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  1. Devin_C

    Special Edition "Naming" Trend Foolishness

    Scarface: The What's Coming To You Edition Unbreakable: The Handle With Care Edition Never Say Never Again: The Never More Edition 8 Mile: The 12.87 Kilometer Edition The American President: State of the Union Edition Band of Brothers: The Marching Together Edition Blade: The Skating...
  2. Devin_C

    Star Trek DVD Movie Box

    It's only a bit of a repost. And I didn't see an answer there for ya. :frowning: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...=box+star+trek
  3. Devin_C

    Suggestion for Paramount regarding ST Nemesis CE.

    I have 'em all, and the big double disc box is what I need to show off Ric Easton's custom covers. Easier to line them up in a box than on a shelf. :) I'll keep watching ebay; there was a fellow who had the trays for DS9 tv sets, so perhaps they'll pop up. I'm surprised that you can't order...
  4. Devin_C

    Suggestion for Paramount regarding ST Nemesis CE.

    Me too. Anyone have any links? pointers? ebay vendors to watch?
  5. Devin_C

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    1up says a new trailer came out at the beginning of February. Their current info page says "Release Date: 08/14/2005", so not really in tandem with the PSP (if it's accurate)...
  6. Devin_C

    DVD SPOT down?

    hmm... wonder if it's down again; can't connect this morning...
  7. Devin_C

    Neat Wonder Years Reunion on Justice League Unlimited DVD

    Kid stuff is an excellent episode; well worth a watch. Very fun.
  8. Devin_C

    Lord of the Rings-12 disc set. Where did it go?

    ooooo.... good question. Maybe they were waiting to note the Grammy awards for Shore's RotK work. :)
  9. Devin_C

    LOTR Slipcase Offer - Any Equivalent Offer for Canadians?

    Joseph J.D oh, poo. I got my Gift set from Amazon.ca, and there was no such coupon in my case (in the giftset box, or in the extended edition box). Did they send your cheque/money order back as well with the letter? I got a copy of the french offer form from a friend but I didn't send it in...
  10. Devin_C

    What DVD cataloging software is best?

    There's Another Thread over in the movies section too...
  11. Devin_C

    Camelot - audio problems corrected?

    Wouldn't mind a special edition of this. Have been reluctant to pick it up based on these reported issues...
  12. Devin_C

    software to catalog your dvd collection: Which one do you use?

    I stripped the UPCs from GF, and then imported them into DVDSpot; wasn't sluggish, and there were only a couple I had to add to my collection after the import; it imported 150+ titles ok from a basic CSV. It's by no means perfect (The 'Watched' category seems a bit odd, and I'm not sure I want...
  13. Devin_C

    software to catalog your dvd collection: Which one do you use?

    For those still looking around, Clay over at DVD Spot has updated their UI a little bit in the last week, it's now much improved. :) And the export to CSV (Excel compatible) format is handy if you worry about the death of a free service, or want something offline. Featurewise, of the free...
  14. Devin_C

    LOTR Slipcase Offer - Any Equivalent Offer for Canadians?

    If it's like the Jurassic Park offer in JP3, the box will be flat in an envelope, and you'll get to fold it together yourself. :)
  15. Devin_C

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Return of the King Extended Cut - Absolutely Recommended

    Hmm... Good review so far, look forward to the rest. Regarding the flesh tones (please don't throw-up), it's interesting that in your Mary Poppins Review you noted It's interesting; how similar are the (possibly) unintentional orange/green shifts of Mary Poppins to the (plausibly) intentional...
  16. Devin_C

    Dungeons and Dragons 1980 TV series

    The TV series was (at least partially) replayed on FOX Kids (saturday morning) for a few months a couple years back, kind of intended to be a tie in to the 'Blockbuster' movie ;)... I suspect it's related to that (they must have the rights now...).
  17. Devin_C

    Strong Bad Emails: 3-Disc DVD! (Homestar Runner)

    From their shipping page - 'Orders from $20.00 to $44.99 - $7.00'. Even with the cdn dollar doing half-decent, $37US to get it up here is rough; wonder if any cdn retailers will pick it up...
  18. Devin_C

    software to catalog your dvd collection: Which one do you use?

    I don't want to speak for the developers, but if the UPC is there, there's no strong technical reason an import of a listing of just UPC codes wouldn't be feasible. It's matching these IDs to others in the DB and not replacing or updating the information in their database that their other users...
  19. Devin_C

    software to catalog your dvd collection: Which one do you use?

    I found DVD Profiler's UI to be clunky and awkward, so I stopped using it after the 50 title mark. I was using Guzzlefish until the site stopped getting updated; currently I'm trying www.dvdspot.com which has an import by UPC/Title function...
  20. Devin_C

    Robotech Remastered worth getting?

    I'll echo this - that's two fine replies from that fellow. I have been buying the 'remastered' sets as they come out. I didn't catch the first 'Legacy' sets (too pricey). I didn't catch the series sets either. I picked these up as they were cheap. As far as I can see, the sound was remastered...
  21. Devin_C

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    Thanks Mike. :emoji_thumbsup:
  22. Devin_C

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    Tony_Ramos: No, you've established that as your opinion, based on your own experiences other than the software ( Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children )this thread is targeted towards. I'd rather we kept this thread to the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children DVD and any pending info on its...
  23. Devin_C

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    Yes, y'all should. :crazy: heh.
  24. Devin_C

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    Been a few months, has anyone heard anything more about this coming to Region 1? The recent news about a FF:VII sequel got me thinking about this again...
  25. Devin_C

    Blade Trilogy Boxset?

    Patrick Soucy - Well it is now, but it wasn't when it first came out, dang it. Frickin' things. It would take a good reason to double dip on the first two; those DVDs are excellent - I was surprised and happy with the extras on the first one, given that it hadn't been too big a film. And the...
  26. Devin_C

    Star Trek Generations CE DVD??

    "From Here to Infinity: The Ultimate Voyage - Hosted by Patrick Stewart." - That's in the recently release Picard Collection on DVD, but it doesn't sound like the Generations trailer made it to there...
  27. Devin_C

    "Alien vs Predator" to get R rated director's cut DVD?

    I went to a 12:40pm show yesterday, and left the theater (when the credits rolled) at 2:22pm (turned the cell ringer back on on my way out, so saw the clock). Given that there were the usual 10 mins or so of ads & commercials, I'd peg it at about 90 mins. As for the movie itself, there were a...
  28. Devin_C

    DVD Forum Cliches

    "That (date) is really going to damage my wallet" "I can't believe all the stuff coming out on DVD?" "DVD is really mainstream now that title XYZ is out" in a flashback to Usenet - "me too." (when referring to a complaint, a possible purchase/release news, etc etc) (before an official...
  29. Devin_C

    Hard Boiled/The Killer on eBay

    Yeah, that's the one I have. It's ok, but not great by any means. The other problem I have with it are the poor chapter stops and incorrect spellings in the text bonus materials - but you get what you pay for, of course. :)
  30. Devin_C

    New Monster Legacy Sets

    I heard the one for the invisible man is him without his bandages.