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  1. David Grove

    FREE: Unity Motion UHD-3200

    (Also known as the Princeton Graphics AF3.0HD) This is an absolute blast from the past, likely of niche interest only. So, I won't explain a lot about its technical aspects, but will offer a few comments on its condition (most excellent). Those who may be interested will likely already know...
  2. David Grove

    Green Acres? - Not a bang but a whimper

    It seems like this one just sort of faded away. Such a unique show. I'm eager to buy it all. I guess the only real reason a studio fails to follow through on a series is insufficient sales, right? So, that must be the case with Green Acres, I suppose. Just wondering... DG
  3. David Grove

    Master & Commander Sequel?

    I enjoyed M&C and just assumed a sequel would be produced. I wonder why it didn't happen. Anyone know? Regards, DG
  4. David Grove

    While I am waiting for S4 of Green Acres...

    :) ...I'm wondering if my S1 DVD is an anomaloy? On the episode menu of the DVD, only the 1st episode is selectable. I use a software player (PowerDVD) to view my DVDs, and I have to use the PowerDVD "Go To" menu choice to get to any episode other than the very first one. Anyone else...
  5. David Grove

    1933 State Fair?

    Well, we had new releases of 1945 and 1962 State Fair, and Will Rogers box set, and no sign of 1933 State Fair. Does this suggest that 1933 State Fair on DVD is just not in the cards? I've never actually seen it, but would buy it, were it available. DG
  6. David Grove

    Movie Title?

    I'm wondering if it may be possible to identify a movie I saw on a local PBS station a few years ago. It was some University class supplement show, and it featured movies mostly from the 1940's, as I recall. I don't remember anything about the movie, except that everybody talked very fast. I...
  7. David Grove

    DDD Semi-annual 20% off sale (merged)

    This is strange. I posted an initial message in a new thread, but, though the thread seems to exist, my post doesn't. ??? I will try again. I have seen references here at HTF to something called the DDD annual 20% off sale. Can anyone tell me about it? When does it typically occur? Is it...
  8. David Grove

    "Kid Millions" fate?

    It's been several months since "Kid Millions" was abruptly canceled. It had been scheduled for release on Dec. 6, as I recall. Does anyone know what happened, or if we might still reasonably expect a release? What kind of difficulty could cause last-minute cancellation of a 70+ year old...
  9. David Grove

    Green Acres Season 4?

    A little shameless drum-beating. Might anyone have any informed speculation? DG
  10. David Grove

    "The Front Page" & "Pimpernel Smith"?

    I'd like to add both of these to my collection. They are both available from reelclassicdvd.com . "The Front Page" is also available from Madacy, but is said to have abyssmal sound. Can anyone comment on the quality from reelclassicdvd.com ? I'm looking more for "acceptable" than...
  11. David Grove

    "Great Expectations"

    I notice that there are four productions of "Great Expectations" over the past 50 years. Might anyone comment on whether any of them are particularly famous or notorious? I'm considering which one(s) to buy, and am unfamiliar with the merits of the several (re)makes. I'm wondering more about...
  12. David Grove

    "Victory at Sea" Distribution Questions

    I'm confused about some distribution issues of the famous documentary, "Victory at Sea". I gather that "Victory at Sea" on DVD was released two or three years ago by A&E. It seems that there was general complaining about severe variations in audio level in that product. Price was in the...
  13. David Grove

    A little drum beating for Danny Kaye and Doris Day

    I'd like to suggest new releases of the OOP Danny Kaye titles. Also, I'd like to have the earlier Doris Day musicals, e.g., "Tea for Two" and "April in Paris". The beginning of a new year seems like a good time to mention requests to whomever may be listening. DG
  14. David Grove

    The Silent Service?

    I have a very vague memory of watching "The Silent Service" on television. According to IMDB and other sites, it must have been 1957-1959, and I would only have been 5-7 years old. I don't remember anything specific, so really don't know why I am interested in this-- other than the fact I like...
  15. David Grove

    Astaire & Rogers Collection #2 ?

