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  1. Tony_Faville

    Weekly RoundUp 3-6-2007

    Night of the Comet for me, my guiltiest of all guilty pleasures.
  2. Tony_Faville

    M*A*S*H Martini Collection Heads Up

    I have been looking for this collection and refused to pay the $225 and up that it is going for on Ebay. Couldn't find any e-railers or retailers that had it in stock until last week. I found it for $159.99 at http://www.wherehouse.com if anyone else is out there looking for it at an affordable...
  3. Tony_Faville

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Limited Edition Complete Boxed Set

    Wow, those pictures made me decide to say the heck with it, I don't like the packaging. I'll be cancelling my order.
  4. Tony_Faville

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Limited Edition Complete Boxed Set

    It's listed on amazon.com for only $139.99 right now. Buffy set for $139.99
  5. Tony_Faville

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Limited Edition Complete Boxed Set

    My wife and I want to pick up the new set, but she is hesitant to get rid of the current sets we have, just in case. The way I see it is, once it is out and I have it in my hands, there will still be people willing to buy the individual seasons off of ebay. No matter what, it will still be...
  6. Tony_Faville

    how many tv on dvd titles do you own(number)?

    Right now I have 145 sets/titles/seasons.
  7. Tony_Faville

    DVD Repair Kits?

    Bob, I was able to locate the catalog on the website at: Catalog Download The most inexpensive model is $495.
  8. Tony_Faville

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Miami Vice was the last one for me.
  9. Tony_Faville

    Angel: Season 5 Observations

    I guess I am a little ahead of some of you. I received a review copy last week and already blazed through the season. As mentioned previously, Angel has never looked or sounded this good.
  10. Tony_Faville

    Completed Series?

    As of right now: X-Files Buffy Futurama Family Guy (existing episodes)
  11. Tony_Faville

    FS: Gently used 15gb iPod

  12. Tony_Faville

    How do you find time?

    I make the time to chill in the home theater and watch a movie or some TV on DVD. For me it's part of my drive to let nothing be in control of my life.
  13. Tony_Faville

    When did you start collecting TV shows?

    The first TV on DVD I bought was X-Files season 1 in 2000. I now have 100+ different season DVD titles. Everything from Angel to X-Files. My wife and I both like the option of watching a show like 24 over a long weekend instead of having to wait week to week to see what happens next.
  14. Tony_Faville

    What are YOUR top ten DVDs of 2004?

    In no particular order: Star Wars Trilogy: Finally Gone With The Wind: Glad I waited, this is beautiful Return of the King EE: What needs to be said? Matrix 10 Disc SE: Yeah, I know, the last two sucked, so what? The Last Samurai: Really enjoyed this one, thought the DVD was nicely done...
  15. Tony_Faville

    What are the best made-for-TV movies available on DVD?

    If going with mini-series, I would have to place a vote for Shogun, one of my favorites. Another would be Centennial...and a hope for this one to someday be released on DVD.
  16. Tony_Faville

    What were the earliest titles released on DVD ?

    I had heard at one point in time that Twister was recognized as "the first" DVD. ???
  17. Tony_Faville

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    The Shield Season One for $14.99 from buy.com and MASH Season 7.
  18. Tony_Faville

    Lost Season 1 ongoing thread (merged)

    I like how there were 46 survivors from the manifest, 47 from Hurley's census....JJ and his affinity for the number 47. Great show, REALLY looking forward to next weeks episode.
  19. Tony_Faville

    Highlander Season Sets Street Dates

    To answer the question about The Raven, yes, it is coming soon. It will be available from the Highlander official site in April 2005. Also, Highlander Season 6 is available from there as well, just picked it up for less than $40.
  20. Tony_Faville

    TV Shows coming to DVD in 2005??

    Glad to see Deadwood confirmed for February 8th. Really looking forward to that one.
  21. Tony_Faville


    Picked up Dracula vol.1 and 2 today, first time I ever saw anything about this series. Figured $12 for 21 episodes of vampires for my wife was worth it. :)
  22. Tony_Faville

    List Your TV show DVDs

    So far: Angel 1-4 Buffy 1-7 Sopranos 1-4 South Park 1-4 MASH 1-6 Stargate SG-1 1-6 Son of the Beach In Living Color 1-2 Dukes of Hazzard Wonder Woman Millenium Quantum Leap Sliders Magnum PI Highlander 1-6 Xena 1-3 X-Files 1-9 Friends 1-8 24 1-2 Chappelles Show Family Guy...
  23. Tony_Faville

    In Living Color Season 2, edited?

    I have only watched two episodes so far but I noticed a cut in the skit with Damon as the homeless guy in the Army recruiters office. Specifically in the ending, on the DVD it went to a black screen but I distinctly remember in the TV broadcast, he walked out of the office singing "Get a messed...
  24. Tony_Faville

    Buffy S1, Please tell me it gets better!

    My recommendation is to definitely stick with it and move on to Angel when the time comes. Buffy does get better moving into S2 and S3. My wife and I both feel very strongly that Angel S3 was one of the best seasons of TV ever produced. In fact, we just watched S3 again in about a week's time in...
  25. Tony_Faville

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Passion of the Christ

    Very nice review. My wife and I watched this for the first time on tuesday night. Completely drained by the end of the film, feeling like we had just experienced something instead of merely watching a movie. Will be a while before either one of us will watch it again, but we will, in time.
  26. Tony_Faville

    How do you count your DVD's?

    By title or UPC code, that's about it. I have so many multi-disc sets that if I counted by disc I could almost triple my total number. But since I don't count by disc, it's a moot point.
  27. Tony_Faville

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: House of the Dead

    Nice review of a horrible movie. The only thing I liked about this piece of garbage was Ona Grauer, and it was not her acting I appreciated. ;)
  28. Tony_Faville

    Any news on Good Eats DVD's?

    I love the show and get a kick out of Alton, would give anything for better DVD releases.
  29. Tony_Faville

    Wonder Woman Season One June 29th

    Charisma would be perfect as WW, and LC should play her mom, definitely. SMG??? no way! Jlo??? Somebody shoot me! Have also heard that Sandra Bullock is interested. Would need entirely too much padding. Another one interested is Kim Smith, a model that was featured in the latest issue of...