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  1. john mcfadden

    The latest on Conan, Leno and NBC

    Team COco here... Leno just needs to let it go. I guess he doesnt want to go home and be with his wife. And with a name like Mavis.....I bet she is quite the catch. I hope with all the negativity surrounding this and how he seems like a sore loser/bully his ratings are even worse and they show...
  2. john mcfadden

    What 3 films do you want most on Blu?

    STAR WARS -original versions- Howard The Duck (Yes, im serious) Because I am a major Stallone fan.... Demolition man (with 6.1 DTS-HD Please) Why in gods name did Over the top and Tango & Cash get blu releases before Demolition man & Assassins?? Seriously Warner...why ??
  3. john mcfadden

    Sony in September; Gumshoe, Anderson Tapes, New Centurions and much more.

    VIBES !!!!!!! YES !!!!!!! NOW PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But not too soon in case i find that rare VHS i can sell on ebay to pay for the DVD and a few gallons of gas to drive to the store to pick up the DVD.
  4. john mcfadden

    Win your choice of two amazing DVD collections!

    Susan Sarandon -yes I know i am too late to enter......but i wanted the world to know I LOVE HER !
  5. john mcfadden

    Win your choice of two new comedies!

    KNOCK KNOCK Who's there? OLD MAN. Old man who? DEAD.
  6. john mcfadden

    Howard The Duck On DVD?? Please

    WoW ! Still nothing for us in the states ! If only Universal knew or cared that dvds of HTD are selling on ebay for 25-100 a pop , maybe they'd do something. And Yes I own a DVD of the HDTV broadcast - That I recorded on my DVR By the way I am not the one selling them, Anytime I find an...
  7. john mcfadden

    Howard The Duck On DVD?? Please

    I have a capture of a HD airing of Howard The Duck in 1.85.1 aspect ratio It looks fantastic !! The only odd thing is that the condom scene is missing..... This will tide me over till the official release appears. If ever....
  8. john mcfadden

    Your DVD is ready now !

    Stores May Get An Unlimited Selection Of DVDs Store customers will soon be able to have the same wide choice of DVDs that they have online as a result of technology announced Monday by Sonic Solutions and Macrovision. The two companies said that they would be able to provide retail stores...
  9. john mcfadden

    Time to cancel

    XM sucks Im Sirius !!!
  10. john mcfadden

    Howard the Duck

    I got mine !! But i transfered my full frame LD to DVD.Digitally tweaked the picture using Nero digital and remixed the sound . Aside from the FF picture Im covered .....I might be wrong but i think there might have been some sort of lawsuit between the creator of Howard the Duck and Lucas and...
  11. john mcfadden

    Producer says X-Men III DVD to be X-tended

    I'll just wait till a fan edit happens or Fox releases a bare bones DVD Then a SE 6 months later with the footage added as 'extras'
  12. john mcfadden

    Movie Channel Coming to Sirius?

    I used to love listening to a guy named Mr Movie on 1210 am WCAU where he would just talk about movies for 4-5 hrs and take phone calls .....I miss those days. I wish Sirius would have such an option other than the E ! channel garbage
  13. john mcfadden

    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    Ive got numerous LD rips to DVD of the OT and most are as good as an offical release could be. The one question i have is that why are the original trilogy being released with a second disc that is actually more useful as a coaster ? F U Lucas
  14. john mcfadden

    Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful Special Editions set for 8/29

    The original ending was included in the movie tie-in novel when the film was in general release. And is a drastic left turn from the flow of the film . I cant wait to see it .
  15. john mcfadden

    Sirius Needs A Beatles Station !!!

    All Beatles all the time.... solo works, rareities, remixes and so on ! Anybody with me ?....If Elvis can have his own station why not The Fab Four ?
  16. john mcfadden

    Looking for Galaxy Quest DTS dvd

    if thats true i still havent gotten it yet....
  17. john mcfadden

    Looking for Galaxy Quest DTS dvd

    Ive had it on order for 3 months now ...its on "back order" :frowning:
  18. john mcfadden

    Looking for Galaxy Quest DTS dvd

    Will trade anything for this disc !!! please post your "wants" for it if you have it ! I'll be more than happy to purchase any wants to trade this disc . ( The dvd must have the DTS logo in the top of the box art ) Thanks ! [email protected]
  19. john mcfadden

    Quantum Leap Season 4 - who is going to get it?

    I was very sad when Georgia was replaced.....but ill still buy the sets because of the show .Where is the reunion movie ???!!!:)
  20. john mcfadden

    shows that surprised you when they failed on DVD?

    Anchor Bay is the absolute best in releasing TV to DVD I just got 3rd rock from the sun season 3 on tuesday and i know 3 months or so season 4 will be out . AB is just tops in my opinion ( With of course the exception of the syndicated cuts of roseanne in the 1st season , but they were quick to...
  21. john mcfadden

    Married With Children S5? Any hope?

    Season 4 was released in august of 2005 !!!! Where is the announcement .
  22. john mcfadden

    Your Ideal Criterion Box Set?

    The Streetfighter Criterion Collection. with Sonny Chiba commentary!!!!!!!I love these cheezy films. If all 4 got any deluxe treatment ....hell just gimmie a yak track with any backstory info on the films and i'd be a happy man .(the death of bruce lee made me do it ...The X rating was because...
  23. john mcfadden

    Quick Change on DVD?

    Sold 10 VHS versions over the last 2 years on Ebay from anywhere to 10-20 bucks on ebay..EVERYTIME I FOUND A COPY FOR CHEAP I SOLD IT ...I'll be picking this up today(feb14th) on DVD FINALLY!!! Best Buy has it for $12.99 !!!!!!!!!!!
  24. john mcfadden

    Donner Superman 2 SE (merged thread)

    I work for ***-**** and i found a listing for future releases ..........The Superman DVD set is listed for a (tenative) release on NOVEMBER 7TH 2006--Till then ill watch my international extended version DVD ( The crown jewel of my dvd collection ) 2 and a half hours of perfection---Hope the...
  25. john mcfadden

    Sony - Superbit Mgm Titles

    Rob roy definetly needs a new transfer , i remember watching the disc and the film image actually jumps in one spot in between the reel change !!!! And its a really bad ld transfer I dont need extras per say but I would buy a Superbit immmediately .
  26. john mcfadden

    Who wants Mad Balls and My Pet Monster on DVD?

    Sounds like a job for Shout!Factory.
  27. john mcfadden

    Best DTS tracks on DVD

    These are great ! Thanks !! Ive got most of these discs , I'd love to find Galaxy Quest in DTS !! Those universal DTS discs are a real pain in the ass to find !
  28. john mcfadden

    Best DTS tracks on DVD

    Just got a DTS receiever and i want to know just what is the best soundtracks out there to break it in ...thanks !
  29. john mcfadden

    Evil dead 1 and 2 at a drive in on October 21st & 22nd !!

    If you are a fan of the Evil Dead films , The drive in theater i work at is showing The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 :dead by Dawn ( BOTH as a DOUBLE FEATURE !!!On both nights !!!) On October 21st & 22nd as part of our annual Halloween Horror Fest !!!! We are located in Felton , Delaware that's...