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  1. kurt_fire

    Athena AS-F2 vs. Athena AS-F2.2?

    Has anybody (or a magazine or website) actually heard the new AS-F2.2s and compared them to the older AS-F2s? Do they sound the same? I know the new AS-F2.2s are slightly smaller, and has different cosmetic looks. My current setup is: front left and right = AS-F2s center = AS-C1 receiver =...
  2. kurt_fire

    Anybody have any Athena F2.2s yet?

    I have a pair of Athena AS-F2s and an AS-C1 as my front speaker setup. All three speakers are Athena's older line, the Audition 1. I'm looking to grab another pair of F2s for my rear. Do the new AS-F2.2 (Audition 2) sound the same as the older AS-F2s? Are they both timbre matched to one another...
  3. kurt_fire

    Directors What are your favorite live concert DVDs?

    Let's try to focus primarly on classic rock band DVDs. Please list every concert DVD you own, and state which ones are your favorites. Here is my list: AC/DC - Live at Donington Fabulous Thunderbirds - Tough Enough (1985) Fabulous Thunderbirds - Invitation Only (2002) DTS Foghat - Two...
  4. kurt_fire

    How much do you guy think I can get for my "new in box" Athena AS-C1 on Ebay??

    I'm just curious? How much do you guys think I could get on Ebay for a brand new, in sealed box, Athena AS-C1 center channel?
  5. kurt_fire

    Basic question regarding region codes on DVDs.

    There is a DVD on Ebay I'm looking to bid on but the seller didn't specify what region the DVD was on the item page. So I emailed him asking "can you please tell me what region the DVD is." This is exactly how he responded: "The box says Region Code: 1/2/3/4/5/6 and Disc Format: DVD - 9. I...
  6. kurt_fire

    Athena AS-R1s vs. AS-B1/B2 for surround speakers?

    My current setup is: -AS-F2 (L and R) -AS-C1 (center) -Onkyo R500 5.1 receiver -old Onkyo mains as surrounds Which are better surround speakers? The Athena AS-R1s, AS-B1s, or AS-B2s? Thanks!
  7. kurt_fire

    What better? Aim center: directly at head height? slightly below? slightly above?

    I just got a new center channel and I am curious as to how you guys' prefer your center channel? Do you think it is best to aim it directly at ear-level @ the primary listening position? Or slightly above ear level? How about slightly below? As of now, I have mine almost straight at ear-level.
  8. kurt_fire

    Better subwoofer? Energy XL-S8 XL S8 100 watt or Onkyo HTS-650 HTiB sub (150 watt)??

    I am currently using a subwoofer from an Onkyo HTS-650 home theater system. It is an 8-inch, 150 watt sub. Would a Energy XL-S8 XL S8 100 watt be an improvement over my current Onkyo? And if so, how much? My room dimensions are 20 feet x 20 feet. The room is a square, with 4 complete walls.
  9. kurt_fire

    Buy a Athena AS-C1 now, or wait until the newer version comes out w/ Neodymium?

    My front setup consists of 2 Athena AS-F2s and my older Onkyo center that came with my original HTiB. The Onkyo is soo far behind the AS-F2s I completely shut it off because I felt it distracted from the movie that badly. I am running a 4.1 setup now. For my rears I am currently using the 2...
  10. kurt_fire

    Best center channel for under $200 to go with my AS-F2 fronts...

    I currently have my center as the Onkyo one that originally came with my HTiB. I'd like to upgrade to a speaker that would go nicely with my AS-F2s. The Onkyo is a significant downgrade in quality and it is noticable in movies and such. I've thought about picking up the Athena C1 but I've read...
  11. kurt_fire

    What's better: to have your front speakers directly next to the TV, or.....

    ...4 feet away on each side? I have a 51" HDTV and am wondering if I should put my Athena AS-F2s directly on the side of my TV (almost touching it) or about 5 feet away from the TV on each side? What would be better? Also, if I space them 4 feet away one speaker will be about 2-3 inches...
  12. kurt_fire

    What are banana plugs? How do they work? What's the point?

    I'm clueless as to what banana plugs are, help me!
  13. kurt_fire

    Beneficial to cut off the ends and restrip both ends of speaker wire every so often??

    I was reading that after about 2 years the endings of speaker wire will have degraded and decreased sound quality. It said to cut and restrip every few years. Anybody else know anything about this?
  14. kurt_fire

    Looking for the best surround sound setup I can buy for $1000 or under!? Help!!

    I would prefer some non-tower speakers, something that won't take up a huge amount of space. Some large bookshelf speakers are perfectly fine though. Here's some basic questions that I answered! I just want to get the best products I can that are within my budget! 1) What is your budget? -...
  15. kurt_fire

    What is the safest picture levels I can play my Xbox at on my 51" Sony RPHDTV?

