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  1. JamesH

    Metal Slug to Xbox

    http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/action/...s_6087000.html Looks like SNK finally got fed up with Sony's draconian 2D policies and is bringing Metal Slug to the Xbox instead. I'm glad that it's coming out, but also annoyed that it could have been released months ago if Sony had just approved it...
  2. JamesH

    Primal for dirt cheap

    Primal is $9.99 at the EBgames website, brand new. I picked it up for the even lower $6.99 Xmas sale price a week ago and it got here today. At this price, I highly recommend Primal. I was expecting a Devil May Cry knockoff, but it's actually more of an adventure game in the vein of Ico. The...
  3. JamesH

    Which RPG should I play?

    It has come to my attention that I have a very large "stack of shame" consisting of unplayed RPGs. I have a couple of weeks with absolutely nothing to do right now, but I'm going to be busy in the future and this is probably the last chance I'll have to revisit older games. I'm only considering...
  4. JamesH

    Sega sinks to new depths

    In the midst of what could be looked at as a semi-hostile takeover by Sammy, Sega has taken an action that could have industry-killing implications if successful. According to this link, Sega has basically decided to sue the makers of Simpsons Road Rage because it ripped off Crazy Taxi...
  5. JamesH

    ***Official Deus Ex 2 Discussion Thread***

    This is coming out next week and there's no thread for it so I figured I'd start one. The first Deus Ex is the best game ever made IMO, which makes Deus Ex 2 my most anticipated game by far. However, I'm really concerned about the sequel. Apparantly Ion Storm gave the WRONG guy control of DE2...
  6. JamesH

    Two Towers vs. Return of the King ?

    I just finished LOTR: Return of the King on the Xbox and I absolutely loved it. The question is, how does Two Towers stack up next to it? I know it likely isn't as good as its sequel, but how is the level of chaos? I'm pretty much looking for more of the same: wild swordfights with explosions...
  7. JamesH

    Time Crisis 3 - Buy It

    Best lightgun game ever. Namco has packed more adrenaline and intensity into the first 5 minutes of this game than all the other next-gen lightgun games possess combined(TC2 excluded). It starts off peaceful enough, as two secret agents lounge around on a speedboat. Suddenly, hostiles are...
  8. JamesH

    Is Capcom turning into the new Acclaim ?

    Just look at what they've put out lately: Auto Modellista Several low-resolution 2D fighters that are embarassments compared to Guilty Gear $40 ports of Resident Evil 2 and 3 with no real enhancements P.N. 03 Chaos Legion Devil May Cry 2 Dino Stalker Mega Man X5, X6 and...
  9. JamesH


    http://www.theonion.com/3940/news1.html "But in the end, Troy is better off without Chrissy. She used to control him, just like she controlled Pai Chan" http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/poll/index.asp?poll=1412 In other news, roughly 1 in 4 gamefaqs users has discovered the opposite sex...
  10. JamesH

    Calling Steel Battalion Owners

    What are you doing with your old gear now that the new game is coming out? Supposedly they are releasing a new controller that is "smaller and more ergonomic", and it will have a port for the Xbox Live headset. I'm conflicted on what to do. The old game sells for a LOT on ebay. However, not...
  11. JamesH

    XBox Live Kits half off !!!

    Target has them clearanced at $24.98, and they are the old ones with whacked and motoGP. The free year of XBL offer expires somewhat soon(it's listed on the box). If your Target has lazy employees who don't tag stuff on time, you may even find one for $12.50 in a week or two.
  12. JamesH

    Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution

    I have to take some time out and give Sega some props for this awesome game. At only $15 with the best buy coupon, it practically feels like I stole it. Anyway, Sega has IMO managed to stay at the top of 3D fighting by delivering a ton of new stuff along with the unmatched depth of the Virtua...
  13. JamesH

    Cel Shading

    I find it odd that nobody has really been able to improve upon the originator of cel shading: Jet Grind Radio. I hooked it up to my HDTV via the VGA box yesterday and I was suprised to see that even three years later, it still looks a lot better than recent releases such as Zelda: WW and...
  14. JamesH

    Pirates of the Caribbean

    Anyone buy this one yet? I was really looking forward to it, but I've already seen reports of massive slowdown and lockups. I'm a huge fan of Xbox morrowind, but I don't think I have the patience to play through another Bestheda hackjob. So for the people who have it, just how bad are the bugs?
  15. JamesH

    Iridion 2

    Has anyone picked this up yet? I know the first Iridion wasn't exactly amazing except for the graphics, but the second supposedly has a lot of improvements. It keeps the same great graphic style as the first, but switches to a superior top down perspective. I saw it in the latest Play and it...
  16. JamesH

    Finding Friends on XBL Wolfenstein?

