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  1. Larry Gardner

    TIME TUNNEL! - Where Are You?

    I'm pleased that Time Tunnel is finally coming to DVD. My only regret is the Volume 1 decision. It's not unusual though for Fox to do this (they seem to be the only one doing it). They just release news of Alien Nation Season 1 and I don't recall any other Volume 1 sets to come our way, just DVD...
  2. Larry Gardner

    Titanic SE See Post #541 for Update

    I wish they would have given a branching option for the deleted scenes like Cameron did for The Abyss. That way, everyone wins - people who like it as his and others who would like to see the whole Titanic as shot, regardless of pacing. I would imagine that branching is a additional expense -...
  3. Larry Gardner

    Titanic SE See Post #541 for Update

    You got to keep this is perspective dealing with Paramount: 1. Never has been high on providing trailers. Always says that they didn't acquire the DVD rights for them. Even on new films? Come on!!! 2. Never has been one to acquire additional material that didn't belong to them. Even...
  4. Larry Gardner

    Bewitched Season 1

    Has anyone else caught the flub on the back cover of Discs 1 & 2? On Disc 2 Episode 10: Just One Happy Family Darrin finally meets Victor , Samantha's warlock father, who, disapproving of his daughter's marriage to a mortal, simply makes his son-in-law disappear. Maurice Evans guest stars...
  5. Larry Gardner

    USHV Press Release: The Legacy Series (The Sting/To Kill A Mockingbird/Deer Hunter

    I'm surprised that The Deer Hunter, that won Best Sound Oscar, is only getting Dolby Stereo while all the others are getting Dolby 5.1/DTS 5.1. Any reason? I hope this is a sign that Universal has awakened from it's long sleep and seen the value in their invaluable library of films. With...
  6. Larry Gardner

    Somewhere in Time Re-re-release? (MERGED THREAD)

    There's 6 sales here. My mom and sisters all LOVE this film and have been waiting for a 16x9 treatment with added special features (like the yearly review at Grand Hotel). I only hope they were adventurous enough to get some commentary from Christopher Reeve. Why do studios not forsee this...
  7. Larry Gardner

    THATS ENTERTAINMENT trilogy - anyone?

    I have the That's Entertainment Collection on laserdisc. Does anyone know what is not included from that collection on the That's Entertainment Trilogy DVD?
  8. Larry Gardner

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Footloose - Special Collector's Edition

    Ron: When you said that you were told that the original print was not in good shape ... do you mean the original negative or the first print made from the negative. If the latter, why don't studios go to the negative in cases like this?
  9. Larry Gardner

    Have we become spoiled by DVD?

    And just think - HD-DVD is just around the corner. We will be saying in 5 years - have we becomed spoiled by HD-DVD? And be comparing DVD with HD-DVD?
  10. Larry Gardner

    The Day After Tomorrow - Due 10/5

    I'm also a little surprised with the content of this release from Fox. Given Fox's track record with Independence Day and Artisan's Stargate, you would expect a little more (at least a 2-disc edition with DTS - or hopefully an announcement for a future release). And what about the Web-link to...
  11. Larry Gardner

    What's with Universal's back catalog?

    Being an avid LD collector - I am patiently waiting Universals DVD back catalog release (they have had to of made SOME films not involving Spielberg - which seems to be the majority of their releases). But in all fairness to Universal - just because they have a huge back catalog library -...
  12. Larry Gardner

    Merged thread for "Band of Brothers"

    Received mine yesterday. Audio and Video outstanding - A+. Packaging: B+. Need to allow digipack to be removed from tin. Don't know if disk organization was as intended - but digging down to bottom to get at first disk was a pain. I eventually removed each disc and reordered them...
  13. Larry Gardner

    trailers on Paramount releases

    In defense of Paramount, you have to look at the history of the studio (especially when it comes to supplements on DVDs). Back it the old days, it was not uncommon for studios to toss supplemental feature film content after the theatrical run. It was deemed not worth the storage - and was...
  14. Larry Gardner

    Disney is going to lose tons of money because of this (i.e: Honey, I Shrunk The Kids)

    I'm afraid that for the time being, it is going to be very selective in purchasing Disney DVDs. With all the financial problems that Disney is having (theme parks, movies, stores, ...), I'm afraid that they are cutting corners on features and transfers. Based on the last Disney chat, the...
  15. Larry Gardner

