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  1. ron_kolarovic

    Wall/Ceiling mount recomendations

    I am in the process of gutting my kichen/dining room area and want to put in either wall or ceiling mount speakers as the 'B' selection. All things being equal - which configuration is better - wall or ceiling mount for audio? Any speaker recomendations - want to stay on a modest budget.
  2. ron_kolarovic

    WTB - Boston Acoustics VR-10 Center

    Subject says it all - need to match my VR30's.
  3. ron_kolarovic

    Bi-Wiring Cable Differences

    My front L/R are boston acoustics which are bi-wire capable but presently they are not wired as such - I have 12 gauge cable to each. The question is: should the same type of cable be used ( 12 gauge ) if I was to convert to bi-wiring, or could the high frequency wire be a lighter gauge ?