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    Need help with rear speaker placement

    I guess I should post my equipment also Panasonic PT-100XU 720p projector (killer) Carada screen - probably 110" Onkyo 605 Toshiba HD-A2 DirecTV HR-20 HD TIvo Fronts: Infinity Beta C250s Side: JBL Balcony Rear: old JBL bookshelfs Sub: Velodyne SPL-12 Power Supply: Tripp Lite LCD 1000
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    Need help with rear speaker placement

    Cabinets were installed and I went ahead and hooked everything up (even though it still needs to be painted and I haven't ordered the fixed Carada screen). I'm pretty blown away by how awesome it looks and sound. I'll post some pics once it's all done. BTW - thanks for making me do the...
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    Paint question

    I actually went with an even darker gray color. Gonna look great.
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    Cheap projector screen

    I am also getting a Carada, but I wouldn't call them cheap. For cheap, try using the white melamine (?) board you can get at Home Depot. Some people just project on that, or that put a coat or two of paint on. Others just do white or silver paint on their wall. Just make sure it isn't...
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    Projector looks awesome, even just against the beige wall. Waiting on a Carada screen. I have it mounted on top of some cabinets and am experiencing some keystone though. What's strange is using the keystone settings seems to change the keystone of the source (like the outside edges of the...
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    Paint question

    I'm going w/ a slate gray on the walls and doors, with black on the baseboards/trim and cabinentry/shelving. What should I do for the ceiling (it's vaulted, with some strange angles)? Same slate gray? Shades darker? Shades lighter? Black?
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    Need help with rear speaker placement

    re-wiring is finally done. it actually worked out really well.
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    Mine came yesterday. Looks fantastic! And the lens shift is great. It does have a bit of keystone on the upper right vertical though. I'm hoping I can get it to disappear into the black sides of a screen.
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    Need help with rear speaker placement

    Bumping an old thread but need some help. After hours of attic time today I have finalized that there is absolutely NO way to get to that R-Side speaker drop (picture 2 above). Best I can do is get to the top of the angled ceiling. So I would have to do a speaker wire run through the...
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    Do you have the PT-AX100U? Mine is being shipped, so I guess I'll test it out. If I can do it sitting up I'll just do that. MUCH easier than the little box I was constructing.
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    To mount it right side up (sitting on a shelf) you have to be at a vertical level even w/ the center of the screen (or a little below actually). That won't work in my room (and probably in most, as you don't want someone to be able to walk in front of the image). I think I have a good...
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    This is it! I have made a decision! Best $1k

    I was in this same boat in February. I went with the Sony 46 E2000. I think the 50 or even the 56 is down in the $1k range now. I also considered the 42" Panny plasma and the Samsung DLPs.
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    How are people mounting this projector? I need to do an upside down in the rear and don't see the bottom/screw layout in the user's guide. But I'd rather fashion my own then use their mounting platform. In fact, I think I want to do some sort of strap so I can easily take it down for...
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    Problem getting signal from DVD Player to Plasma TV {Toshiba SD-3109 to Samsung 42"}

    ha! I always switch the green and blue in dim lighting. strange, but they look like each other (green looks like blue, etc).
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    Upconverting DVD player for SXRD

    Depends on price you have in mind.
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    toshiba hd-a2

    it automatically scales to the max setting you set in the setup. of course, your TV also scales to it's max setting, so your mileage may vary on it's upconversion capabilities. I find it's pretty dang good though.
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    Any suggestions for a CD/clock/radio/alarm?

    Amazon does have the newer model of that Phillips player I posted about. Just do a search. You can choose the track for it to start up with, and the next day it starts over on that track. It does not pick up where it last was. I have hit snooze enough to where it gets to the next track though!
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    What 50" display would you recommend? Here are my requirements:

    I would break it down like this: Don't Care About 1080p: (which IMO you shouldn't for your set-u) 50" Plasma: Pioneer, Fujitsu, Panny, Hitachi, in that order $2k+ 50 Sony KDF-50E2000: 3panel LCD
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    Screen Position

    middle of the screen at eye level, or a little higher works. so for you, in the 6-12" range should work.
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    Which to buy - Toshiba HD-A2 or XBox 360 HD-DVD add-on?

    no brainer, get the add-on and see how you like HD, and see if it lasts.
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    Which cables?

    analog cable and a vcr through a projector? yikes. that is going to be brutal.
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    Need help with rear speaker placement

    cropped them to fit in the member profile. this should work.
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    Need help with rear speaker placement

    I have to rewire my entire media room from the original plan I had when I built the house 2 years ago. Going with a projector now. 100-106". Have front/center/sub picked out. Narrowing it down on a receiver that doesn't have HD-DVD True Dolby HDMI issues. Need to finalize the rear speakers so...
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    Any suggestions for a CD/clock/radio/alarm?

    here. It's unavailable on amazon, but you can search other places http://www.amazon.com/Philips-AJ3951...&s=electronics
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    Any suggestions for a CD/clock/radio/alarm?

    My wife and I each have a Phillips. Think it was about $50. Dual alarms, good CD quality. Wake up to soothing sounds instead of BWA BWA BWA.
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    What kind of TV would best suit this room?

    No, regarding bright rooms they are about the same. Both have flat matte screens. They can pick up glare, but not like the glass screens of plasmas. Just need to decide which you prefer.
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    What kind of TV would best suit this room?

    You will probably want over 60", so Flat LCD and Plasma are pretty much out if you have a budget of any kind. You should look at DLP (Mitsu, Tosh, Samsung) and LCoS (Sony and JVC). Both are very similar. The Sony LCoS will be a bit more expensive. Go see which ones you like the best.
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    Awesome new DVD player

    It would be just a DVD player for me. I don't care about PAL or SACD or DVD-A. It's a fine player if you want all those things. If you just want something to play DVDs over HDMI there are $60 verisions which would fare very well in a double blind.
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    First Home Theater. Need Major Help!

    I've got a similar budget. haven't decided on the receiver yet, but here is my list I'm working off of for now (probably going to wait on the receiver to see how the -10db HDMI issue gets corrected in the next versions). I'm in no hurry on the components really, have until next football season...
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    1080p lcd/lcos projectors? Buyers? Owners? Shootouts?

    In general few have been able to tell the difference between a 720p and 1080p projector displaying the same source.