted). Who needs that life-raft to jack up the price? Outrageous! I use MSRP strictly to illustrate higher...
  8. R. Kay

    THE SHIELD Season 3 (Merged Thread)

    I have to say that Season 3 of The Shield improves on the first 2 seasons, which, knowing how great the 1st 2 seasons were, seemed hard to accomplish. Cannot wait for Season 3 on dvd. Any dates? Any Rumors? For anyone who loves episodic tv, this show was, by far, the best drama (or any...
  9. R. Kay

    Angels In America - Delayed?

    Received an email from dvdempire that the studio changed the release date to 'TBA' from 6/1. Anyone with further insight?
  10. R. Kay

    Just Got Wiseguy : Arc 2 (Kevin Spacey) Early!

    These suckers have chapter stops & 'Play All' Function this time ... Also, terrific interviews on Disc 4 with Kevin Spacey, Joan Severence, Stephen Cannell, David Burke (Writer), William Russ (LoCoco), and Vinnie's Mother (Oy! Who's idea was that?). Spacey talks for 17 minutes. I'm...
  11. R. Kay

    'Kramer' in On Seinfeld Extras

    According to Page 6 of the NY Post on 12/29, Michael Richards will participate in the Seinfeld DVD Extras, and WON'T GET PAID for his participation. Congrats to Him. Continued Boo to Greedy Dreyfuss & Greenspan (oops ... Alexander). I wish I had 5 lifetimes worth of moneys earned like...
  12. R. Kay

    All of those TV on DVD Releases Making You Flat Broke?

    I really love TV on DVD, but the overall cost is excrutiatingly painful on the wallet ... And to think ... the best TV on DVD isnt even out yet! Seinfeld Get Smart Hill St. Blues St. Elsewhere These studios keep piling on the releases, but there's a limit to one's affording it all!
  13. R. Kay

    What Happened to Magnum P.I. ??

    I remember an announcement quite a while back. Still, nothing with nothing. Any news?
  14. R. Kay

    Eisner Quote : Self-Destructing DVD Concept 'Probably Won't Work'.

    Thought a unique thread was appropriate. If not, feel free to combine it. ----- At a Q&A session for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. 19th Annual Strategic Decisions Conference ... Disney CEO Michael Eisner was quoted as saying the above. At least he was honest. No further details...
  15. R. Kay

    Who'd buy a 'Match Game' DVD?

    I loved that show ... Gene Rayburn and friends.
  16. R. Kay

    Hey Ron! Where's the 'Mary Tyler Moore' Review?

    Out in 5 days...they should be available for viewing already!
  17. R. Kay

    I Want 'The White Shadow' TV Show on DVD!

    Here's hoping!
  18. R. Kay

    Psyched for Swingers SE & Stakeout!

    Although I wish Stakeout would've been a Special Edition as well. Great 'guilty pleasure' movie. Always entertaining.
  19. R. Kay

    Tenenbaum's Music Changed For DVD

    Per Jeffrey Wells' @ Reel.com's 'Hollywood Confidential' : --------------- I saw Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums three times last year. Each time the film had two original Beatle tracks — "Hey Jude" and the slightly slower-tempo, bootleg version of "I'm Looking Through You" — playing...
  20. R. Kay

    Whatever happened to those free Star Wars and Shrek DVDs for Signing Up for EMailings

    That was a while ago... Wonder if anyone got it as of yet?
  21. R. Kay

    Have Studios Run Out Of New Ideas For DVD Extras?

    Lately, its been a little bit of ho-hum with extras on dvds. While some extras are 'blowout fantastic' (and there are lots of em like this), it seems like they've reached the limit on what they can offer the consumer. The only thing I can think of that they havent utilized much as of yet is...
  22. R. Kay

    New Bull Durham - Same Shelton Commentary?

    Cool that we're getting the Costner/Robbins commnetary ... Wondering if the Ron Shelton director commentary is the same as the OOP dvd? Isnt it amazing that Costner started doing commentaries after his career freefall?
  23. R. Kay

    MASH TV - Any way to watch all the episodes without the Sub-Menus?

    Great set. Great show! Those individualized menus, while slick, kills the flow of watching each disc straight thru.