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  1. Kudret

    FS: Diva speakers in Montreal, Canada

    I have two Diva 6.1, two 2.1 and a C3 (tweeter on top version) for sale in Montreal. 6.1s and C3 are in mint condition, 2.1s are in good condition. See the link1 for pictures of 6.1 and C3 and link2 for 2.1s. Please let me know if you have any questions. I prefer local pick-up, but I have...
  2. Kudret

    WTB: Sony SCD C555ES

    I am looking for a Sony SCD C555ES in mint condition. Kudret
  3. Kudret

    WTB: Panasonic RP-91 DVD player

    I am looking for a Panasonic RP91 DVD player in excellent condition. Please let me know the condition and your asking price by email at [email protected] Thank you. PS. Item to be shipped to Canada
  4. Kudret

    FS: DIY Sonosub with SVS driver - MONTREAL pickup only

    I decided to sell one of my DIY sonosubs. Here are the details: 46" length (43" internal length) x 18" diameter 2 x 1" MDF bottom plate (total 2") 1" MDF top plate Old SVS driver One 4"x 25cm port 5 lbs polyfill Sonotube color (i.e., unfinished) The sub is tuned to 21Hz...
  5. Kudret

    WTB: Behringer Feedback Destroyer DSP1124P

    I would like to buy a BFD DSP-1124P. I prefer to buy in Canada but I will also consider other offers.
  6. Kudret

    Last minute sonosub advice

    I've made all the cuts for a 18" sonosub and before putting everything together I just wanted to make sure I didn't do anything wrong. Here is what I have: Two 1" MDF bottom plates (total 2") One 1" MDF top plate 46" length (43" internal length) One 4"x 25cm port 5 lbs polyfill Old...
  7. Kudret

    Are BASH amps available in CANADA?

    Are these amps available for retail in Canada?
  8. Kudret

    First DIY trial, not so impressed.

    I recently got two older SVS drivers and wanted to try something quick to see what happens. I had a 2ft^3 speaker box that I used it to build a sealed sub with one of the drivers.The whole thing took me about 1 hr to finish. I set all my speakers (Diva 6.1, 2.1, C3) to small and calibrated...
  9. Kudret

    Need help with DIY sub project

    I just bought 2 original SVS drivers and would like to try building my first DIY sub. Here is the sketch of my basement HT room which is 17' wide, 33' long (I am using 18' for HT) and 8' high. These are the three options that I am considering: 1. There is a 1' wide, 2' deep (and 8' high)...
  10. Kudret

    Boston Acoustics A40 - worth repairing?

    I have a pair of 12 year old Boston Acoustics A40 speakers that need drivers to be replaced. Is it worth it to buy new drivers for them and where can I find the replacement drivers? Thanks for any suggestions.
  11. Kudret

    Wtb: Svs 16-46

    I am looking for a used (but in excellent condition) SVS 16-46. If you are considering selling yours, please send me a PM. Thanks.
  12. Kudret

    Difference between JVC XV-D721BK and XV-SA70BK?

    What are the differences between JVC XV-D721BK and XV-SA70BK? I have seen only the 721 in Canada for $450. Does anybody have a better price? Thanks.
  13. Kudret

    Urgent Help: Anthem MCA-5 or Sunfire Cinema Grand

    I am in a position to buy a slightly used Sunfire Cinema Grand or a new Anthem MCA-5 for the same price. I am having difficult time deciding which one to get and I was wondering if anybody who has listened to both of these amps could compare and comment on them. Thank you for your help.