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  1. StevieP

    Rotel 985 or Sony N9000ES

    Rotel 985 or Sony N9000ES? Wanting to Bi-Amp Front 3 speakers! Any recommendations? Both seem to be available (used) in my price range Thanks.
  2. StevieP

    Def Tech Pro Tower 400

    Def Tech Pro Tower 400s. Anyone heard them, or know anything about them? I currently have BP30s and love them! Just curious cause I have not seen any comments about the pro tower models.
  3. StevieP

    Digital Amps ?

    Greetings everyone! I'm curious about the new technology of digital amps, and thought it might be interesting to start a new thread about it! Being in the marine business (Yacht a/c,& electrical repair/installation)I can't help but try to imagine some kind of comparison to the new...
  4. StevieP

    DA 4ES Owners,Question?

    Greetings, I am upgrading to the 4ES from the 3ES (very happy with the DA3) for PLII, Neo6, and DTS ES. My question is, can you apply PLII-Neo6 to all of the sound fields, like you can apply Pro logic to the sound fields in my DA3? (First adjustment in Surround Menu) Thanks, Steve.
  5. StevieP

    Bi-amp Upgrade Dilemma

    Greetings everyone ! I have been reading and learning from this forum for a good while now and seem to always find the answer to my questions by just doing a search (when it works;) however, I have come up with a question that may be a little out of the ordinary--maybe not, but here goes...