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  1. Rick_Brown

    Can plasma's be repaired?

    I have a 4 year-old Pioneer plasma that one day made an audible "pop" and the display will no longer light up at all. It's been sitting unused for months now as I replaced it with a new one. How likely is it that a plasma can be repaired for a reasonable charge? (What kills me is that I...
  2. Rick_Brown

    HDMI switching - problems

    Helped my son hook up a cheap A/V receiver (Sony STRDG510). Although I've hooked up many times with component cables this was my first foray in HDMI. We have run the HD cable box and the DVD player via HDMI to the receiver and then one HDMI cable from the receiver HDMI out to the plasma TV. Also...
  3. Rick_Brown

    UPS only for minor outages

    I've read a lot of threads on UPS's, but none seem to address my simple need: We seem to get a 10-second power outage every week or so. This throws off my Harmony remote as some devices have powered down that it thinks are on. This drives my wife crazy as she can't/won't understand how to get...
  4. Rick_Brown

    What will upconversion to 720 progressive lines do?

    I've just ordered a 27" RCA LCD TV, model LCDX2722W, which has a 1280 x 720 resolution panel . When reviewing the features it says: "The advanced de-interlacer progressively converts incoming signals and up converts to 720 progressive line panel with 25ms response time." Is this a good...
  5. Rick_Brown

    The problem with calibrating a sub

    I have seen many posts about the difficulties calibrating a sub using a sound pressure leevel meter. Usually the posts are about how one DVD calibration disk yields a different level than another one or how the receiver's own test tones yield different results, or how once set the sub now seems...
  6. Rick_Brown

    My Integra remote also controls my Onkyo receiver!

    I'm using my Integra 6.2 receiver as the heart of my HT system and my old Onkyo 525 pro-logic receiver to drive outdoor speakers. After hooking it up I've discovered that when I use my Integra remote it controls both receivers at once - which is bad, as I don't want to adjust both volumes at...
  7. Rick_Brown

    Pioneer plasma can't show hi-def cable and use widesceen mode for 4:3 at same time?

    Just hooked up a Pioneer 4330 plasma to my digital hi-def cable box (Rogers Cable in Toronto). When I choose the component input on the TV, which provides a 1080i signal, I can watch hi-def channels in widescreen. But the rest of the channels are shown in 4:3, and the TV won't allow me to choose...
  8. Rick_Brown

    Need a remote control - Has to be idiot-proof for my wife

    I'm not looking for an "all-in-one remote" that can take over all of the functions of my many components. What I need is a remote that I can program macros for my wife, with custom labels or buttons for functions like: - Turn on TV and listen through HT sound system - Turn on TV and listen...
  9. Rick_Brown

    Does a new plasma need ISF calibration?

    I see ISF calibration mentioned here all of the time. Is it just for RP's and DLP's or does it also benefit plasmas?
  10. Rick_Brown

    Does DVI and HDCP matter for cable?

    I plan to purchase a plasma set that does not have DVI or HDCP. Seeing as all of my TV viewing will be via a cable High Def cable box does this matter?
  11. Rick_Brown

    Is digital coax better than optical for 24/192?

    The latest Q&A #344 in the Secrets of Home Theater says: "Digital coax will pass 24/192, while Toslink optical appears to be limited to 24/96. We will test this at some point." Can anyone comment on this? Does it matter?
  12. Rick_Brown

    Understanding screen measurements

    I assume that widescreen measurements are done on the diagonal, like 4:3 screens? Is there a formula for determining the straight-across horizontal size of a widescreen TV? Thanks.
  13. Rick_Brown

    The Objectivist vs. Subjectivist Debate (Long)

    I've read many threads on this website, especially in the Audio/Video Sources page, where debates get into objective vs. subjective points of view. The most common debate centers around golden-ear subjectivists who hear things that scientific objectivists can't measure. I think many of you...
  14. Rick_Brown

    Are CD Players becoming obsolete?

    I'm seeing more and more of my friends, who aren't particularly into audio or video in a big way, buying cheap DVD players instead of CD players. They figure that because a DVD player plays both formats "why bother with a CD player?" One friend even hooked up a DVD player to a TV in the basement...
  15. Rick_Brown

    Largest selection of DVD rentals in Toronto?

    I'm looking for video rental retail stores that have a larger offering of DVD's for rent then the usual Rogers and Blockbuster outlets in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). I'm especially interested in rock music videos and lesser known movies. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  16. Rick_Brown

    Recommended CD stores in New York

    I'm travelling to New York City for the 1st time soon and I'd like to spend some time searching for hard-to-find CD's. Can anyone recommend some stores with really broad inventories, new or used? I'm mainly interested in Rock music. I'm staying in Manhattan. Thank you.
  17. Rick_Brown

    What is a DSP?

    I believe that DSP stands for "Digital Signal Processing", but what does that mean? I generally believed that DSP's mean those usually phony sounding fake environemtns like "Stadium" and "Club", etc., where artificial reverb and echoes are added digitally to the sound. But, are DD, DTS or DPL2...
  18. Rick_Brown

    Play audio CD's on your DVD and compare DAC's of DVD vs. receiver

    I stumbled on a way to "A/B" the DAC's in your DVD player vs. the DAC's in your receiver when playing audio CD's: 1. Connect your DVD player conventionally using an optical or coaxial connection. 2. Connect the analogue L/R outputs from your DVD to the CD inputs of your receiver. 3. Play...
  19. Rick_Brown

    Queen - Night At The Opera 5.1- Anyone heard it?

    It was supposed to be released today, although I can't find it yet in Canada. Has anyone bought and heard it yet?