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  1. David Judah

    Adire Sadhara vs. SVS CS Ultra

    I see both are around the same price and are most likely the best bets in overall performance in the under $1000 price range cylinders. While it is probably splitting hairs about which one is better since they would both be excellent performers, do you think the XBL^2 technology with the...
  2. David Judah

    Anymore info. on the new Panasonic DVD players?

    Specifically, any info about the DVDS-97S(video DAC, deinterlacer, MPEG decoder)? I read a press release during CES about them but there was nothing specific. I have a Technics DVD-A10 in for repair, and the warranty company has decided it's not economical to fix, so they are replacing it...
  3. David Judah

    Home Theater Equipment For Sale

    Sunfire Cinema Grand Amp $1450 200W x 5 B&W 9NT's $1500 for 1 pair and includes a pair of 10 ft.Monster Z2 wire with banana and/or spade connectors. Infinity IL-120 12" subwoofer with 500 Watt amp and RABOS compatible $300 All items are in excellent condition with all of the...
  4. David Judah


    test, testing, tester, tested
  5. David Judah

    Behringer Tube Ultrafex T1954

    Has anyone tried one of these from Behringer to add a tube-like sound for two-channel listening? If so, how well does it work? DJ
  6. David Judah

    UFC 44 in HD

    I was flipping through the HD channels that are available in my area from Comcast and I was suprised to see UFC 44 being shown on INHD. I know it's one event old as 45 was shown on PPV a few weeks ago, but I thought it was cool they were replaying it on something other than PPV and in HD. Are...
  7. David Judah

    Misaligned Tempest enclosure

    Back when I first decided to try my hand at building a DIY sonotube enclosure, about 5 years ago, I built a tube with a ported top cap(6" dia. 19.25" long port). I realized after double checking my math that I made it way too big for the Shiva that I was planning to put into it(it would have...
  8. David Judah

    Center channel and RPTV

    I've always had my Center on top of my RPTV(you can click on my website if you want a picture), angled down to the listening position. I've been happy with its performance there, but for the heck of it, I decided to move it down below and in front of the TV while the wife and kids were gone...
  9. David Judah

    Denon DVD 2200

    Has anyone got one yet? I did a search, but there were no posts from actual users. I'm interested in how the video & audio quality compares with the 2900 and how well the bass management is implemented. DJ
  10. David Judah

    British Open in HD on ABC?

    I couldn't find anything on ABC's site, so I was wondering if anyone has heard if it will be broadcast in HD over the weekend? DJ
  11. David Judah

    PIP Uses

    I never use PIP, POP, or the split-screen capability of my Mitsubishi TV, but with events in Iraq and the start of the NCAA basketball tournament, I've found that the split-screen feature is actually very useful. Does anybody else use their PIP functions for this or other purposes? DJ
  12. David Judah

    Woh Nellie--Johnny Cash covers Trent Reznor

    I was watching TV with my wife and flipping through the cable channels when I saw a flash of a very haggard looking Johnny Cash, so I paused to see what was going on, and lo and behold I found myself watching a Johnny Cash video on one of the country music video channels. Now, I never linger...
  13. David Judah

    Power cord extensions

    I'm moving some equipment around and my power amp's cord(Sunfire Cinema Grand) is not long enough to reach the outlet anymore. If I get a sturdy power cord extender, do you think there will be any appreciable loss? Thanks, DJ
  14. David Judah

    Anyone hear of Jolida?

    One of the local high-end shops in my area is closing out a Jolida JD 603A CD player. From what I understand it is based on a Philips player and has a tube output stage. It sounded very good hooked up to a tube pre-amp and amp, but since it was not hooked up to my equipment with music...
  15. David Judah

    Speakers on tile

    I own a pair of B&W CDM 9NTs in a room with a tile floor. I have tried placing the speakers on mats, wooden slabs, and even directly on the tile. I am wondering if there is anything in particular I should try since I'm always on the lookout for modifications to squeeze out a bit more...
  16. David Judah

    My experiences with the BFD

    We just moved into a new house a few months ago and I have been wanting to pick one up based on the recommendations here, so I went down to the music store and got a BFD 1124. I hooked it up and spent a few hours figuring out how it worked and started taking some measurments with it in bypass...
  17. David Judah

    Two and a half years later--I finally made a Home Theater page

    We moved into our house several months ago, so I finally got around to making a Home Theater website. My rack is very spartan compared to some of you--just the basics, but it gets the job done for a very pleasing movie watching experience. http://hometown.aol.com/vergiliusm/hometheater.html DJ
  18. David Judah

    To RP91 or not?...that is the question

    I finally got spouse approval for a progressive scan DVD player to go with my Mits 55908(I'm using an interlaced Technics DVD-A10 right now). If I'm going to buy now, then I would get a Panasonic RP91, but I wonder if I should wait until after Christmas and see if they come out with a newer...