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  1. Bruce Chang

    For all you Bass guitar players, Is this a good price for a swr redhead combo?

    I can get the original redhead combo bass for $450. The combo was discountined in 1996, and was replace with the super redhead. Is this a good deal? The new super redhead retails for $1100.
  2. Bruce Chang

    I just purchased a pair of Nordost super flatline biwire, sorry chu

    I got a great deal on Nordost cables and decided to try them out. I'll let you know how they sound. I bought them because they look good and heard good things about them. Oh well for the price I paid used for them, I'm not complaining. Sorry Chu!
  3. Bruce Chang

    Parts Express is a rip off!

    I bought alot of stuff from partsexpress in the past month. The products were fine but if you ever want to return anything, they'll screw you over. I did not see any 25% restocking fee on they're website, but it was written on the back of my reciept when I got the package. They over charge on...
  4. Bruce Chang

    Which Plinius integrated amp?

    I'm getting ready to purchase a Plinius integrated amp for my Silverline Sonatina's and have a few questions. I looked at audiogon and saw differient types of plinius integrateds 8150i 8150 modded to 8200? 8200mk1 8200mk2 8100 I'm so confused on which one to get, since people on...
  5. Bruce Chang

    Heavy Duty Metal speaker stands better then sanus! Located in Northern CA!

    http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showd..._ID=4929&DID=7 This stand is sand filable and very sturdy. I bought these from parts express 7 days ago and never been used. I'm asking $100 because the total with shipping costs $142. You have a stand better then most high end speaker manufacture stands...
  6. Bruce Chang

    PSB stratus Goldi full range speaker, PSB's Flagship speaker!

    http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cl.p...ull&1031278012 If you're in the Bay area, pick these speakers up.
  7. Bruce Chang

    How to set up the Axiom QS8 in my living room?

    I'm thinking about the Axiom QS8 because of its price and size. I'm not sure how I'm going to install it in my living room. My room is generally 13.5ft long and 14ft wide and 7.5ft high. The only way I can put it on the wall is 7ft away from the speaker and 4ft from the back wall and the QS8's...
  8. Bruce Chang

    Those of you have the PSB straus goldi's read this

    I was tinking around with the PSB goldi's today took the drivers off and inspected it. The 10inch midbass IS DEFINATLY OUT OF PHASE. I did the battery test and the woofer sucked in instead of out. Wierd! Then I screwed around with the phasing on the mids. I revesed the phase on the right mid and...
  9. Bruce Chang

    What speakers should I get? I have a list

    My room is 15ft Wx 13.5ft long x 7.5ft height. My equipment is the Jolida 302a 50wpc tube integrated amp and the AH! 4000 cd player. What speakers should I get out these choices Dynaudio 1.3se not a big fan spending 2gs for bookshelfs, but they sound good Dynaudio 1.8 floormodel and a...
  10. Bruce Chang

    WTB: NHT superones, 1.5s, supertwos

    Please e-mail me if you have them [email protected]
  11. Bruce Chang

    Tube amp and tube cd player together, Causing problems.

    Would a tube amp and tube cd player cancel each other out? When I have the tube amp and cd player hooked up the bass sounds muddier then a Sony 20es cd player my friend had, but the highs on the tube cd player where much better. How would I make the bass a little tighter? I changed the output...
  12. Bruce Chang

    Are PSB stratus goldi's out of Phase?

    I played the stereophile test disk today to setup my speakers and I found the the PSBs are out of phase even though the speaker wires are correct. What's going on?
  13. Bruce Chang

    Question about the Njoe Tjoeb 4000 CD Player volume control

    When I lower the volume of the AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 CD Player all the way down, the music is still pretty loud. How can I make it so that the volume goes all the way down? Is there a mod where you can do this?
  14. Bruce Chang

    Heads up on some great Infinity IRS SIGMA

  15. Bruce Chang

    How many of you are interested on upgrading power cords for $55 shipped?

