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  1. Myo K

    TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Re-release specs!!!

    sean writes
  2. Myo K

    TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Re-release specs!!!

    whoa, from that screenshot, pioneer must have some lazy qc people over at their dvd department. if those screenshots are true, the dvd transfer is flat out shoddy.
  3. Myo K

    my Art home work due tommorow, what do you think?

    your not kidding. i hate pastel, i cant get any detail from it, and i had multiple fits of frustration, i would think i got the colors down perfectly and the flesh tones nice a lively. Then i spray the fixatif on it for preservation and the entire drawing turns redish brown. i had to recolor and...
  4. Myo K

    my Art home work due tommorow, what do you think?

    yes! yay someone guessed it, its actually scar face, sorry for the bad pictures, i had to use my webcam :/
  5. Myo K

    my Art home work due tommorow, what do you think?

    its a pastel drawing i had to do for my drawing class, the assignment required us to draw a picture that consisted of 2/3rds warm colors and 1/3rd cool colors. ill be turning it in tommorow sicne ive never used pastel until just a few days ago, mainly with this project, the image consists...
  6. Myo K

    can i use a cheap coaxial cable for video?

    what would happen if i were to use a standard audio component cable as a video cable? i tried it once and didnt seem to notice a difference. and can a coaxial cable be used for a sub cable? im wondering if i can use a generic digital coaxial cable to conenct my subs other then those ar/monster...
  7. Myo K

    can i use a cheap coaxial cable for video?

    bob, what would happen if i were to use a cable that did not meet the 75 impedence?? are they like speakers similar to impedence mismatch? or will it just suffer in the visual calirty department, with no potential of damage?
  8. Myo K

    can i use a cheap coaxial cable for video?

    i bopught this 4 dollar cable that i believe its said it may be used for coaxial connections of audio , i was wondeirng if i can use it as a video composite cable? i use it as a video cable and it seems to work fine, but id like to know if there will be any possible damage that may result...
  9. Myo K

    First Home Theater setup, Good choice or keep looking?

    kenwood htb 205/206 retails for 250
  10. Myo K

    Daredevil 2-disc boxart and early review (MERGED)

    btw spoilers..... for those that are not aware, bullseye is still alive :), fast forward the ending credits and youll be in for a surprise :)
  11. Myo K

    Daredevil 2-disc boxart and early review (MERGED)

    awesome dts track, imo its consdierably better than the dd 5.1 track, the video transfer was great too, nice and crisp, but i notices some grain, if my m emory serves me correctly the colors were touched up since the theatrical release. anyone notice the use of sepia during the flashbacks...
  12. Myo K

    Any current/former Mirage OM/Omni Series Owners out there?

    i have the omni cc for center, omni 50 for rears and omni 60's for fronts with two sawm40 subs with a hk avr 225 driving them. i dont have much money to spend and these speakers took me a few months to save up for :frowning: ive listened to the 250 and 260's in a side by side comparison...
  13. Myo K

    I miss my atari 2600

    i remember tearing that thing apart when i was young, i miss playing those nostalgic games, too bad those things are going for a few hundred collars now from collectors :/ i just found my genesis! and hooked it up to my wega tv, too bad i can get s video from this thing :), i wonder how itd...
  14. Myo K

    Reciever wattage question? Importance?

    to avoid any problems that may result in impedence mismatch, i wouldnt pair 6ohm speakers to an amp unless the amp is capable of handling 6ohm speakers.
  15. Myo K

    Help! I can't calibrate my speakers with my Onkyo!

    i recall a while that the entry level onkyo receivers had a defect in the lfe channel, in which the lfe was practically non-existant and very low, it sounds like you have a defective receiver. though i dont know if the 600 was affected by this defect, i do know that in regards to the htb 650 set...
  16. Myo K

    Speakers popping

    Aren't receviers made so you can turn off at will? I have never noticed this before... no, my kenwood 6070 would pop everytime i turn off the source before the receiver itself, i had to train myself to follow a chain, turn off -receiver -tv -source my kenwood would also crackle as i...
  17. Myo K

    Speakers popping

    it could be a burst of electricity, just make sure you arent playing sound through it when youre turning it off.
  18. Myo K

    SVS sub w/ Mirage micro omnisats??

    believe it or not mirage also has a line called the micro omni sats which are tiny, they fit in the palm of your hand, they are micro versions of the omni sats and retail for about a little less then 200 dollars a speaker. personally i do not like satelites because of the frequency...
  19. Myo K

    Radio Shack SPL Meter ON SALE!!

    brian are you sure you calibrated it properly? when all the speakers are calibrated it should make your system sound a lot more expensive. its as if all 6 speakers dissapear and you just hear environmental sounds all around you. make sure you spl meter is set to 70, weight c, slow reading...
  20. Myo K

    what is the difference between DTS and 5.1?

    when i first got into audio, i was able to notice a big difference in sound between dts and dd 5.1 playing on a "htib" system. its not difficult at all to discern the two tracks, i remember testing it out on atlantis and played both tracks right after each other, and the clarity in the dts...
  21. Myo K

    Advice on budget setup

    agreed, ive seen too many times this mistake made at circuit city and best buy, the best buy near my house has a pair of 4 ohm yamaha bookshelf speakers hooked up to their receivers, and everytime i turn on a pioneer receivers they instantaneously i go into shut off mode when i turn it...
  22. Myo K

    AVR525 overheating

    you should be happy that you got the 312s over the 310s, its a major jump in sound and imaging between the two.
  23. Myo K

    Advice on budget setup

    regarding the rs150, they are 6 ohm nominal speakers, if you were to drive them with an entry level sherwood amp, my prediction would be that his amp would constantly be over driven. at least if you try to play them anywhere remotely loud. your predicament is a tuffy, trying to find a good...
  24. Myo K

    Need help on choosing HT components

    imo. any sony receivers aside from their es line are severely underpowered, especially their entry level stuff. i run my mirage omni 60's 50's, and cc with an hk entry amp, and hit above 100 decibles without straining a hint of distortion or strain of any kind. of course the mirage...
  25. Myo K

    Need help on choosing HT components

    well make sure that the high definition signal is not degraded. i remember, when i had the kenwood 6070, it had component connections, but the mhz or what have in the connection did not support high definition. pioneers receivers are known for a pretty darn high thd rating. and with...
  26. Myo K

    Need help on choosing HT components

    what will you be using your home theater set up most for, movie watching or music listening? and before you made the decision to purchase the 712k have you considered/listened to other brands? for example harmon kardon or denon? i have an hk avr 225, which cost me 299.99 us dollars on sale at a...
  27. Myo K

    sweet sounding receivers ?

    denon is an excellent av receiver for music, it has a knack for bringing out the subtle details of music. though i would recommend 2803 and up, the 1803 is lacking in the power department and features. marantz from my experience seems very warm and a bit biased towards the low frequencies.
  28. Myo K

    please help, frustrated with avr hk sound level adjustment.

    i cant seem to figure out how to keep the level in the memory, its frustrating i dont know what im doing wrong, or if i have a defective model, but this is what i do i hit the test button leaving the volume level at at about -12 with my spl meter at c, 70, slow weight. as the white noise...
  29. Myo K

    Thoughts on Kenwood VR-7080

    from what ive heard the kenwood 7080 is the same as the 7070, but instead of the standard kenwood remote, you get the khameleon remote. the 7070 is just like the 6070 of last year, but with a silver chasis and inferior remote (not rf)