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  1. MarcVH

    maximum lengths for DVI and HDMI??

    Cheapest place I've seen for these cables is Monoprice, and they do have long ones (50 ft). Haven't tried them myself, but some people say they seem to work OK.
  2. MarcVH

    House Insurance - How Does It Work?

    Hurricanes and earthquakes, yes. I don't think I've ever seen a policy that excluded tornadoes -- they're small enough that they usually only damage a handful of houses and so coverage isn't a problem. Insurance companies don't want to cover perils like earthquakes, since they can be so large...
  3. MarcVH

    Good piping hot coffee at home: Possible?

    The models with the attached grinders all seem to have the whirring blade grinders, which are considered inferior because they generate heat and they don't grind the coffee uniformly (you end up with "pebbles and boulders.") A burr grinder is preferred by all the sources I've read, although I...
  4. MarcVH

    What are you folks doing for life insurance?

    The conventional wisdom is that term life is the most cost-effective way to get life insurance, and if you also want savings or investments to do those separately. There are probably situations where this wisdom doesn't apply (for example, if you are using life insurance as an estate planning...
  5. MarcVH

    Help!! I'm getting a new TV!!

    It probably stems from the fact that lots of rooms are arranged such that there is a "focal point" of the room which is a perfect place for a large TV, but some idiot has gone and put a fireplace there instead. :D If you sit in a recliner or the like when watching TV, then looking up...
  6. MarcVH

    looking to invest some money

    Remember that you have two separate decisions to make here: [list=1]What do you want to invest your money in? Stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, or what?Should you do this investing through a "normal" taxable account, or some kind of special account like an IRA?[/list=1] These are two...
  7. MarcVH

    It's PAID! Not PAYED! PAID!

    One I see from a lot of people who otherwise seem to know better (and, coincidentally enough, is in this very forum in another thread) is the mixing up of "principal" and "principle."
  8. MarcVH

    Help!! I'm getting a new TV!!

    That's an EDTV, not an HDTV. That might be OK for you, but you'd initially said you wanted an HDTV. I'd agree with Charlie's comments that you may find that flat screen options have less of an "monstrosity" impact on the room than a big heavy tube TV.
  9. MarcVH

    Help!! I'm getting a new TV!!

    Well, let's see. 32" would be pretty small for a plasma (42" is more typical) and still out of your price range. So forget plasma. I've never seen a DLP TV smaller than 43", so that's out. That pretty much leaves you with LCD or tube, if you're set on the size contstraints you mention; I'd...
  10. MarcVH

    Teen Girl Faces Jail Time For Blue Lights On Car

    The article quite explicitly notes that the reporter asked various law enforcement agencies whether the lights are illegal, and got a variety of answers. So (unless you think the reporter was lying) it is established that some LEOs think they're OK. Clearly her mistake was going into court...
  11. MarcVH

    Bike to Work Day

    I usually bike to work, but I always seem to miss Bike To Work Day for some reason (sick, vacation, business trip, etc.) Go figure. It's only 14.5 miles round-trip, but it also involves something like 600' of gain, which gets the blood pumping.
  12. MarcVH

    24: Season 2 - Hour 24 - 5/20/03 Finale

    Sigh, it was adequately done considering, but too many loose ends. ...like what happened to Lynne. Palmer's firing Mike would have been a lot more plausible if he'd mentioned that at least part of the reason was because of what happened to Lynne. I also don't get how this grand conspiracy...
  13. MarcVH

    U.S. $20 Goes Color This Fall

    Remember, a lot of US money is held outside the U.S. for various reasons. Saddam Hussein isn't the only one with huge stashes of our currency; it's commonly held by people in many countries for various reasons (the local currency isn't very stable, they're using it to engage in activities of...
  14. MarcVH

    24: Season 2 - Hour 23 - 5/13/03

    They had to make sure the bad guy kill a loyal assistant, both to show that he's tying up loose ends before leaving, and to make sure the audience realizes how bad he is. I think that's the first cliche they teach in action writing. The next one is to take the two hot women and make sure you...
  15. MarcVH

    U.S. $20 Goes Color This Fall

    I see no particular resemblance between this new note and Monopoly money. Even if there were, I'm not sure that would be a bad thing. In Monopoly, the different colors mean it's pretty easy to look at a pile of cash and get a sense of whether it's mostly $100 bills or $1 bills. This can help...
  16. MarcVH

    How important is sex in a marriage?

