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  1. Andrew s wells

    Stryper is back!

    O.K.. The new CD is not out yet, but it is on the way sometime soon (probably early summer). There is a new sample on Stryper.com for one of the songs called "Reborn".VERY crunchy guitars and the vocals ESPECIALLY during the chorus are really powerful. If you have good speakers, be sure to crank...
  2. Andrew s wells

    Whose line fans.. its on again.

    It says never before seen episodes on ABC family monday nights at 8pm and 9pm. I saw the one at 9 and it was pretty funny. I checked the copyright date and it said 2005. So.. check em out if youre a fan!
  3. Andrew s wells

    Annihilator fans.. "All for you".. metal fans check it out!

    I hope there is some appreciation for such an under-rated musician like Jeff waters (guitarist). No, you're not going to find anything really deep lyrics wise, but... this is a really great album. Lots of variety in the vocals and music (two ballads) and some truly, intensly heavy, killer riffs...
  4. Andrew s wells

    Looking for some heavy metal or prog CDs to add.. reccomendations?

    I was just wondering if anyone can make some reccomendations for some heavy metal or Prog bands along the lines of the following. Stratovarius, Symphony X, Sonata arcitca, Tourniquet, Dream theater, testament, queesnsryche, annihilator, yngwie malmsteen, satriani, steve vai and tony macalpine...
  5. Andrew s wells

    Rocky 4 soundtrack missing a track now?!

    Rocky 4 soundtrack was the first CD I ever bought. Dind't always take the best care back then, and its gotten a few scratches so some songs don't always play through without skipping. I was looking to re-purchase the CD and now it has 9 tracks listed instead of 10 (the training montage is now...
  6. Andrew s wells

    ARGHH!! NO!! Judge Dredd and false advertising!!!

    My brother went out shopping the other day, and since he knows I have a widescreen tv, he always makes sure to check to see if it is widescreen or oar and anamorphic as well. Well, I recall seeing judge dredd some time ago on DVD and it did not list it as anamorphic widescreen. so.. he picked...
  7. Andrew s wells

    Stryper - New album and world tour in 2005!

    I just read over at the Stryper forum that Stryper are currently in the studio, recording a new CD for release around summer 2005, with a tour to follow. For those of you who are fans, tim gaines is no longer with the band. It was to persue the music he and his wife (Irene kelly) are currently...
  8. Andrew s wells

    Dvd sales.. where to find them?

    I was curious about where I could find an up to date site, that shows how well current dvd releases are doing. I've tried everywhere to see if Chronicles of Riddick is selling well. Any help would be great, and thanks in advance. :)
  9. Andrew s wells

    Speakers AND subwoofer for bass?

    I did a search, and nothing came up, so I am sorry if this has been discussed before. I have a JBL E250p subwoofer, and yamaha NSA200xt mains. Should I set the reciever (Yamaha HTR5650) for both to handle the bass or just the sub? I would think there would be more bass if the mains and the sub...
  10. Andrew s wells

    The Contender ongoing thread

    I'm pretty interested in this show, and Have looked everywhere I can think of, and have found nothing on when this is supposed to start. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance. :D
  11. Andrew s wells

    Wes Cravens "They"

    Sorry if this has been discussed before (I did a search and nothing).. I took a chance on this one (Seemed interesting from the back of the box) and boy am I glad I did! Why has this movie not gotten any recognition? Interesting premise.. good suspense and also some really unexpected scares...
  12. Andrew s wells

    Outrun 2 (X-box) secrets revealed! Like daytona and Scud race?

    Well.. I am here to tell you this is awesome news as far as I am concerned. Got the info from a reliable source on always game. The special stages added to the game include all the tracks from Daytona 2 and Scud race (also known as super GT).. although they will be innerconnected as in the...
  13. Andrew s wells

    Does Criterion ever re-release DVDs?

    I sure hope so. I would love to be able to get "The Rock".. I saw it before at best buy and should have snapped it up when I had the chance. Now its no longer there (or anywhere here.. N.C..) so.. any hope for me? I dont want the original non-anamorphic version. Thanks in advance
  14. Andrew s wells

    Is D.C. Cab coming to DVD?

    Not sure if there are many fans but i loved this movie. any word on it?
  15. Andrew s wells

    Whose line is it anyway returns!

