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  1. Myo K

    my Art home work due tommorow, what do you think?

    its a pastel drawing i had to do for my drawing class, the assignment required us to draw a picture that consisted of 2/3rds warm colors and 1/3rd cool colors. ill be turning it in tommorow sicne ive never used pastel until just a few days ago, mainly with this project, the image consists...
  2. Myo K

    can i use a cheap coaxial cable for video?

    i bopught this 4 dollar cable that i believe its said it may be used for coaxial connections of audio , i was wondeirng if i can use it as a video composite cable? i use it as a video cable and it seems to work fine, but id like to know if there will be any possible damage that may result...
  3. Myo K

    I miss my atari 2600

    i remember tearing that thing apart when i was young, i miss playing those nostalgic games, too bad those things are going for a few hundred collars now from collectors :/ i just found my genesis! and hooked it up to my wega tv, too bad i can get s video from this thing :), i wonder how itd...
  4. Myo K

    please help, frustrated with avr hk sound level adjustment.

    i cant seem to figure out how to keep the level in the memory, its frustrating i dont know what im doing wrong, or if i have a defective model, but this is what i do i hit the test button leaving the volume level at at about -12 with my spl meter at c, 70, slow weight. as the white noise...
  5. Myo K

    Your opinion on Mirages omni series speaker line.

    Have any of you fellow forum members listened to Mirages omni series line? or the omnisate and microsat lines? i saw a set of omni micro sats at my local home theater store, and they look realy cool and tiny, but im wondering about the sound from those speakers. they didnt have them hooked up at...
  6. Myo K

    is denon the superior musical receiver over hk and pioneer?

    i have never seen anyone here in the forums recommend denon receivers for music listening. i either see people list hk 525 or the pioneer elite tx45, so of course i began reading about hk and was happy, and very sure of getting the 525 from good feedback. but now i question the opinions i...
  7. Myo K

    kenwood sovereign receiver 5700 any good?

    they had an open box version of it, with no remote or wires, just the component for $599, and im wodneirng if its worth it? it has no remote, so im wodnering if its possble for me to just order a replacement remote form kenwood or something. this was at my local Good Guys. its 5.1, and im...
  8. Myo K

    cheap answer to big screen home theater?

    http://www.i-glassesstore.com/iglasses-hrv.html i was thinking about picking this up, i seriously think itd be interesting ot sit back turn up the home theater speakers and put these suckers on and immerse yourself into the movie, this can be a somewhat affordable way to watch movies on a...
  9. Myo K

    the budget of all budget speakers, opinions on KLH

    im wondeirng what are your opinions on KLH speakers? the other day, i was at frys and noticed that they had new klh speakers on display, what surprised me was that the speakers looked expensive, but were cheap. they had this big KLH loudspeaker for like 99 dollars a pair and a very nice...
  10. Myo K

    to grill or not to grill, that is the question.

    how many of you actually prefer to leave the grills off of your speaker? i noticed that i get better sound from the speaker when i remove the grills, but im far too paranoid to leave them off. dust, moisture, debris all prevent me from staying with the idea of no grill. what do you guys...
  11. Myo K

    i need solution for center channel placement.

    i have a 27 inch wega, a small wooden box holding the tv and a center channel that need as nice spot. my center speaker i tried placing it on top of the set but it seems to put too much strain on the cabinet and television in general, i use an omni cc center and it weighs a hefty...
  12. Myo K

    sawm40 subs coupled with 2 more sawm20 subs? beneficial or unnecessary?

    i currently have 2 sawm40 12" sony subs and my local bb has the sawm20 subs on sale clearance, im wondeirng whether i should buy the sawm 20 8" subs since theyre so cheap my room is strange, there are a lot of dead spots in my room, even with the 12 inch subs you dont hear it in my room...
  13. Myo K

    entry level receivers, HK avr-225 vs denon avr-1803?

    which would be more fitting for me? how accurate are dennon receiver specs compared to hk? my understanding is that hk actually exceeds the listed wattage specs by a few watts-while dennon's listed watts are a bit iffy, not really outputting what is listed. the hk lists at 55 watts per...
  14. Myo K

    what does bi pole di pole and tri pole mean?

    and how does it relate to speakers?
  15. Myo K

    will these receiver underpower my speakers?

    im currently using them with mirage omno polar speakers i have bookshelf speakers for fronts and omni center both rated at 125 watts and 150 watts rms respectively. im looking for a reciever that has a decent thd, i want clean sound, since i use it a lot for music. i hasitly bought a 5.1...
  16. Myo K

    pioneer elite vsx-41 compared to vsx-d912k

    which is the better receiver? aside from the auto mcacc feature in the 912k is the vsx 41 superior to the 912k? these two receivers are the ones im looking at price doesnt metter to me at the moment since they can be bought online for about the same price, but in regards to quality in...
  17. Myo K

    the new line of sony speakers (yellow drivers)

    has anyone seen them yet? they now are encased in real wood, instead of plastic, and use kevlar drivers i think, i saw a pair of them on display at best buy, the tweeter looks like its made of tissue paper or something, anyhow, i listened to them, and they sound exactly the same as their...
  18. Myo K

    Please help me dual sub woofer hook y-cable"?"

    http://www.bestbuy.com/detail.asp?e=...t=783&scat=804 i recently purchased this y cable to use for my subs, i have two sawm40 subs, and i plan on hooking this y cable to the back of my receiver and hooking both sub cables into each end of the female connections. the packaging does no state...
  19. Myo K

    pioneer elite vsx 4 no dolby digital support?

    i was considering purchasing this reciever, but i just noticed from the specs that it does not say dolby digital but only pro logic 2 and dts es.. am i missing something here? does it support dolby but just doesnt specify because of legality issues? i just see surround ex, sorry im still new
  20. Myo K

    kenwood 6070 pops is this normal?

    is this normal? my friend told me that its probably normal because there may be a bit of lag because the digital volume control may lag if the sound volume is abruptly raised or lowered. i want to know if this is normal for all 6070 recievers, or is my receiver faulty? should i exchange it?