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    Need HT system on a $2000 budget... Recommendations???

    I'm not sure if your budget is for speakers only, or speakers, and receiver? But these are a few excellent speaker manufactures that are highly recommended. AV123.com - Home (Budget speakers only Rocket series. Speakers and Receiver X-Series.) SVSound - Home (The SBS-01 system is an...
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    First Home Theatre Set Up- $700 to spend

    It may be "Your Pet Peeve" but IMO the OP gets 100% better sound quality, and performance over the Polk's for 40% more. :eek:
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    Procinema 600

    With every HT system it's all in the proper placement and proper calibration of the speakers.
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    First Home Theatre Set Up- $700 to spend

    Do you have $300 more bucks? This is an excellent budget HT system. SVSound - Complete Systems
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    New Axioms

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    AV123 MFW-15 vs SVS PB13 Ultra

    This is an unfair comparison in subwoofers. The SVS Ultra is in a class of it's own, and competes with subwoofers costing thousands. The MFW-15 is an excellent performer but not close to the SVS Ultra. And that point system is from Craigsub. It is his own personal point system and not an...
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    In Wall Surrounds and whole house audio speaker help

    You state "Higher Quality" then say "$200 a pair". These two don't go together sorry. And HTD products are not ever close to High Quality. Speakercraft Niles Audio Corporation
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    Need opinions please.

    That SVS speaker package is IMO one of the best in that price range. IMO it will be very hard to beat it's performance vs. price. IMO you have found your system. SVSound - Complete Systems Polk Atrium Series Outdoor Applications : Polk Audio Niles Audio Niles Audio Corporation
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    Best bang for the buck speaker recommendations

    I would PM Jess Quintana, and see if the AV123 x-cs speakers are still available. Classic X-series Closeout!!!! - AV123.com Forum
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    SVS MTS Speaker system?

    IMO words can't describe how good these speakers are. Well maybe these--"Exceeding Expectations." All the hype about the tweeter SVS used, well it's all true.
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    5.1 in-wall ceiling speakers

    If sound has to travel 10' for the listening area. With proper speaker positioning and calibration, what is the difference from which direction it travels? Yes it's harder to do with in-ceilings, but not impossible as you would have others believe.
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    5.1 in-wall ceiling speakers

    When you toe-in and angle your main speaker to the seating position you are in fact doing that same thing by creating the effect. Just because you have never experienced a good in-ceiling system does not mean it can't be done.
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    5.1 in-wall ceiling speakers

    This statement is totally not true. There are speakers on the market that do an excellent job of creating the effect of the sound coming from the screen. Speakercraft AIM series Speakercraft Triad Triad | Products | InCeiling Silver/6 Monitor Snell Acoustics Snell Acoustics |...
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    ghelp Deciding

    Try asking this question over on the AVS forum. You should get a lot more feedback. AVS Forum Both Jon Lane from The Audio Insider, and Mark L. Schifter from AV123 produce an excellent, quality speaker.
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    A little better? SVS finishes IMO are a lot better.
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    Subwoofer Cable

    I second Bluejeans. Excellent product and service. www.bluejeanscable.com
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    What I like about the SVS system is the fact of having identical speakers all the way around. This will give you a seamless HT experience. When I auditioned this system I was amazed at the impact of this system.
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    All your going to get is fanboy replies. In all reality both companies make excellent subs at that price point. HSU doesn't have a $600 sub. Either $499 or $699. SVS has subwoofers at all price points. A very wide selection.
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    Speaker Stands

    Racks and Stands - Racks, Entertainment Centers, TV Stands Best TV Stand and Mounting Solutions Store on the Internet, Stands and Mounts.com
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    In wall/ceiling speaker help!

    Niles Audio Corporation MB Quart http://store.audioholics.com/section...d7e753ff3ec6c8
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    How Much Did You Spend on Your 5.1 Speaker Sysyem?

    hyghwayman, Boy do you get around. LOL :P $5100 in speakers.
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    What to do with $1500?

    Yamaha RX-V1700 $499 Yamaha RX-V1700 910 Watts 7.1 Ch. A/V Home Theater Oppo DV-981HD $229 OPPO DV-981HD 1080p Up-Converting Universal DVD Player with HDMI (These speakers will put her a little over budget, but awesome speakers) SVS MBS-01 - Bookshelf $999 SVSound - MTS Family of...
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    New Home Theater System. I need suggestions!

    Google Onkyo HT-SR600
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    Speaker Choosing Assistance

    I recommend you save some more money if you want to go 5.1 SVSound - Complete Systems You can also purchase 2 speakers for now and build a system over time. AV123 Ascend Acoustics - Quality loudspeakers Made Affordable Via Direct Sales
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    home audio

    Other then the Paradigm Servo sub which is IMO over priced for it's performance. The Paradigm PW2200 is an OK performer, but not as accurate as some other subs in it's price class. I think you would be better looking elsewhere for a subwoofer. SVSound - Home HSU Research VTF-3-mk3...
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    Best Subwoofer

    If you could step-up just a little more I think you would get a lot better performance for your size room. SVS PB10-NSD SVSound - Box Subwoofers HSU STF-2 HSU STF-2 Subwoofer
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    in-wall/in-ceiling help

    O No, not you again. LOL :laugh: Speakercraft
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    best buy or circuit city?

    Try and stay out of Best Buy, and Circuit City. :eek: Find a good Audio boutique store. You can get the same deals, and get personal service that you can't get at BB, CC.
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    New Receiver Question

    No problem. Best Buy runs specials on that receiver for $699. Watch for it.
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    New Receiver Question

    Onkyo TX-SR805 Just saved you some money.