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  1. John Weller

    Beauty and the Beast (1946) Blu-ray Review

    There are one or two breaks in the film on the 2003 dvd - does the BR improve on these splices?
  2. John Weller

    HTF Review: Monsters and Madmen Part 2: The Haunted Strangler and Corridors of Blood

    These transfers are Pan'scan. See the UK DVD of Corridors for a true widescreen transfer.
  3. John Weller

    Pan & scan only in 2012

    Lifeforce is a real bug-bear for me...the theatrical cut got an anamorphic release in Germany but its OOP. The transfer on the US disc is so jagged!
  4. John Weller

    Plan 9 From Outer Space Blu-Ray review

    It's rather ironic that none of Wood's main films have got decent dvds. Glen Or Glenda cut, Jail Bait and Bride Of The Monster cropped, Plan 9 and Night Of The Ghouls open matte... Mind you, isn't Wade Williams reputed to be a pain regarding restoration. There's some awful splices in his Detour...