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  1. Ross M

    Season 1 TV DVDs $14.98 at Barnes & Noble

    Season One DVD Sale $14.98 at barnesandnoble.com: 24 Simpsons In Living Color Buffy Futurama King Of The Hill Angel Roswell Millenium plus AAA click-through 5% discount on top of that: Season One DVD sale $14.98 plus AAA 5% Season One DVD Sale $14.98
  2. Ross M

    Curb Your Enthusiasm Seasons 1-2 pack $31.48

    CYE Seasons 1&2 pack $31.48 at barnesandnoble.com Free shipping!
  3. Ross M

    Apollo 13 - 1995 Tom Hanks DVD's OOP...Why??

    I noticed that most online retailers do not show either Apollo 13 CE or DTS available for purchase. Has anyone heard if there is perhaps a 10th Anniversary Edition in the works for 2005? This would be the only explanation I could think of for discontinuing a major release such as this.
  4. Ross M

    Elvis Aloha & '68 Comeback DVDs for $40 at bestbuy.com

    I didn't see this listed in any of the roundups and not sure when it started, but bestbuy.com has Elvis Presley Aloha from Hawaii and '68 Comeback dvds for $40 total with free shipping or in-store pickup! Elvis DVD Aloha & '68 Comeback DVDs for $40 Ross
  5. Ross M

    Any word on Adventures of Ford Fairlane on R1 dvd?

    Does anyone have any info regarding this release? I did not find any data after searching this forum.
  6. Ross M

    Dolby Demo DVD cover?

    Just wondering if anyone has the Dolby "We've Got The Whole World Listening" demo dvd. I'd love to have a cover to put this in a keepcase. Andrea does not have this dvd to make a cover from. Thanks for any help you can give.
  7. Ross M

    Def Leppard dvd's delayed 'til Feb. 26

    I read this today after shopping around for the Historia/In The Round In Your Face and the Visualize/Video Archive dvds. Amazon also adjusted release dates to Feb. 26. Official Def Leppard site
  8. Ross M

    Ren & Stimpy on DVD?

    Does anyone know of any plans for Ren & Stimpy coming to dvd any time soon?