    I thought I had read previously about a second Astaire/Rogers Collection. Perhaps, I just imagined it because I'd welcome it. I couldn't find anything in a search. Is there anything either definite or rumored concerning more Fred & Ginger? Regards, DG
  16. David Grove

    "The Front Page" (1931)

    I'm interested in "The Front Page" (1931). I'd like to view it and "His Girl Friday" back to back, some evening. So far as I can tell, there are two (PD only) releases of this title on DVD: Madacy and reelclassicdvd.com. Comments at amazon.com suggest that, as may be expected, the Madacy...
  17. David Grove

    Twilight Zone recommendation?

    Which box set would TZ afficionados recommend as a first purchase to someone not very familiar with the show? Thank you. DG
  18. David Grove

    Paradigm ASM-350s for In-ceiling?

    I am building a quilting stidio for my wife, and want to provide for music listening. The floor and wall space is all "spoken for", so we will be using in-ceiling speakers. I have an opportunity to buy an unused pair of Paradigm ASM-350s ( http://www.paradigm.ca/Website/SiteP.../AMS_Specs.htm )...
  19. David Grove

    "Kid Millions (1934)", anyone?

    I just watched this on VHS. Very interesting to see such a young Ethel Merman. Also, I had never seen Eddie Cantor, before. The Nicholas Brothers are just too fantastic for words. I had no idea tap like that existed. The finale suddenly became Technicolor. I noticed in an IMDB...
  20. David Grove

    Peabody/Dudley DVDs?

    I see that there were recent releases of "The Best of Mr. Peabody & Sherman" and "The Best of Dudley Do-Right". Has anyone bought them? Is there a lot of duplication between these titles and the Rocky & Bullwinkle season sets? Thank you. DG
  21. David Grove

    Blast from the past-- West Point Story (late 50's)

    Isn't it interesting how sounds can trigger a memory? I happened, recently, to rent "The Long Gray Line," a movie about West Point and an instructor there. In the beginning there was a short segment featuring a snippet from "The West Point March". That triggered a faint memory of the...
  22. David Grove

    Shirley Temple "Little Darling Pack"?

    Does anyone have any comments on this release, which streeted (strat?, strut??) Tues.? DG
  23. David Grove

    Which Scarlet Pimpernell?

    I think it was in the 1980's that I watched a VHS version of The Scarlet Pimpernell. From IMDB, I see that there are several versions of this title. I'd like to try to identify which production I viewed. Believe it or not, I can't recall whether it was in color, or not. One of the things I...
  24. David Grove

    "Green Acres" question

    When (what season) did Oliver start giving his speeches about the plants "shoosting out of the ground" etc., with the music (flute or fife, if I recall) that everyone except him could hear? Thank you. DG
  25. David Grove

    Related movies available on DVD

    I think it might be interesting to have movie nights with a double or triple feature showing movies that are related in some way. They might be related thematically (perhaps even remakes) or in some other way such as one inspiring a part of another. For example, one such double feature might...
  26. David Grove

    McHale's Navy & Phil Silvers

    Saw these mentioned in passing during discussion in the Gunsmoke/Car 54 thread. They struck a chord with me, so just wondering if there might be any cheerleaders for them. Sign me up. DG
  27. David Grove

    Technicolor Musicals

    Might we build a complete catalog? Here's a start. I will add titles as they are mentioned in the thread. 3-STRIP TECHNICOLOR MUSICALS (bold indicates DVD available-- sources: Robert Harris' column at Digital Bits, IMDB, DVDPriceSearch, and/or recent announcements. Errors are mine...
  28. David Grove

    Rainmaker (1956)?

    Wondering how strong the interest may be for Rainmaker(1956), starring Katherine Hepburn and Burt Lancaster. DG
  29. David Grove

    Secret Life of Walter Mitty

    I recently posted concerning another Danny Kaye movie, "Wonder Man." I now find a similar situation with "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." Out of print. New R1 editions available from Amazon Stores, etc., for >$100. Import editions for much less. Are the imports bootlegs? Is there a...
  30. David Grove

    Twelve O'Clock High

    When I was in 7th grade (in 1964), I used to make a special effort to stay up and watch Twelve O'Clock High, every Fri. night (as I recall the time slot, now). I still believe it was an exceptional WWII show. I'd buy season sets, especially the seasons starring Robert Lansing. Hoping to...