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  1. Randy Duncan

    Where's The Day After DVD?

    The Davis DVD announcement mentionedf "a newly created behind-the-scenes featurette." Does anyone have any idea what this will contain? I've looked around and can't find any details on this anywhere!
  2. Randy Duncan

    Weekly Roundup 5/28 (aka the Harry Potter edition)

    Wow, Dave, I knew TNG Season 2 wasn't your favorite, but I hardly expected such a ringing endorsement for Barnabas & the gang at Collinwood! :D About the CompUSA price for HP, does anyone know what the "instant savings" of $10 is? Ads like that always put the cynic in me on alert. (But then...
  3. Randy Duncan

    Paramount:please update us on the Indy Trilogy

    I totally agree with David. As he said, we were just talking about this at work yesterday! Martin, please know that we all appreciate your truthfulness on this. It's sometimes difficult to wait because we LOVE these films... but ultimately, most of the members here would rather wait than plunk...
  4. Randy Duncan

    Question for the Twin Peaks fans

    Count me in!! --Elrand / Memphis
  5. Randy Duncan

    Chuck Jones: 1912-2002 R.I.P.

    :frowning: When I heard the news it smacked me like an anvil from 100 ft. It isn't often that you can point to someone's work and say, "Because of this, this person changed my life." I can say that about three people: Jacques-Yve Cousteau, Wesley Eugene Rodenberry, and Charles Martin...
  6. Randy Duncan

    BestBuy.Com has specs up for ST:TNG Season 2! Bonus PC CD-ROM, too!

    Resistance is futile. NextGen is Trek at its absolute finest, closely followed by DS9 (which I still miss very much). Then comes TOS. I refuse to so much as acknowledge Berman's last two efforts, which stink beyond comparison. NextGen Season 2 is head & shoulders above season 1... Q Who...
  7. Randy Duncan

    JFK Material on DVD

  8. Randy Duncan

    History DVDs

    I concur with the general sentiment here re: "The World At War". It is absolutely superb, possibly the finest WWII documentary I've ever seen. Another great film is Nigel Turner's 1988 "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" (coming out later this month), although be careful with this one. There is a...
  9. Randy Duncan

    The Black Cauldron

    Well, since David has humiliated me and I was bound to post eventually anyway, it's appropriate that I jump in on an animation thread. Yep, gang, after lurking for awhile this is my first post! I enjoyed the Black Cauldron immensely but I will agree with the sentiment that it definitely ISN'T...