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  1. GabeT

    Can someone model Treo SS drivers for me?

    I have two of the 15" and am going to build an enclosure mostly for music but some home theater (So I want to retain as much low end as possible). The specs can be found here: http://treoonline.com/ssi.html They are the SSi 15.44 I really appreciate any help! :) Thanks
  2. GabeT

    Pics of new subs out from GoldWood.

    These are soon to be available from Parts Express, according to some of their inhouse reps. I picked these up after seeing them at the CES show. I dont know much about them, since they would not provide specs..but i Know this much. 15" woofer has: 3" DVC 150 oz magnet Vented Pole Piece...
  3. GabeT

    Who makes Goldwood products?

    I picked up some Goldwood subs, that I had seen at the CES show, but I know nothing about them. Does anyone know who manufactures them or designs them? They were a bargain at $90! They weigh in at around 38 lbs!
  4. GabeT

    Stryke SAE 1204 VS. Titanic 12" ??

    Has Anybody heard the Stryke, how does it sound? Im planning on buying one of these, but if i go with the stryke i can save $50! Is the titanic worth the extra money?
  5. GabeT

    MCM 55-2421is very impressive!

    I received my two woofers today and am very impressed! I have each one in a 2.25 cubic foot box..each with a 10 inch PR (from some old Klipsch's I had laying around). All i can say is WOW! They are fairly efficient (considering their low FS), and have great extension. Im thinking about going...
  6. GabeT

    MCM 55-2421 Long throw Woofer?

    Anybody have any experience with these little guys? They look good and for $60 for a pair I figured i couldnt go wrong! Is the Xmax specified (16 mm) Linear or is it Bullsh*t? And how do they sound? Any deep bass? Heres the specs: •Power capacity: 120W/240W RMS/peak •Frequency response...
  7. GabeT

    blueprint 1001 and 1201...rubber surround??

    i was just wondering if anyone knew if the blueprint 1001 and 1201's had rubber surrounds? Thanks, Gabe