    Columbia - Enigma & The Swarm spec revisions

    Enigma - no features - 27.95 - NO SALE Enigma - no features - 19.95 - SALE CTHV - get real!!!!
  16. Larry Gardner

    Soylent Green, Omega Man, Demon Seed, THX 1138, Collosus,other 70s Scifi

    Paul McElligott: Isn' that with Alan Alda as a struggling pianist, Barbara Parkins (TV's Peyton Place) as the bewitching demon, and Jacqueline Bisset as the 'doomed' lover of Alan Alda? Can't say I remember it!!
  17. Larry Gardner

    Planet of the Apes - Box set?

    I only hope that the new boxed set is made of a more sturdier cardboard, ala Monroe Collection. My current Apes boxset is totally fallen apart.
  18. Larry Gardner

    "Our Man Flint" DVD REVIEW with Screen Captures!

    Don't you people have this a little backwards. AP is a rip-off of Derek Flint. The Flint films were always marketed as hip-60's spy flicks - so the psychedelic art-cover reflects this. Austin Powers is a throw back to the 60-spy flicks. A definite copy.;)
  19. Larry Gardner

    WARNER-DTS-TRUE ROMANCE... what brought this about?

    Isn't Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (Costner) a Morgan Creek release. If so, DTS!!!
  20. Larry Gardner

    The Incredible Mr. Limpet

    Have this on LD. Now if we can only get Universal off their butts and release How to Frame a Figg, The Reluctant Astronaut and The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.
  21. Larry Gardner

    ***Official ET on DVD Discussion (Gift Set, Packaging, Features, Etc) Thread***

    I wonder if the powers that be at Universal considered how their actions are basincally ENFORCING bootleg and piracy. Many people will probably download this stuff and burn their own VCD/DVD and make copies as well to give to family and friends. I for one was about to purchase 4 WS...
  22. Larry Gardner

    Fox: With "Grease" on-the-way, how about "Two of a Kind"?

    Ditto. Would buy Two Of A Kind as well (I have on LD already). Nothing like having Gene Hackman playing the voice of God jumping all over the likes of Charles Durning, Beatrice Straight and Scatman Crothers. Oliver Reed as Satan himself was quite good casting as well.
  23. Larry Gardner

    New Line Press Release: BLADE II with new Release Date

    Surprised. The case is a keepcase for a Platinum edition. New Line was only using keepcases for Infinifilm and snappers for everything else. Must be because it is two discs!
  24. Larry Gardner

    Disney Titles - need help on OAR info!

    I've figured out that Widescreen presentation - means an LD transfer - Letterboxed. However, there are a few titles I'm trying to determine their original OAR. One of these is Blackbeard's Ghost. Currently released in Fullscreen DVD. Cannot find any information on www.imdb.com on OAR...
  25. Larry Gardner

    Aussie's - Harry Potter - just love them!

    Very cool! http://www.news.com.au/common/story_...55E421,00.html Maybe now, Warner Bros will start to listen to REAL statistics and not biased retail chain stores that only order P&S. This should start some rumblings in Warner Market Research. Sounds like someone is doing their job - or...
  26. Larry Gardner

    Numbered "Day The Earth Stood Still" LD

    I have edition #2. I am not joking either.
  27. Larry Gardner

    ***Official ET on DVD Discussion (Gift Set, Packaging, Features, Etc) Thread***

    As people have pointed out here, given the fact that the new CGI-enhanced ET do very poorly in the new re-release - where do you think Universal is going to recoup their losses?
  28. Larry Gardner

    ***Official ET on DVD Discussion (Gift Set, Packaging, Features, Etc) Thread***

    Well, you really have to look at the overall BIG picture here. 1. MOST people could care less about the original AND new version. They just want the movie, even if. Some may just stay with their VHS copies. Remember, we are talking about the everyday person. 2. The original is being...
  29. Larry Gardner

    Where is "Hocus Pocus"?

    Heads up, people. This is going to be the normal operations for Disney catalog titles, I'm afraid. Anything that states - 1:85.1 Widescreen is in actually an LD mastered Letterbox transfer. I have found this on many of the Disney/BV titles coming out. It is very difficult determing any...