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  1. Rocky F

    Best movie theater in Vegas

    I'm going to Las Vegas next week, my wife is going to a convention,and I will have quite a bit of free time. I know there's a lot to do, and it's not like I'm planning on spending a lot of time in a theater, but I'm just wondering what the best theater is, in case I feel like catching a movie...
  2. Rocky F

    Is this the end for "That 70's Show"?

    I know we've only got a week until the fall schedules are announced, but I'm just wondering if anyone has heard if "That 70's Show" is returning. It seems like they are wrapping up storylines with Donna and Eric getting married and Fez facing deportation. Also, they used to put dates on the...
  3. Rocky F

    dvd rom won't read all titles

    I just got a new laptop (Sony VAIO) last night and am still in the process of setting it up and finding all the stuff. One thing that I noticed pretty quickly is the the DVD-ROM will not read all discs. Specifically, we have had problems with Disney titles like Monsters, Inc. and Beauty and the...
  4. Rocky F

    Question about Max Fleisher Superman cartoons on DVD

    I just picked up the old Superman cartoons from Sam's Club. This was two discs shrinkwrapped together. One was Superman vs. the Monsters & Villians, and the other was titled vs. Nature and War. They were $6.98 for the pair. They were from GoodTimes DVD. All 17 episodes were on the two discs. My...