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  1. Scott Falkler

    Looking for a Dreamcast Browser Disc newer than 2.0!!

    Is there a DC browser software disc newer than the 2.0 version that I have? If you have one newer than 2.0 you wouldn't mind parting with, please let me know at: [email protected] Thanks all!
  2. Scott Falkler

    FS: Paradigm Reference Studio 60's (pair)

    ---------------------SOLD!------------------------ Here's what I want to sell: One (1) pair of brand-new-in-original-boxes (taken out to check for defects then replaced back into boxes) Paradigm Reference Studio 60's (black laminate) I do have the original reciept and will sell them...
  3. Scott Falkler

    I need $ for bills

    Admin- You may lock or delete this thread. (I don't want to get off topic, so I started a FS thread)
  4. Scott Falkler

    FS/FT: Cheap Epson Powerlite LCD Projector

    Hello all! I am wanting to sell or trade an Epson Powerlite 5300 LCD Projector. It's a good beginner PJ and looks and works great. It has a 2,000 hour bulb with around 700 hours left on it, and it's the original bulb as well. Here are the details from PJ Central: MSRP (USD) : $ 8,499...
  5. Scott Falkler

    FS: Epson Powerlite 715c Projector

    Specs from PJCentral.com- MSRP (USD) : $ 5,699 Brightness (Lumens) : 1200 ANSI Contrast: Full On/Off: 400:1 Weight: 6.0 lbs. Size (inches) (HxWxD) : 2.8 x 8.4 x 10.5 Throw Dist (feet) : 3.6 - 45.3 Image Size (inches) : 26.0 - 300.0 Zoom: Manual, 1.2:1 Digital Zoom: Yes...
  6. Scott Falkler

    FS Epson Powerlite 5300 LCD Projector

    Epson Powerlite 5300 Multimedia Projector *includes remote, manual, and software* 212 Hours on new bulb Projector Specifications: MSRP (USD) : $ 8,499 Brightness (Lumens) : 1200 ANSI Contrast: Full On/Off: 350:1 Weight: 13.7 lbs. Size (HxWxD) : 5.1" x 11.8" x 14.3" Image Size...
  7. Scott Falkler

    FS: Consonance M800SE Mono Tube Amplifiers (one pair)

    I am selling a pair of Consonance M800SE Mono Tube Amplifiers The most powerful tube power amplifier from Opera Audio. Tube amplifiers at a great price from a great company! Uses the famous quad matched EL34 of ElectroHarmonix from Russia in each channel, connected in class AB parallel...
  8. Scott Falkler

    FT: Projector for A/V reciever

    I am looking for a decent A/V reciever to trade for this projector:
  9. Scott Falkler

    FS/FT: ATI Radeon 9700 PRO

    Made By ATI Radeon 9700 PRO Includes original box, cables, cd, etc. You know the card. $275.00 shipped to the lower 48 only. Email me at [email protected] for purchase
  10. Scott Falkler

    I Was Robbed!!!!!!!!!!!

    I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma between Peoria and Riverside and between 41st and 51st. I was on vacation and just got back to find my XBox and ALL of my games (for all systems) gone! I had around 47 games total (30+ PS2, 10 GC and 6-7 XBox games.) But that's all they took! If anyone has any clues...
  11. Scott Falkler

    FS: LITE-ON 16X DVD Drive

    Lite-On 16X DVD Drive, model # LTD-163. $35 shipped firm. Lower 48 only. email [email protected] to purchase. Paypal preferred, I am PayPal verified (24)
  12. Scott Falkler

    XP 17N/18N/20N/21N Lamp and parts

    I am selling the following lamp for $250. Lamp has less than 20 hours on it and is guaranteed non-DOA. I also have parts available for the above PJ's. Email me if you need any parts or wish to purchase the lamp. For example, I have a totally scratch-free lens that can be easily switched...
  13. Scott Falkler

    FS: Toshiba CSG : TLP-X10 LCD Projector

    For Sale: Toshiba TLP X-10 LCD Projector Here's a few specs: 2000 lumens XGA resolution (1024x768) 11 lbs
  14. Scott Falkler

    Who else just got Steel Batallion?

    I've never been so excited!! Time to play!
  15. Scott Falkler

    Anyone want a GCN background for their PC?

