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    The High and The Mighty Audio Problem

    Has anyone noticed background sound dropping out, specifically the propeller noise heard from within the plane. At about 33 minutes into the movie, when the pilot is talking to the woman who wants to exit from the front of the plane, the prop sounds is heard from one camera angle and not from...
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    DVDs with Isolated Soundtracks....recommendations?

    I've lost track if I even have one of these. Anyone have a list? Or know of any?
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    Phase Tech Subs; Any thoughts?

    Looking for any experience with these subs or their speakers in general. Thanks!
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    Bunker Holds a Mountain of Movies

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    Must Have Baseball Movies

    With spring training here and the news in another thread that a new edition of Field of Dreams is due in June, I wanted to know what others felt were must have baseball movies to add to my collection. So far I have The Rookie and will add Field of Dreams when it is released.
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    LOTR 2 Towers EE packaging

    This type of packaging (whatever it is called) gives me fits every time I try to remove the disc. It is very difficult to get the disc out without bending the disc. This can't be good for the disc and I am worried that over time this will ruin it and render it unplayable. Is this typical...
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    Scratches on New Disk; Send Back?

    I just received Sleeping Beauty and it had some minor scratches and a thumb print on it. I have watched the movie it played okay. Should I send it back anyway? Could there be a problem elsewhere? Commentary? Full Screen version? It just bugs me to get a new disk with scrathes on it. In the...
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    How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

    Any news if this title will get a better treatment on DVD?
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    Y Tu Mama Tambien Region 2

    Is it possible for someone in region 1 to buy this DVD from the Amazon.com UK site, or is it illegal? I've noticed the extra features are much better on the region 2 DVD and I believe my PC can play any region DVD(legal?).
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    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    Any news on when this will be re-released?
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    Atlantic City

    How is this disc? Is it a worthwhile purchase? I know the movie is higly recommended, but I was wondering if it is worth buying.
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    Region 2: The Great Escape

    I just saw the specs on the region 2 version of The Great Escape SE and I am wondering why we here in region 1 are getting short-changed? The R2 2-disc package appears to have better extras and an anamorphic transfer. Is there a new R1 release expected...
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    Suggestions for PC Video monitor for DVD viewing

    Any suggestions for a monitor with a cost below $1000? Samsung Syncmaster 17" is what I am looking into.
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    Sunset Boulevard - Any News on Quality?

    Has anyone heard on the quality of the job Paramount has done in developing the DVD?