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  1. Paul Stanley

    YPAO and Behringer FBD

    Hello fellas, I'm in a bit of a conundrum. I will be upgrading my receiver in the near future, it will be a Yamaha with YPAO. However, I will be upgrading my sub to a HSU VTF-3 before then. My question to you all is will I still need to eq my sub with my BFD or will the YPAO take care of it? My...
  2. Paul Stanley

    90210? Seriously...

    Ok, whats the deal with Spelling and the studios? I can't find a clear answer anywhere except something vague on tvshowsondvd about 2005 release at the absolute earliest. Anyone know any more details or hazard to make a guess about season releases? :star:
  3. Paul Stanley

    HSU STF-3 Question

    Can anyone who bought one of these bad boys give me the boxed dimensions of the unit? I have one on order and want to know if I need to borrow a van to pick it up! Thanks! :emoji_thumbsup: