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  1. Mike_Reznik

    Computer UPS vs. Power Line conditioner?

    A friend of mine recently told me that he uses an APC UPS in his home theater instead of a monster surge protector or line conditioner. The UPS works like a battery pack for your HT. The system works from the batter and the direct current so you always get a steady consisten power stream. And if...
  2. Mike_Reznik

    Using a Computer UPS vs line conditioner?

    A friend of mine recently told me that he uses an APC UPS in his home theater instead of a monster surge protector or line conditioner. The UPS works like a battery pack for your HT. The system works from the battery and the direct current so you always get a steady consisten power stream. And...
  3. Mike_Reznik

    Costs associated with speakers spiralling out of control?

    Now I know I'm not having any original thought here and I'm sure it's been discussed before but I just have to start this thread. Is it just me or are some of the associated costs of this hobby getting out of control? Here's my gripe. What the hell is up with the cost of speaker cables and...
  4. Mike_Reznik

    B&K Ref 7270 200x7 PowerAmp

    One year old B&K Ref 7270 Power Amp. MINT conddition. Rarely used. No scratches or dings anywhere. Still covered under full factory warrantee. Weighs about 70 pounds. It lists at $3300, I bought it for $2500, I'll sell it for $1700. If interested email me at: [email protected]
  5. Mike_Reznik

    Paradigm Studio 100v2 / CC / PS1000

    I HATE to sell but I lost my job and need the money. Studio 100s v2 Black Lamanate: $1300 obo Studio CC Black Lamanate: $350 obo PS1000 10-inch powered sub: $150 I've had the speakers about one year. They are in my dedicated home theater and I've barely used them. I've taken very good...
  6. Mike_Reznik

    Need Help! Laserdisk Question.

    I'm posting this tread on behalf of a friend of mine. He has a Pioneer Elite CLD-79 Laserdisk Player. He want's to upgrade his reciever but was told that he needs to make sure that the new reciever can decode AC-3 or the Laserdisk audio won't decode correctly. Is this true? I always thought...
  7. Mike_Reznik

    Studio 20 vs B&W 602, any thoughts... ?

    I appologize if this combo has already been debated, but I couldn't find find it on the forum. I'm looking for a second set of speakers for a two-channel stereo setup in my living room. It will run using a Rotel pre/pro and Rotel 2x200 amp and I'm using a Tosh SD6200 as a transport. The...
  8. Mike_Reznik

    The voices... THE VOICES... !

    The voices in my head are driving me crazy!!! :) Just like most of you, I have invested a lot of time an money into my HT. Lately I have been noticing that spoken text durring movies seems to be off by about 1/4 of a sec from the video. My wife says she doesn't notice it, but I can see and it is...
  9. Mike_Reznik

    Good (quiet) fan, Recommendations Please...

    I have a power amp that is running a little warm. Can someon please recommend a good cooling fan that won't be too loud. Thanks!
  10. Mike_Reznik

    Amp running a bit hot... is this dangerous?

    I recently purchased a B&K Ref 7270 power amp. I have it plugged into a monster hts2600 surge protector/line conitioner. I leave my amp turned on all the time and it runs a little warm even when not in use. Is this normal? Is this bad for the amp? Can this cause dammage? I've read several...
  11. Mike_Reznik

    Is the Tosh SD5700 the new SD6200?

    Was the Toshiba SD5700 the replacement for the SD6200? If so, how does it compare? (ie, what improvements were made) If not, what is?
  12. Mike_Reznik

    Best Progressive Scan DVD w/ MP3 < $1000

    I currenlty have a Toshiba SD-6200. I have been pretty happy with this player, however I use my DVD player as a CD Transport as well. I want to upgrade my DVD player to something with a solid transport, Progressive Output, and that can play MP3s. I've been reading several posts on this...
  13. Mike_Reznik

    To tilt, or not to tilt, that is the question...

    ...Whether it is nobler in the HT to suffer the slings and arrows of reflected sound vs direct sound. Sorry, I got a little carried away there :) In all seriousness, what is the proper directioning of the rear speakers. I always thought that the rear speakers were suposed to produce...
  14. Mike_Reznik

    Am I being stupid?

    Hello All, I recently purchased the paradigm studio 20's for use as my rear speakers in my HT. I looked at many speaker mounts and I just don't feel right about drilling a mounting bracket onto the back of these speakers. There are a couple of reasons... first the speakers is heavy and that...
  15. Mike_Reznik

    MIT cables... good/bad/ugly?

    Hello All, I just picked up a b&k ref7270 and Paradigm Studio 100s v2. I need to pick up some new cables both speaker and interconnects. I currently have a generic brand bi-wired speaker cable and Monster audio interlink 400 MKII interconnects. (Leftovers from my old system) I was wondering...
  16. Mike_Reznik

    bi-amp vs. bi-wire

    I recently got a great deal on a B&K Ref7270 7x200 amp, and I was toying around with the idea of bi-amping my main speakers intead of using the extra two channels for the 7.1 surrounds. I heard that you get the best performance out of a good speaker if you bi-amp it. However I'm a little...
  17. Mike_Reznik

    Sony DVP-S9000ES vs Tosh SD-9200...

    I'm looking to upgrate my Pro-Scan DVD player and am trying to decide between the Sony DVP-S9000ES and the Toshiba SD-9200. Both are very highly regarded Progressive Scan DVD Players. The Sony plays SACD but is also about $400 more expensive. Does anyone have any opinion on which player would...
  18. Mike_Reznik

    Best Receiver around $2500?

    Any suggestions? I'm looking at the B&K 307 pretty seriously. I've also heard good things about the Denon 5800, & Carver c-1000. ------------------
  19. Mike_Reznik

    Break in period on new Paradigms?

    I just picked up a pair of Paradigm Studio 20s & CC and I'm about to buy either 100's or the 60's (as soon as I can decide). Is there a break in period for these speakers? If so, what are you supposed to do (or not do) durring the break in period? How long does it last? There wasn't anything...
  20. Mike_Reznik

    Carver Cinema Grand... any thoughts?

    I'm seriously considering buying this amp to power some Paradigm Studio 100s, Studio CC, & Studio 20s or ADPs. I've read several reviews that talk about humming coming from the amp. Any of you guys have this amp? How does this compare to other 200x5 amps around $2000? ------------------
  21. Mike_Reznik

    How are balanced inputs diff from reg inputs?

    I've been really into home theater for several years now and I'm almost embarrassed to be asking this question, but I'm starting to upgrade my HT from Denon and Rotel to possibly B&K or Carver and I'm not sure what balanced inputs are. This was never an issue with the Denon and the Rotel. But...
  22. Mike_Reznik

    Proper Audio Cables for HDCD & SACD?

    I currently have a Toshiba SD-6200 DVD player that also has HDCD capability. I have a monster digital coax audio cable that connects my DVD player to my Dennon AVR3300. I was told that this was the best for transferring audio from a dvd for movies. However, I have recently been reading stuff...
  23. Mike_Reznik

    HELP! Rotel vs. Parasound

    Hello All, I'm looking to get a new poweramp to power a pair of Paradigm Studio 100s. After buying the speakers I don't have too many more funds left to buy a killer amp. After doing some research I've narrowed it down to the Rotel or the Parasound. Both make a good ~200/wpc amp right around...