    I'm going to buy a bulk of wire to make power cords. Will you guys be interested on 10 gauge power cords with quality connectors for $55 shipped? The standard length would be 3 ft and 3 dollars per feet if you want them longer. The power cord will look like this, but a little thicker.
  16. Bruce Chang

    Upgrading AC power cord for the AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000

    Well I found some stuff off of partsexpress that you can upgrade the power wires to. I was wondering which wire is which on this diagram before I do it. here's the directions for partexpress http://www.partsexpress.com/resources/110-400.html
  17. Bruce Chang

    Port size for my sub?

    Ok I built a 18W x 24H x 12Depth externally 3 cu ft box made out of 3/4 MDF and put double the MDF on the front of the box, so about 16.5W x 24H x 10.5 internally 2.4 cu ft. This is for my Illusion Audio nd 15 subwoofer and is currently sealed. I need to port it for more bass output, but don't...
  18. Bruce Chang

    Quick, How do I bridge the Sherbourn 5/1500 amp?

    I got the amp used and did not come with instructions. So far I have the intercontect hooked to the 5 channel. the speaker wire is positive on the 4 channel and neg to the 5th channel. Is this right?
  19. Bruce Chang

    Best speaker wire for my system

    I'm running PSB goldi's power by a jolida 302a tube amp and AH! 4000 cd player. I currently have the Kimber 4pr and want to try biwiring. What cables do you guy reccomend? I'm looking for tighter mids and bass, the highs more laid back and detailed.
  20. Bruce Chang

    PSB alpha center channel

    e-mail at [email protected] http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cl.p...027291529&item
  21. Bruce Chang

    Best musical 2 channel amp for the PSB stratus goldi's

    I just brought home a pair for PSB stratus goldi's and hooked them up to my jolida 302a 50x2 tube amp. I have to admit that the PSB goldi's are not efficent. My Padigms studio 60s were louder, but I can tell that the PSB gold's have tigher bass and more laid back high then the digms. What should...
  22. Bruce Chang

    A subwoofer box as a TV stand

    I was wondering if anyone made a subwoofer box that you can put a 32 inch TV on top of it. I think it would look pretty sweet and have dual 10s.
  23. Bruce Chang

    PSB stratus goldi vs. Paradigm 60v.2

    I currently have the paradigm studio 60v.2s and was wondering how much of a improvement in sound and movies are PSB goldi's going to be? I know that the PSb's is more expensive, but I never heard one. Bruce
  24. Bruce Chang

    Is there a big difference between the Ah Njoe Tjoeb 99 and 4000?

    I found a used Ah Njoe Tjoeb 99 for a pretty good price. I was wondering what the SQ is like between the two. Are they similar or the 4000 is just way better. I already know the stats between the 2, I just want ear conformation.
  25. Bruce Chang

    how many interconects do I need?

    outlaw 1050 as a preamp Outlaw ICBM only for my sub, mains, and center Jolida 302a 2 channels biamp for the highs and mids Sherbourn 5/1500 2 channels bridge for the sub, one channel center, 2 channels for the midbass area mains. Ah! cd player How many cables do I need?
  26. Bruce Chang

    How many interconect will I need?

    outlaw 1050 as a preamp Outlaw ICBM only for my sub, mains, and center Jolida 302a 2 channels biamp for the highs and mids Sherbourn 5/1500 2 channels bridge for the sub, one channel center, 2 channels for the midbass area mains. Ah! cd player How many cables do I need?
  27. Bruce Chang

    How should I stack the components?

    I'm probably going to buy a used Solus 4 shelf rack. From top to bottom: Jolida 302a tube amp Outlaw ICBM on top of the Ah! cd player and the dvd player belowthe Ah!. So 3 componets stacked. Outlaw 1050 reciever Sherbourn 5/1500 amp The rack looks similaw to this...
  28. Bruce Chang

    Power conditioners under 100

    What are you some decent power conditoners under $100. My voltage ranges from 115 to 118 and I need more outlet anyways.
  29. Bruce Chang

    Crossover for your whole system

    I was wondering if anyone makes a all in one unit crossover for your mains, center, and sub. My outlaw 1050 does not have HP crossovers, just LPF.
  30. Bruce Chang

    Has anyone use the crossovers from harrison labs?

    I'm looking for crossovers for my paradigm and totem center channel when I get an external amp. Would these work? Do these things just plug into the output on your amp and attach a audio interconect on top of it? What should I crossover the digms and center channel? I was thinking 50hz for...