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  1. J

    Sub Amp Humming

    My sub has a constant hum even when it is not hooked up to anything except being plugged into the wall. I tried using a cheater plug, plugging into different outlets, different houses. I'm thinking the amp might be bad. Problem is that this is a DIY Tempest sub i bought 3 or 4 years ago and I...
  2. J

    Bellingham WA area free theater seats

    Sehome Cinema is redoing there theaters and have thrown out all their old seats. They are dismantled and some are damaged, a little paint/cleaning will do them good. I talked to a manager and he said he didn't care if anyone took the seats. Just thought some people might want to check it out. I...
  3. J

    subtitles won't go away plz help...Xp 30

    Whenever I play a movie on my Panny Xp30 I get subtitles, I turn off subtitles w/remote, then the next time I watch a movie the subtitles are back, how can I make them stay off? And why does it say this software has a 4x3 aspect ratio when its 16x9?
  4. J

    pronto 1000 and Sony Da4es remote

    do any of you guys know how to teach the pronto, the different sound fields/inputs w/out using a scrolling wheel, I can't seem to get it right. Any one had sucess with this remote??
  5. J

    question about colors of home theater for optimal video

    I have come to the understanding that I should probably paint or cover my room. The wall w/my projection screen is covered w/black duventyn that is working quite nicely. now I need to deal with the other walls as they are currenty a light yellow. I understand that the darker the better, like...
  6. J

    "noise" when watching minority report

    I rented minority report and I noticed a lot of noise, or static on a lot of solid backgrounds, faces, body parts etc...I'm trying to figure out if this is a problem associated w/the disk, my xp30, or my panasonic L300 projector. Or maybe my screen size is making these a lot more noticeable. Any...
  7. J

    can I get some remote advice, MX500, Pronto Kameleon

    I am trying to decide on a remote, I might go with a refurbed Mx500 or pronto 1000, I also think the kameleon is cool but one thing I need to consider is the fact that in my projection system the components are behind me...not very far about 4feet and to the right, they are in an open sort of...
  8. J

    confused w/calibrating my new sub on AVIA

    I just recently had someone build me a DIY midq Tempest (about 2x2) with a 380w Rythmik amp but I'm having trouble figuring out the frequency sweep tone with avia. I have a Sony Da4es and for the time being all the crossovers are at 80 but when the frequency starts at 200hz or whatever the...
  9. J

    Is now a good time to buy a DVD player?? advice needed.

    I am toying with the idea of getting a new dvd player. I am about to get a new projector so I thought I might update the player along with it. I currently have an older philips DVD player its ok. I am wondering if I should go and try to find one of these Pansonics thats getting harder and harder...
  10. J

    where can I get the GC component cable

    I'm looking for somewhere in the U.S. preferably. Anyone know where to get the game cube component cable??
  11. J

    two center channels??

    I was reading a manual for some speakers (Rockets...I don't own them) that recommended two center channel speakers in a front projection system. Well am going to have a 92" diag. screen that will be 45" high. Will there be a benefit to having a centerchannel directly above and below, I guess I...
  12. J

    center channel height

    I am thinking about getting a front projection setup in my Home theater. If I keep with the eye level at 1/3 of screen rule the center channel will be quite low *(cc-370), is this less than optimal to put it mildly, should I maybe push up the screen a bit to raise the center channel, acoustic...
  13. J

    $2,000 rptv what shoud like be looking at?

    I'm in the market for about a 2,000 rptv. I am completely new to this. I will use if for dvds/tv/video games. Do video games cause problem?? I am looking at either a 47/48 inch or 50 inches. I sit about 8-9ft away. I am worried about burn in but I read that as long as contrast is set correctly...
  14. J

    diy acoustic panels

    has anyone had any sucess making acoustic panels mainly absorbers or maybe diffusors? What materials did you guys use? What would you recomend? How thick do absorbers need to be? Oh and I am wondering if I still need absorbers on the side walls, the side walls are bare at the moment but the...
  15. J

    what kind of surge protector

    Hey guys I need a surge protector preferably with at least 8 inputs. What kind of surge protector will do, do they have to be made for home theater, or will a normal computer one do? What about the joule rating I noticed some protectors have a higher amount of joules. What does this mean, is it...
  16. J

    how low do movies go these days HZ

    I am just wondering if any one knows around how low movies like LOTR go in HZ. I'm just curious. I'm presuming below 20hz but how far? Is Lotr considered the movie that goes the lowest, it seems like the one I hear about in almost every sub thread.
  17. J

    clarification with my surround/dipole/adp setups

    I have read a few things lately about dipole surrounds being good for HT if they are in the correct room. What by defintion is the correct room for dipole surrounds, more specifically the Paradigm ADP 370's. I basically have a choice between two rooms to put my stuff in both have their own...
  18. J

    what to use for tv mattes

    A while ago a read a thread on tv mattes that for some reason I can't find. I want to try this tweak out but I want to do it for cheap. What materials did you guys use for the mattes themselves and what did you use to affix them to the screen. The cheaper the better, I just want to see if I like...
  19. J

    Subwoofer Reccomendations please

    I am currently in the market for a new subwoofer. I watch about 70/30 movies/music in a 12x15x8 room (for the time being) a budget of approx $500 US, Paradigm Monitor 7 and CC-370. w/Sony Da4es. I have been eyeing the HSU VTF-2, SVS 20-39/25-39, Adire Rava. Other than that I am pretty unaware...
  20. J

    Did I get baited and switched??

    About a month ago I purchased a pair of V.3 Paradigm Monitor 7's with a V.3 cc-370 at a Canadian Paradigm dealer. It started when I made a few phone calls to a particular dealer from my home in the United States. The first few conversations I expressed my interest in the Paradigm Phantoms (lower...
  21. J

    Help with Sony Da4es and H/K 525

    The last few days I have been trying to decide on either the H/K 525 or 325 and the Sony Da4es...I am pretty much switching my choice back and forth...I have a feeling that I would be happy with both but I still want whats best for me. Listening to them in my setup just isn't possible though I...