    I made one, and if you want it email me @ [email protected] and I'll send it to you. Please specify your resolution (800x600, 1024x768, etc) I would post it here, but I have no where to put it right now. If someone wants to, they can host it for me. Later!
  16. Scott Falkler

    FS:Projector- Sanyo XP18N clone $1700 SHIPPED

    FS/FT: Sanyo XP18N clone (Eiki LC-X984) This is the last one, I am now looking for cash/trades/partial trades + cash. Similar to the XP21N, but with 500 less lumens (2000) and no MLA. Rated 8-9/10, great condition. Very low hours (less than 100) No dead/stuck pixels. Comes with...
  17. Scott Falkler

    FS: Another sweet PJ that needs a new bulb! $1100

    I am selling a Sanyo XP18N clone (Eiki LC-X984) It has a little over 700 hours on it. The bulbs are rated at 1000 hours, 2000 hours max. (Eiki rates at 1000 hours, Sanyo rates at 2000 hours for the exact same bulb. Don't ask me why...) It really has quite a bit of life left on it, so a...
  18. Scott Falkler

    FS: Dual Planar Flat Screen Setup w/ R8500-128

    FOR SALE AS A PACKAGE ONLY. Lower 48 only. PayPal and Cashier Checks accepted. On to the package: -Retail ATI Radeon8500 (128) w/ box, disk, adapters, etc. -Two White Planar Flat Screen 15" Monitors with built in speakers and headphone output. (Model #1503) All items are in...
  19. Scott Falkler

    FS: Sanyo XP18N clone Needs To Go! $1500 Shupped Priority

    FS: Eiki clone of Sanyo XP18N (Eiki LC-X984) This needs to be sold ASAP, the price is now $1500 shipped to you. Includes PJ, manual, VGA cable, power cable, and remote control. Also includes a Chief adjustable ceiling mount FREE. Less than 100 hours on original bulb, no dead/stuck...
  20. Scott Falkler

    Anyone else want a 4:3 projector?

    ***PRICE REDUCTION!!!*** This is becoming a business for me... As I am currently unemployed, it's kind of a good thing I am getting commission off of these sales! I have a listing at Audiogon for a Sanyo XP18N clone, check it out. The 18N is the same as the 21N with less lumens (still...
  21. Scott Falkler

    FS: (Again!) Sanyo XP21N clone w/ less than 70 hours on orig. bulb!

    Buyer was maritally deterred from buying this so it's up for sale again! I was just laid off as well, so I need $ now. I am selling a Boxlight MP-38t MLA LCD Projector. Asking $2150 shipped to the lower 48 ONLY. The price is pretty firm, as it's low as it stands. I could do trades for...
  22. Scott Falkler

    Fs: Nec Vt540 Pj $1000

    PJ For Sale: NEC VT540 $1000 shipped Priority Includes carrying case, remote, manual, power cord, and I'll throw in the PJ as well I suppose. There are 6 hours on a new bulb, 1100+ total hours on the PJ. I can not see any dead or stuck pixels. I am giving a 48 hour money back...
  23. Scott Falkler

    Anyone own a Sanyo XP21N, Boxlight MP-38t, or other clones and want $$$$$

    I am willing to pay $60 worth of PayPal for someone to let me borrow the remote to program my RAV-2000 remote. Priority shipping will be paid by me both ways. If references are needed, I am on the good traders list, and have refs at www.heatware.com under "cantonman". If $60 isn't enough let...
  24. Scott Falkler

    FS: Boxlight PJ (Sanyo XP21N clone) $2300 neg.

    OK, maybe my last title didn't really convey what I am offering! Due to circumstances beyond my control, my Fiancee needs money to finish school. As she is about to finish her Masters program, I'll be damned if I let her quit because of money now! I am sacrificing my prized HT possession, my...
  25. Scott Falkler

    FS: Hardware and software, all kinds of entertainment! Update of previous FS Threadf

    Thanks for looking! LOWER 48 ONLY __________SOFTWARE__________ ---GAMES--- Individual prices are now listed- PayPal is preferred, discounts on multiple titles. All games are like new with all original cases, manuals, and perfect disks. Here they are: GameCube: -Cel...
  26. Scott Falkler

    FS: Just about everythingyou could ever need! Hardware & Software

    Thanks for looking! LOWER 48 ONLY __________SOFTWARE__________ ---GAMES--- Individual prices are now listed- PayPal is preferred, discounts on multiple titles. All games are like new with all original cases, manuals, and perfect disks. Here they are: GameCube: -Cel...
  27. Scott Falkler

    FS: 13 DVD's

    FS: $15 each shipped Priority ($11 + shipping) PayPal preferred ([email protected]) Here's the movies: -Mission to Mars (Tim Robbins) -"O" (Julia Stiles) -The Musketeer (Mena Suvari) -CastAway (Tom Hanks) -Transformers:Heroes (Optimus Prime) -Transformers:Villains...
  28. Scott Falkler

    FS: 13 games XBOX, Playstation2 and GameCube (no SHINE sorry!)

    FS: These titles are $24 each including Priority shipping. PayPal is preferred, discounts on multiple titles. Lower 48 only, please. All games are like new with all original cases, manuals, and perfect disks. Here they are: GameCube: -Cel Damage -*SOLD*Eternal Darkness *SOLD*...