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  1. John Sully

    Who is going to have the ESPN HD feed?

    Does anyone know? I'm waiting for the announcement so I can decide which sat service to buy.
  2. John Sully

    Another BFD success story...

    But I just had to do it differently from everyone else... Being a basically lazy type of guy I didn't want to burn a CD with test tones and make 1/6 octave measurements over and over, aka "the manual method". So I went looking for something better. I started out trying to use ETF with my RS...
  3. John Sully

    Markertek cables: two thumbs up!

    I recently ordered a couple of cables from Markertek. The purpose of these extra long cables was to allow me to hook up the audio and video out from my PC (located in the "server room") to my HT system. I was quite pleased when I examined the cables up opening the package. The cables were...
  4. John Sully

    What do you dislike about your receiver?

    This thread is meant to be sort of a counterpart to the thread about your favorite receiver features. Most receivers have a few cool features which you may really like, however, all receivers have at least one (mis)feature which will tend to drive you to drink. I think the drive you to drink...
  5. John Sully

    Does anyone still make an outboard AC-3 RF Demodulator

    Subject about says it all.