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  1. Robert_Dufresne

    Is HDMI better than component ???

    My future new television :D is a Hitachi 51F510. Il has both component and HDMI inputs. My DVD player also has both component and HDMI outputs. My question is which is the better connection to use between the DVD player and the TV. Does it depend on the quality of the video processors in the TV...
  2. Robert_Dufresne

    Is Paradigm pulling a fast one with sig series

    I am afraid Paradigm is pulling a fast one on us with it's signature series. Just look at the facts 1 - When Paradigm introduced the studio series they said it was the ultimate, money no object speaker, the fruit of years of research and indeed they were great speakers. 2 - A few years...
  3. Robert_Dufresne

    What do you put between speaker and shelf

    I was wondering what people that have bookshelf speakers use to put under their speakers when they are sitting on a shelf. Is it better to use a rubber mat, rubber pads or those stick-on felt pads. Someone said that I should use 30 sheets of paper in order to absorb vibrations. There is...
  4. Robert_Dufresne

    Is LCD RPTV technology mature enough

    I am wondering if people here think that LCD RPTV technology is mature enough or is better to stay with time proven CRT RPTV considering that LCD is a lot more expensive.
  5. Robert_Dufresne

    Paradigm new signature series

    On the Paradigm site they hint at the new Signature series of speakers and it looks like it will be their flagship line. Does anyone know anything ??. Will I be upgrading again ?? Robert
  6. Robert_Dufresne

    Help me decide SonyWIII or Hitachi V500

    I want to get myself a 50 inch LCD RP TV. I had my heart set on the Hitachi 50V500 because it looked better than the Sony at the time. Now Sony comes out with the new model, the WegaIII that looks really good. I don't know wich one to choose, they both look good to me. Any suggestions ??
  7. Robert_Dufresne

    DAC's in Denon 4802

    Can anyone tell me what kind of DAC's are in the Denon 4802 receiver ??? Are they better than the ones in the DCM-380 CD player ?? Thanks Robert
  8. Robert_Dufresne

    What's best to put under my bookshelf speakers

    I have a pair of Studio 20 resting on bookshelves. The bookshelves are solid but I think I should put something under my speakers so they don't rest on the shelf ( wood against wood ). Would blue-tack be good or should I use something like carpet under padding or just plain rubber feet...
  9. Robert_Dufresne

    Looking for good Beethoven

    I am looking for a good CD DDD recording of Beethoven's 9th and 5th symphonies. I don't have SACD or DVD-A so I just want a plain vanilla CD. Does anyone have suggestions ??? Thanks Robert
  10. Robert_Dufresne

    100 plus CD Mega changers , are they any good

    I am in the market for a new cd player. I am strongly considering the Denon 370 changer. Yesterday I walked into a shop and fond out that for the same price as the 370 ( around 420$ cnd ) I could get a Pioneer Elite PDF-17 100+1 Mega changer. I dont know what to do, I never considered...
  11. Robert_Dufresne

    Is the Denon dcm-370 reliable ??

    I am looking for a new cd changer and I am considering the following models . Denon dcm-370 Marantz cc4300 sony cdp-ca70es I have heard that the Denon has flimsy drawer mechanics and that some people have had problems with it. I want a changer that will sound good and last for many...
  12. Robert_Dufresne

    Tweaking, is it worth the effort ???

    There will always be two sides to every tweak discussed in this forum. Those who make a certain claim and those who dismiss it because of lack of scientific evidence. I am a certified skeptic but one day I read about the wonders of putting a little blue-tack between the speaker and...
  13. Robert_Dufresne

    Is there a good website to get basic info on TV formats and options

    I am looking to buy a new tv but I don't know much about all the different formats "aspect ratio" numbers of scan lines and all that stuff.:frowning: Does anyone know of a website with some good articles and basic info to get me started:) Thanks Robert
  14. Robert_Dufresne

    McIntosh amps and receiver good or bad ???

    I have been reading the threads here for a while and I don't see the brand name McIntosh appearing very often. I see the name Krell, Lexicon, Bryston, Parasound, Classé, Outlaw and Rotel quite often but never McIntosh. Is this because they are not good , to expensive or just not...
  15. Robert_Dufresne

    Can any good RCA cable be used for coaxial digital connection ??

    I would like to know if I can use a good RCA cable to connect my DVD's coaxial digital output to my receiver . Thanks Robert;)
  16. Robert_Dufresne

    HK and Marantz receivers have no phono input ???

    Looking to buy a new receiver and reading the threads on this and other sites I found that HK and Marantz have good reviews . Going to the webpages to get more info I was dissapointed to find out that neither of them have phono input jacks, no even on the top of the line models.:frowning...
  17. Robert_Dufresne

    Can someone explain HK Logic 7

    I keep reading about HK Logic 7 and how it is so wonderfull. Could someone please tell me what it is ??? Thanks Robert
  18. Robert_Dufresne

    HK-8000 vs DENON3802 please help

    Looking for a quality receiver, I was looking at Denon 3802 and 4802 but someone told me that HK8000 was a better buy. Any opinions would be of great help. Thanks Robert:frowning:
  19. Robert_Dufresne

    Wy add a seperate amp to a receiver

    I want to buy a new receiver and i am looking at the Denon 3802. A lot of people here talk about using the receiver as a preamp/pro and adding a seperate power amp. I thought that the 110 wats/ch provided by the receiver would be more than enough to power my studio 20's. Am I missing...
  20. Robert_Dufresne

    DENON receiver 3802 vs 4802

    I want to upgrade my receiver and i am looking at the Denon avr-3802 and avr-4802. Both have similar features but they say that the 4802 is built with better components (thoroidal transfo etc.). Considering that the 4802 is twice the price of the 3802, is the difference in components worth...