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  1. Jeremy Anderson

    DVE does not work so now what?

    If you have relatively flat frequency response from your sub, calibrating to 82dB with DVE (vs. 75dB for the speakers) will get you there. But that's heavily dependant on your in-room response because of the shape and wide bandwidth of DVE's subwoofer tones. Honestly, I would just stick with...
  2. Jeremy Anderson

    Best brands of receivers around $200?

    For $250+shipping at J&R, you can get one of the new Onkyo 503's. Not a bad way to get into 7.1, and if it's as solid as the 502 you should be very happy. Oh... nevermind. You already got one. ENJOY!
  3. Jeremy Anderson

    ALIAS season 4 ongoing thread (merged)

    Am I the only one who misses the Rambaldi story arc? Or, for that matter, having an actual story arc? Because right now, the episodes are too self-contained... whereas before, each one ended with a big cliff-hanger that made me think "DAMMIT, when's the next episode?" Plus, the Rambaldi stuff is...
  4. Jeremy Anderson

    I finally did it. Z3 Baby!!

    Glad to hear it's living up to your expectations. My Z3 should be here next week, but sadly my screen won't be here for 10 days and I have no blank wall to project on. :angry:
  5. Jeremy Anderson

    I finally did it. Z3 Baby!!

    I'm interested to hear your impressions, because I'm doing the same thing in the next few weeks. I'm dropping a pulldown screen right in front of my ISF'd RPTV, and putting the Z3 on my back wall. What brandmaterial screen did you go with?
  6. Jeremy Anderson

    A Few Words About A few words about... Mean Creek

    Scott, I thought the exact same thing when I saw Mean Creek. Bully left me feeling just as disturbed... but not for the right reasons.
  7. Jeremy Anderson

    in phase, out of phase...

    William, I have some bad news: The Onkyo TX-SR601 has a problem in 6.1 where the out of phase tone for the surrounds goes quiet instead of properly passing the signal to the left and right surrounds. To my knowledge, however, this only occurs with a 6.1 setup in EX/ES mode and should not occur...
  8. Jeremy Anderson

    Going to New Orleans for a vacation. What are some things to do?

    I like finding hole-in-the-wall places in New Orleans. My favorite on my last trip was a little place called JUAN'S FLYING BURRITO. Seriously... the best (and biggest) burrito I've had in my entire life. And they played some rockin' music while we ate.
  9. Jeremy Anderson

    The horror! Alone in the dark. a film by Uwe Boll

    Here's my biggest problem with Boll's film version of Alone In The Dark: In the game... wait for it... YOU WERE ALONE! And yet, the first thing we see in the trailer is a team of cops led by Christian Slater. Okay... the original game was set way in the past and Edward Carnaby was a lone...
  10. Jeremy Anderson

    13.1 = Dolby Digital Plus

    I think people are getting too put off by DD+. It mostly just gives them the ability to use higher bitrates for Dolby Digital for use with HD format material, etc. Don't be surprised if the implementation on HD-DVD/Blu-Ray will be 640k, which will work with existing Dolby Digital...
  11. Jeremy Anderson

    Best DVD Burner for around $100

    NEC3500A for me (with the black face, also available in standard beige or silver). Paid $68 plus shipping for it at Mwave.com. I haven't found any media that actually burns at 16x, but the cheap Unidisc DVD+R's that I use burn at 12x and I haven't coastered a single disc. There's also an easy to...
  12. Jeremy Anderson

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Return of the King Extended Cut - Absolutely Recommended

    For the record: In-phase data in DTS-ES Discrete is also incapable of being reproduced in all three rear channels at once, just as it is in DD-EX. To maintain backwards compatibility with DTS 5.1 or 6.1 matrixed DTS-ES systems, the sounds from the sixth discrete channel are also matrixed into...
  13. Jeremy Anderson

    building a computer, SATA questions

    I have to disagree with CRyan. Since SATA uses its own controller chip, the dependence on the CPU is far less than IDE (though not as good as SCSI). And so long as you do your homework, a clean XP install goes smoothly if you load the third-party drivers. Also, I had zero problems ghosting...
  14. Jeremy Anderson

    Sub distance setting in receiver

    Okay, I understand the concept but I haven't seen anyone address my obvious concern: Doesn't delaying the mains effectively result in sounds not syncing to the video? I mean, if putting the subwoofer distance 10 feet further than that of the mains truly delays the output of the other speakers...
  15. Jeremy Anderson

    Grand Theft Parsons

    I watched this movie last week and really enjoyed it. I think Knoxville has a lot of potential, especially in comedy.
  16. Jeremy Anderson

    Pleasantly surprised by Fox on Star Wars replacement.

