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  1. Walsh61

    Scream Factory new titles (Dead Ringers, Rabid, Black Christmas, Willard, Ben, Poltergeist 2 + 3...)

    In his autobiography Ernie, Borgnine recalled that being covered with live rats was creepy as hell - even though they were trained. The trainer of the rodents had to cover Borgnine in peanut butter to get the rats to attack him. He recalled that one of the rats actually bit him and he had to get...
  2. Walsh61

    Blu-ray discs gone unreadable

    I have never had this problem with any blu-ray disc that I've ever bought. That's not to say I never will, but I've been lucky so far I guess.
  3. Walsh61

    so how do you guys watch your collection?

    That's true, but if it's a series I really enjoy watching I don't mind investing the time. And I still have time for movies as well.
  4. Walsh61

    Gilligan's Guests

    I don't know the name of the episode, but I know it was Sterling Holloway as the guy in prison with the homing pigeons.
  5. Walsh61

    The Monkees TV Series & 33⅓ Revolutions per Monkee + "Head" (1968) movie, coming to Blu

    Mine did as well. Haven't seen this show in a long, long time (the early 70s) so I'm looking forward to seeing it again - especially on blu-ray!
  6. Walsh61

    Patriotic Films On Blu for Our Nation's Special Days...

    Jimmy Cagney's Yankee Doodle Dandy is one I always like to watch.
  7. Walsh61

    So what is your favorite TV show of all time?

    There are a number of shows that I really enjoy watching, but The Fugitive would have to be my all time favorite.
  8. Walsh61


    Or how about So Dear To My Heart. One of Walt Disney's favorite films. Also Summer Magic.
  9. Walsh61

    "The Alamo"s Status?

    Well I certainly never saw the original Roadshow version of The Alamo in 70 mm when it was originally released, but why would that prevent me (or anyone else) from wanting to see this film restored?
  10. Walsh61

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Garden of Evil -- in Blu-ray

    This was a blind buy for me as well. I watched it over the weekend and really enjoyed it. I don't know how this movie escaped my attention for so long, but I'm glad to have finally discovered it.
  11. Walsh61

    Most requested "stalled" show?

    My Three Sons. And CBS needs to go back and fix the music on the seasons that have already been released!
  12. Walsh61

    Top 10 favourite 40s films that haven't been released on Blu-ray

    I could list more than ten (easily), but here are some I'd like to see: The Outlaw The Story Of G.I.Joe The Yearling Crossfire Desire Me The Man From Colorado 3 Godfathers Oliver Twist Whispering Smith
  13. Walsh61

    Do you guys collect for nostalgia or quality?

    I collect for both nostalgia and quality.
  14. Walsh61

    Fugitive comes to DVD in a 33 disc set on Nov. 1st 2011

    It's the best series of all time in my humble opinion. I'll never forget the first time I saw it in the early 90s on A&E. Not only had I never seen it before, I'd never even heard of it. I couldn't believe how good it was. My favorite series by far. That doesn't mean every episode is top notch...
  15. Walsh61

    RYAN’S DAUGHTER: Discussions for a BD Release (2015 - 2021)

    Perhaps, but it's still an illegal bootleg and not something I want to support. I'll wait for an official release and support something I feel is worthy of my patronage.
  16. Walsh61

    RYAN’S DAUGHTER: Discussions for a BD Release (2015 - 2021)

    I was on the fence about buying this. I'm glad I held off.
  17. Walsh61

    Ongoing: Ron's Blu-Ray Discoveries Thread (renamed)

    I also liked him in Swamp Water.
  18. Walsh61

    Fugitive comes to DVD in a 33 disc set on Nov. 1st 2011

    You can always savor the series in future viewings, but whatever you decide I've enjoyed reading your posts. Makes me want to go through the whole series again myself since it's been a while since the last time I did. I just have so many other shows and movies I'm trying to get through I've...
  19. Walsh61

    Fugitive comes to DVD in a 33 disc set on Nov. 1st 2011

    I think everyone has treated the b/w and color episodes with the same level of critical acceptance. The color episodes of season four just aren't as good as the earlier ones - that's all. And it's not surprising there was a drop in quality. The changes behind the scenes and the fact the show was...
  20. Walsh61

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Support Your Local Sheriff / Gunfighter -- in Blu-ray

    I just watched the first movie last night and laughed all the way through it. I'll be watching the second film tonight. Looking forward to it!
  21. Walsh61

    Warner Archives suggestions for 2016

    How about THE HANGING TREE on blu ray!
  22. Walsh61

    Ongoing: Ron's Blu-Ray Discoveries Thread (renamed)

    Ron if you haven't seen The Hanging Tree with Gary Cooper I'd highly recommend it - along with The Man From Laramie with Jimmy Stewart (available on blu-ray). Both solid good westerns.
  23. Walsh61

    Cannon And Others Coming Back Courtesy Of VEI

    I completely agree with Ron1973. For me, I would have liked to see Cannon get a better release. But I'm happy for those who are getting the shows they wanted released through VEI.
  24. Walsh61

    If you won the Powerball....

    I'd love to see Richard Diamond get released. Naked City, Route 66 and The Fugitive should all get a blu-ray release like Dick Van Dyke and Twilight Zone.
  25. Walsh61

    Blu-ray Review Two for the Seesaw Blu-ray Review

    I bought the blu-ray and enjoyed watching this film again, but I agree that (despite being a big Mitchum fan) it's not one of my favorite films of his to watch.
  26. Walsh61

    What did you watch this week in classic TV on DVD(or Blu)?

    The Rifleman Season Three.
  27. Walsh61

    International Masters of Cinema releases

    Masters of Cinema is the very reason I finally broke down and bought a region free player.