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  1. Johnny wilson

    When us the last time you cried?

    Me? I wept last evening at a stunning rainbow just before the sun set. You?
  2. Johnny wilson

    What is next for Jessica Alba?

    I was so hurt after hearing the news of not being able to see her anymore, I weeped. Just remember how tight her behind was, how nice her face and lips were and how much energy she has for an all nighter. I hope she gets another gig. Anybody have any pictures of her?:D
  3. Johnny wilson

    Story about 16 x 9 mode on Sony Wega.

    I just bought a Sony Wega. I pop in an 16 x 9 dvd and turn the setings on the dvd to 16 x 9. I then turn on the 16 x 9 mode on the tv. The picture looks pretty good, but when I switch everything back to normal, it's hard to tell the diference. It brings me to these questions: Is the 16 x 9 mode...
  4. Johnny wilson

    Sopranos "Pine Barren" tonight.

    The Sopranos finest hour to date is replaying tonight. Just thought I'd give yous guys a heads up.:emoji_thumbsup:
  5. Johnny wilson

    Question for Wega owners concerning Progessive scan.

    I have a Sony Wega tv. I was just asking your input on a progessive scan dvd player. Would thier be any advantages in buying one for this set for the 16x9 mode? Or is a regular dvd player fine. Also, I am currently using S-video. Would this be any advantages getting component video or is...
  6. Johnny wilson

    Mila Kunis! MEYACOPA!!!

    Man she sure is smoking. Is it me, or is she worth giving your right arm for. geez and only 19.
  7. Johnny wilson

    What ever happened to Timmy Haggerty?

    Is he still alive? I was just wondering if anyone knew? Thanks in advance.:emoji_thumbsup:
  8. Johnny wilson

    News on Sopranos 3rd season on dvd

    An insider friend from HBO told me what HBO has planned this year. MAY= SEX AND THE CITY 3 AUGUST= SOPRANOS 3 NOVEMBER= SIX FEET UNDER 1 AND BAND OF BROTHERS MINISERIES.