    FYI: I got my replacement disc for ANH today. As I said originally, I'm pleasantly surprised by Fox's customer service. That being said, I would've been happier if it had been right the first time.
  17. Jeremy Anderson

    The Thing remastered dvd: any reviews?

    That's right! Look in the non-existant booklet!
  18. Jeremy Anderson

    Technical- Dolby Pro Logic IIx phase shift in LFE channel

    Keep in mind that changing the delay can change the phase relationship of the speaker, so in certain cases it may be advantageous to switch the positive and negative wires going to the speaker. The only way you can tell is to run a phase test. Fortunately, they include this on every DVD with THX...
  19. Jeremy Anderson

    The Thing remastered dvd: any reviews?

    Just curious... Got mine today. There's a pocket for an insert in mine, but nothing in it. Was there a booklet or something that was supposed to be in the case or did they just put an empty pocket there for some reason?
  20. Jeremy Anderson

    Technical- Dolby Pro Logic IIx phase shift in LFE channel

    Just a thought: Since DPL-II spreads the sound across the front three speakers, it may be that even though your mains are in phase with your sub, your center channel may cause cancellation. Try setting the center width control so that it uses only the mains (or set center to NONE) and see if you...
  21. Jeremy Anderson

    Question about my Samsung DLP connection.... (m)

    With the Motorola box off, press the MENU button on the front of the box. A menu will come up that lets you change SD output to 480P.
  22. Jeremy Anderson

    Pleasantly surprised by Fox on Star Wars replacement.

    In my Star Wars Trilogy DVD set, everything worked great except for a 5-second jump and pixelization in A New Hope. Looking at the disc, there didn't seem to be any physical flaw that would cause this, i.e. scratches, smudges, etc. Out of curiousity, I popped the disc into my PC's DVD-RW drive...
  23. Jeremy Anderson

    Poll : Best matrix decoder!

    With DTS: Neo-6, people (including myself) have reported hearing an almost distorted sound from the surrounds, as if those channels are clipping. They're extremely noisy if you listen critically. Also, Neo-6 seems very inconsistent at times, steering dialogue off center for no apparent reason or...
  24. Jeremy Anderson

    Spaceballs 2!

    "Hey, how in the hell did we get here? Cue up the Spaceballs 2: The DVD!" "Ah, here it is, sir... there was a scene deleted in which the warp drive malfunctioned and we ended up in Texas. According to the commentary, it wasn't that interesting."
  25. Jeremy Anderson

    DD-EX & DTS-ES encoded movies listing

    The Alamo showed up as flagged for DD-EX on my Onkyo (though I played it with DPL-IIx engaged anyway).
  26. Jeremy Anderson

    Integra/Onkyo Auto Detecting

    I had the same problem, but it was an issue with the Comcast box. Go into the audio menu and set it to ADVANCED, NONE for compression, and STEREO. That's what brought my surround back, though I couldn't tell you why.
  27. Jeremy Anderson

    My fullscreen DVD experience for the week.

    Just had to share this: I was in Best Buy picking up my widescreen copy of Star Wars Trilogy, and I noticed that the guy behind me had the fullscreen version. I wasn't going to say anything, but he looked like a nice enough guy and I figured maybe I could convince him how much picture he would...
  28. Jeremy Anderson

    Home Page Hijack

    XP Service Pack 2 adds a feature in the TOOLS section called MANAGE ADD-ONS. That lets you go through and remove any add-on extensions to Internet Explorer. Once you've found it there (usually in the guise of some unknown toolbar), you should be okay. I got a particularly nasty one once that...
  29. Jeremy Anderson

    AD Aware SE personal

    You might also download Javacool Software's SPYWAREBLASTER, which will stop any spyware resident in memory and works in conjunction with Spybot: S&D.
  30. Jeremy Anderson

    HTF REVIEW: The Passion of the Christ

    In the sequel, Jesus comes back as a clothing designer. He is eventually killed by a rival designer whose clothes are pushed off the market because everyone's buying Jesus' superior duds. That's right, you guessed it... THE FASHION OF THE CHRIST.