    Agree with the sentiments that, unless there's some religious objection to effective contraception, fear of pregnancy is not a very compelling reason for functional adults to have little or no sex. It sounds like an excuse, and if your partner feels the need to make excuses instead of being...
  17. MarcVH

    How to sell a Condo/House without a realtor?

    Others have given you generally good advice. Some things to remember: You want to avoid using an agent because you want to save the roughly 6% commission. People who are looking to buy FSBOs, in turn, are also looking to save that 6% commission, so right away they'll expect you to take it off...
  18. MarcVH

    Passing audio to TV?

    You can do this, but you don't want to use the pre-outs. For starters, there generally is no way to mute the speakers without also muting the pre-outs. You would instead hook one of the tape out jacks to an audio input on your TV. However, if you do this, you probably want to make sure you do...
  19. MarcVH

    Netflix penalizing heavy users

    As a fairly heavy Netflix user, this isn't going to make me quit immediately but it doesn't leave a good taste in my mouth. It does explain why the top 20 movies in my queue all have waits. I'd have to bet that this isn't just about postal costs. After all, the frequent renters are still...
  20. MarcVH

    Why does the spoken "S" sound bad through live broadcasts?

    It may be that the source of the audio includes the problem, and they need to add a De-Esser (yes, there is really such a hardware device in pro audio.)
  21. MarcVH

    T.V. Volume ?

    I think Don is talking about using a "variable out" on his TV set, a situation in which both the volume on the TV and the volume on the receiver influence how loud the sound is. The problem is, since you have 2 volume controls, one (or both) need to be turned up higher than they normally...
  22. MarcVH

    Suggestions needed for Seattle hotel

    The Four Seasons is the most expensive hotel in town. It's downtown, but would be a long walk to the ballpark, and a long walk with luggage to the waterfront.
  23. MarcVH

    Few Flexi Rack questions

    I just put little rubber caps on the bottom. Casters might be possible, but they should be mounted to the rods rather than to the bottom shelf.
  24. MarcVH

    Netflix penalizing heavy users

    Well, since you pay a flat rate per month, it the customers Netflix wants to reward are the ones who don't rent many movies. It's just like a gym, whose best customers are the ones who rarely show up. What's unfortunate is the fact that they don't modify the algorithm for people who upgrade...
  25. MarcVH

    Suggestions needed for Seattle hotel

    Safeco Field is at 1250 First Avenue South, Seattle WA. Mapquest will find it, and Yahoo's yellow pages can also find it. As the address suggests, it's about twelve blocks south of the core of old downtown ("Pioneer Square".) Old downtown is also close to the southern part of the old waterfront...
  26. MarcVH

    Directors dvd's displayed or hidden?

    Um, "hiding them" can also mean another piece of furniture in the room, such as a closed cabinet. Where else would you hide them, stacked up in a closet or something?
  27. MarcVH

    Did this realtor screw me?

    In a way it's good that you learned fairly early in the process one of the basic principals: don't sign anything you don't understand. Remember this as you continue through the process. It's not always easy.
  28. MarcVH

    Simpsons censorship question

    One curious thing I've noticed is that often, the closed-captioning will show something different from what the speaker says. For example, there was one where Bart was thumbing through some various keys on his keyring, noting what each was to (e.g. "Principal Skinner's office", etc.) But the...
  29. MarcVH

    Copying DVD to VHS? Is it possible? (urgent)

    What kind of agreement did you sign with the videographer? In general, professional wedding photography will include a provision indicating that the photographer's company owns the copyright on the product. I'd assume the videographer's agreement was similar. It's possible that the...
  30. MarcVH

    SVS CS hookup question

    What you're describing is "bridging", taking 2 amplifier channels and combining them to make a singler stronger channel. I doubt that your JVC's amplifiers are bridgable (most receivers are not), particularly into the 4 ohm load that your speaker provides. The manual for that receiver may...