    Just thought I would let those of you who are fans and wanted to know it is on thursday nights at 8pm. I was very suprised while checking through the cable guide to see it listed.. very funny one last night.I LOVE that show!!!
  16. Andrew s wells

    JBLe250P sub owners... question for you

    I am really new to the sub thing, so I need some help. What do I set the crossover frequency level for, if I have the subwoofer handling the bass? I read something about the levels if you have large or small speakers, but i assume thats if you use them to handle the bass also.. I hope I worded...
  17. Andrew s wells

    Has a theatrical movie ever had Edge enhancement?

    I hope this is the right discussion zone for this. I really wasn't sure. I have heard about edge enhancement many times, but have done very little research into it, as I have heard once you know, its very distracting. I was, however curious, for those of you who can spot it, has it ever been...
  18. Andrew s wells

    Stryper- 7 weeks live in America this tuesday!

    Not sure how many of you are interested, but I thought I would let you all know about the new live CD, just in case there are a few stryper fans here. Enjoy!:D
  19. Andrew s wells

    Outrun 2 announced for XBOX!

    For those of you sega fans anticipating a home release it seemed would never happen, rest easy as the game will be live enabled with additional features not found in the arcade. additional details can be found at gamespot xbox. not sure how to post the link.. sorry about that. I personally...
  20. Andrew s wells

    Any new Dinosaur or monster movies on the way?

    I am huge fan of dino, dragon, and just giant monster flicks, and was wondering if anyone has heard anything about upcoming movies that might fit the bill for me. some smaller monsters work also, like the upcoming van helsing, which is definately on my must see list. thanks in advance.
  21. Andrew s wells

    How often do YOU upgrade your home theater?

    Last year around April, I bought what i thought would be my last television for quite some time. I have a friend on a VERY tight budget who was dying to have an hdtv. He offered me 800 for mine earlier this month (it was a 50H82). I told him that would be fine. (no way he would have been able to...
  22. Andrew s wells

    720p and Xbox..

    I just bought a Toshiba 57H83 (hasn't arrived yet.. a couple of days.. from what i understand (although i keep hearind differing opinions .. some say it does support 720p natively, others say it upconverts to 1080i..) for those of you who do have sets that upconvert 720p to 1080i how much better...
  23. Andrew s wells

    Toshiba 51H83 question.. need a quick answer please!

    Does anyone know if this model supports 720p? I tried a froum search and nothing on this tv came up.. please help.
  24. Andrew s wells

    Tech question about progressive scan and HDTV.

    I just got a pioneer progressive scan DVD player. I own a Toshiba 50H81. I was curious, since there are the options "Film and "Video", which should it be on? If i am correct doesnt "Film" activate the televisions 3:2 pulldown? If that is the case should i just leave it on video? Any help is...
  25. Andrew s wells

    Anybody seen Stryper on their current tour?

    Guys... if you havent ever seen them live, this could be another chance.. The tour dates (remaining) are listed at stryper.com if you need the info (I tried cut and paste but it wouldn't let me). I have my ticket for the show in Raleigh N.C. if any of you go to that it would be cool to get to...
  26. Andrew s wells

    Looney tunes DVD problems

    Just thought you all might want to know. I purchased the Golden collection today, and quickly skimming through some of it, I noticed on disk 4, the last 2 cartoons lock up, or skip, and also pixelize very badly on my pioneer DV-563A. I tried it on the other players in the house ( x-box and a...
  27. Andrew s wells

    question about new ridge racer

    Just curious for those who may have gone or heard.. sorry if ive missed it. Was the newest ridge racer shown for any of the systems? (I head it was coming to all of them) or any mention of it? I was REALLY hoping to have heard about a new rallisport, but this would ease the pain a bit. anyone? :)
  28. Andrew s wells

    A man apart DVD?

    Sorry, but i really don't know what places to look for updates on dvd releases of movies that havent left the theater, but if anyone has any info on this great (IMO) movie.. please pass it along.thanks in advance. :)
  29. Andrew s wells

    Is far from home cancelled?!

    I figured i would take a chance and check the show out and it was instantly added to the few tv shows i watch. There were 3 episodes and when it came time for the next week previews, there was another show it said was making a return.:angry: (cant remember the name). Anyone know if it was moved...
  30. Andrew s wells

    Any whose line is it anyway fans?

    I LOVE this show. Always able to get a laugh from this show and thats great, especially if it has been a stressful day. Any word on when new ones are due? (havent seen it in a while) thankfully i am able to at least catch re-runs monday thru friday at 10 and 1030.:D one of the best ames has got...