    I have a Sony 51" rear-projection HDTV that is only a few months old. I have set my Xbox up to it in the past and wasn't very impressed with the picture. Now DVDs look absolutely fantastic, but Xbox games appear better on my 27" 10 year old Magnovox tube TV than my new HDTV. What's the...
  16. kurt_fire

    Torn between picking up a pair of Rocket RS150s or Athena AS-F2s!?! Upgrading my HT!

    Okay, I have an Onkyo HT surround sound setup and finally have built up enough dough to cure my upgrade urge. My Onkyo system is the HTS-650, or in other words, a $499 package I got a Circuit City almost 2 years ago. It came with the R500 (hope that's right) Onkyo receiver and a 5.1 500 watt...
  17. kurt_fire

    I have the Onkyo R500 and was wondering how I put it in 4.1 mode??

    I'm upgrading my Onkyo HT and getting 2 new fronts that are much better than the standard Onkyo ones. I want to put the center channel sound to my new front left and right because the Onkyo center channel will be of considerably less quality than my new front L and R. I can't figure out how...
  18. kurt_fire

    Is AudioAdvisor.com a good site to buy speakers?

    They have some speakers I want at a good price w/ free shipping and no tax. Is this a legitimate site with good customer service?
  19. kurt_fire

    ny tips for ambient (non-glare) lighting for my theater room?

    I have a 51" Sony rear projection HDTV and I want a little light in my theater room when watching TV or a DVD. I need the light to be non-reflective. My TV does have the safety screen on it in. I have the main light in the middle ceiling of my room which is WAYYY to bright/big to have on...
  20. kurt_fire

    Any tips for ambient (non-glare) lighting for my theater room?

    I have a 51" Sony rear projection HDTV and I want a little light in my theater room when watching TV or a DVD. I need the light to be non-reflective. My TV does have the safety screen on it in. I have the main light in the middle ceiling of my room which is WAYYY to bright/big to have on...
  21. kurt_fire

    I just left my rear projection HDTV on a pure black screen for 24 hours!! Will this..

    ...harm my TV!? I am soo pissed right now, I have a 1.5 month old Sony 51" rear projection TV that is properly calibrated with Digital Video Essentials. Apparently someone in my house watched TV yesterday morning and turned off the digital cable box/DVR but left the TV on!!! See, to get...
  22. kurt_fire

    Question about upgrading my Onkyo HTS-650 HTiB system.....with some Athena AS-F2s!!

    Okay, I have the Onkyo HTS-650 5.1 system. It includes the Onkyo R500 receiver, a 150 watt 8" sub, and 5 speakers. Here's my question, would buying a pair of Athena AS-F2s and put them as my front L and R speakers, and move my current Onkyo front L and R speakers to the rear. I would, of...
  23. kurt_fire

    Don't understand DVE's picture tests, please explain....

    I don't quite understand what I'm suppose to do when trying to set my contrast/color/brightness/sharpness while using my DVE on my 51" Sony RPHDTV. I'm suppose to adjust brightness until what happens??? i see the 3 black bars on the left and right of the rectangles in the middle but what am I...
  24. kurt_fire

    How do news logos burn-in on a RPHDTV even with the TVs going to commercials....

    and with yourself changing channels every so often?? i have the KDP-51WS550
  25. kurt_fire

    Does the Sony 51" RPHDTV has picture memorys for each input??

    I have this TV KDP-51WS550 and have tried to set up the picture so that each input has it's own specific picture memory but I can't seem to find out how to do it. Like I want my Xbox input to be slightly brighter than my DVD player's input. BTW, why in the Hell did Sony make the picture...
  26. kurt_fire

    Will watching 2.35:1 DVD's cause burn-in problems on my Sony HDTV?

    I watch DVDs roughly 1/2 of the time my TV is on, with most of DVD's being the aspect ratio 2.35:1. Will these 2.35:1 movies cause burn-in or anything bad for my TV due to the bars on the top and bottom? Also, why do developers shoot films in this aspect? Is 16:9 not wide enough, they must go...
  27. kurt_fire

    How does the KP-51WS510 (Sony 51" rear projection) handle 720p??

    Now in the manual for the TV is says all 3 hi-def inputs accept the 720p format. But I've read that the TV actually degrades 720p to 480p!! Why on earth would it do that!!??? Would a 720p picture downgraded to a 480p look better than a standard 480p picture? I've always thought that if a...
  28. kurt_fire

    Can someone please explain DVE's color test to me, I don't understand it...

    It says to look through the blue filter and adjust the color until what..........happens?? Also, the tint test is the same way, i am lost during that part too.