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  1. Adam T

    TV Shows on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Would you buy something you already own ?

    I have looked forward to seeing HD on DVD for a long time and since the announcement of HD-DVD and the movie studios releasing HD-DVD's, I had this question I needed to ask. I think everyone in this forum has heard of the battle of the formats between the major electronic companies, HD-DVD and...
  2. Adam T

    New Soundtrack to Tour of Duty Season Two!!

    According to TVShowsonDVD.com Columbia not only dropped the price of the second season but it now says on the cover art "TOUR OF DUTY features a new music soundtrack including popular songs from the Vietnam era!" Does this mean some of the music will find its way to the DVD and does it include...
  3. Adam T

    TvShowsOnDVD down??

    I've tried going to tvshowsondvd.com but I have no luck. If I recall they had a problem on friday night of saturday night, one of those nights and had a problem on their server. Anyone know whats going on??
  4. Adam T

    The X-Files: 9th Season a 7-disc set

    Fox released the cover art for The X-Files 9th and final season. Which was rumored to be coming out in November but looks like it will in fact (I hope) be released in May. But look at this picture.... I think I may be seeing things but this box set has 7-discs, not 6. How many extras...
  5. Adam T

    Tour of Duty: Season One!!!

    Columbia Tri-Star is finally going to release the first season of Tour of Duty on dvd. This show is long overdue. I know this is great news and I am excited. But I can't help to wonder if all or most of the music featured on the show will actually make it on the dvd. I'm sure music rights are...
  6. Adam T

    Profiler Season One not so complete?

    I was checking the A&E Home Video site and I noticed this little note in the description.