    Maybe I'm stupid, but I can't figure out how to join games people on my friends list are playing in. Even when they're online, the only options I have are to delete them from my list or look at their statistics. How can I see what game they're in so I can go play with them?
  17. JamesH

    IGN's Top 100

    So, what did everyone think of it? I personally found it to be a pretty bad list with some illogical choices and it's obvious that they didn't put much thought into it. It seemed that for the most part, they were choosing the landmark innovative games that defined genres. I suppose that's...
  18. JamesH

    Now THIS is how to support a small but loyal fanbase

    http://www.koeigames.com/news/detail...D0520EBF207A85 The news I've been waiting for has finally come. Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8 is coming to the US, and it's coming sooner than even my most optimistic tendencies would have expected. I wish certain other companies who will remain...
  19. JamesH

    U.B.I. Soft, I forgive you

    Ok, I must admit that I'm not too pleased with what you've done to Rayman, but I've always liked you a lot, so now it's all good. http://ps2.ign.com/articles/389/389869p1.html
  20. JamesH

    Xbox VGA box

    I'm currently running my Xbox, GC, and PS2 to an HD set with component cables through a relatively standard 3-2 selector(Red Green and Blue cables plugged into Red Yellow and White holes). The picture quality is nice, even with progressive scan, and I don't really seem to be losing any...
  21. JamesH

    Buy one Get one Free at Blockbuster?

    I've heard that there is a Buy one Get One Free deal on the used games at Blockbuster, but you need a coupon to do it. Anyone know the specifics of the deal, or where to get the coupons?
  22. JamesH

    Dream Games

    Assuming you could have any 3 games made, what would they be? Mine are: 1. A sequel to Guardian Heroes with Guilty Gear XX quality graphics. Make the game length around 5 hours, double or triple the number of branching paths, have around 10 selectable characters, and you've got an instant...
  23. JamesH

    Improvements in Preowned Games at Blockbuster

    Well after a few months of pretending to be Funcoland, it looks like Blockbuster finally wised up and lowered the prices on used games again. I should also note that the games I purchased happened to be in much better than expected condition. They had the original cases, original manuals, and...
  24. JamesH

    X:Men The Next Dimension

    Has anyone played this? I was thinking about giving it a shot since Gexpress is selling the GC version for $16.00 and I'm already going to order a game from them anyways. My main question is, does this play like the old XMen Children of the Atom fighting game? Does it have ridiculous super...
  25. JamesH

    Zelda:WW Demo at Target

    Just to let you all know, many Targets have a playable demo of Zelda set up in the kiosks if you want to check it out. I only played a few minutes of it, but I found it VERY underwhelming. What I saw of the graphics was definately not up to par, and the game only runs at 30FPS. It plays just...
  26. JamesH

    Poor Service at Game Retailers

    This is starting to get ridiculous. Today I took a half hour trip with the intention of buying Guilty Gear XX and preordering Xenosaga. First stop: Gamestop. On the plus side, they do actually have Guilty Gear in stock, and it isn't marked up over the retail price. They also had a nice...
  27. JamesH

    Battle of the Slightly Above/Below Average Action Games

    Assuming you could buy about 2-3 of the following games, which ones would you get? Buffy(Xbox) Crimson Sea LOTR: Two Towers Star Fox Adventures Devil May Cry 2 Rygar PS2 Dead to Rights Gungrave Price is a minor factor since I just happen to have a bit of extra cash due to a couple...
  28. JamesH

    Rallisport Challenge

    Anyone still playing Rallisport? I popped it in last night expecting to be a bit underwhelmed due to all the recent great looking games, but it's still right up at the top of the pack even after all this time. The environments are practically photorealistic on a HDTV. I just wanted to throw a...
  29. JamesH

    Rygar or Crimson Sea?

    I'm thinking about picking up an action game in the approx $30 range. These two appeal to me the most and they've gotten similar reviews. Anyone got them both and can offer comparisons? BTW, Rygar does have a small strike against it in my book due to lack of HD support.
  30. JamesH

    Rayman 3

    Does anyone know which console UBI is using for the "base" version of this game? I was under the impression that they were starting development on Xbox first and then porting, but the GC release day is a month earlier. So, anyone know which version of this game is supposedly going to be the...